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5 Signs He’s Lying To You

How to know what you’re really getting from him.


In a relationship, it’s quite normal for our partners to lie about certain things that they don’t want us to find out. Though they may sound convincing, since they may have hours, or even days, of practice; their bodies might say otherwise. Paying attention to the minute body language that points to an effort towards a lie is the perfect cue for us to get a clearer picture of what the truth is.

Don’t Break Eye Contact

5 Signs He’s Lying To YouOur eyes are perfect indicators of our emotions. Whether we are happy, sad or angry, our eyes would be first to show the emotion for everyone to see. When you think that your partner is lying to you, then this is the perfect time to maintain eye contact while he is talking. A guilty person will usually avert his eyes when you stare straight into theirs. This is a clear indication that your partner is not telling you everything.

He Looks Like He’s in a Sauna

If your partner was just caught lying then they he will likely start to break into sweat. Normally, a guilty person would turn red at the slightest provocation; beads of perspiration would show up on their forehead or neck. Also, try to observe the emotional responses, either through facial expression or the eyes. Usually, a lying partner’s expression wouldn’t match the expected emotion linked with the words that come out of his mouth.

5 Signs He’s Lying To You

He Keeps on Moving

When people are lying, they usually touch their ears, chin, or some other parts of their bodies. They will fidget restlessly and might have their hands clasped behind their backs or make slight swaying movements, as if they are ready to bolt. These are unconscious gestures that are not caused by some outward precedent — more likely, these actions are a manifestation of an internal battle on how to get out of the “interrogation.”

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Reader Discussion: 30 Comments

  1. Joan Samonte

    Of course, he’s lying. Who doesn’t right? It’s just a matter of Risking it all to know what he lied about, Or just ignore it and trust him with his decision.

  2. Jeweli Prater

    Don’t just rely on how he acts when you two are arguing. You can misinterpret his actions because of this.

  3. Lancy Stanford

    That’s why when we are arguing, I always remove everything that he can grab while we are in an argument. By this, I can see if he’s lying or telling the truth.

  4. Rosetta Armendariz

    Oh, cmon. Don’t act like you girls don’t do the same? It’s not just us men! You are lying too.

  5. Marina Josef

    Whenever we are arguing, he always shouts. At first, I thought that I was being too sarcastic and offended him. But then, I realize, it is his way to escape his faults.

  6. Luthi Sanders

    Whatever your reason is, lying is lying. I don’t get the point of people who lies because they are free, to tell the truth.

  7. Marina Bozek

    Really? Even moving while arguing is a sign of lying? Don’t does mean that you are just expressing yourself while you’re in an argument?

  8. Please, do not generalize us all men. We may often lie, but there’s a reason behind it.

  9. Kseniya Tomlin

    I wish people are like Pinocchio when they lie. I hope their nose gets longer Lol. Isn’t that funny?

  10. Jesse Wyss

    Haha! I caught my boyfriend once. He was talking to a girl when he was on his way to the restroom. I was interrogating him, and his nose was sweating. I knew he lied to me that time, and he confesses it before we slept.

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