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How To Tell If You Should Get Plastic Surgery

How to know if it’ll actually make a difference.


Do you ever just look in the mirror sometimes and say to yourself, “If I had bigger boobs, I’d be a lot happier with the way I look” or “If I got a nose job, my face would look ten times better”? Yeah, me too.

My next question is this, if you did fix that “one” flaw with the assistance of cosmetic surgery, would the desire to go under the knife really end there? Is it impossible for women to have a “one and done” procedure?

How To Tell If You Should Get Plastic SurgeryLately, plastic surgery is becoming more than a trend among women. It’s safe to say that women view cosmetic surgery as an instant anti-aging tool and confidence booster now, but is it really the best route to take in order to be happy with your appearance? Or will we end up addicted and resembling a nightmarish Barbie doll?

OK, I am definitely not insinuating that all women will become obsessed with plastic surgery; however, it’s almost second nature for the ladies we watch on the big screen on a daily basis. Women on TV are constantly changing their appearances with surgery — especially when they realize that they are no longer young spring chickens. In Hollywood speak, I’m pretty sure that means once they hit 26. Regardless, this idea that cosmetic surgery is the solution to solving any and all of women’s insecurities is not a healthy outlook to have.

Women who are constantly in the public eye should embrace their imperfections more, rather than receive a new treatment as soon as they notice a new wrinkle forming. On top of us having to look at seemingly perfect women strut around in the mediaverse, we are “fortunate” enough to see where plastic surgery has gone wrong for celebs also. Isn’t it funny how the celebrity in the spotlight with horrendous cosmetic surgery is usually a head case? There’s a reason for that. Mentally unstable women fall victim to plastic surgery because it’s an unhealthy coping mechanism.

How To Tell If You Should Get Plastic Surgery

For every junkie looking for the next bump, there’s a woman becoming addicted to cosmetic surgery. Material things will never bring true happiness and it’s crucial for unstable women and men to be able to realize that they have a problem and then receive the proper therapy needed before turning to cosmetic surgery for an answer.

How To Tell If You Should Get Plastic Surgery“They may consider plastic surgery but are discouraged by the unnatural results they’ve seen in the media,” says Parham A. Ganchi, PhD, MD, a Harvard educated double board-certified plastic surgeon at Ganchi Plastic Surgery, in Wayne, New Jersey. Dr. Ganchi realizes that the results sported by celebrities on TV turns people off to plastic surgery. This is why he encourages a potential candidate to “Educate yourself; ask questions; and go to a plastic surgeon who is qualified, well-trained and makes you feel comfortable.”

Just because someone has the words “plastic surgeon” next to their name, doesn’t make him or her professional. Make sure you’re going to a reputable, board-certified professional. We’ve all dealt with a pushy salesperson at least once or twice in our lives, so we should know the difference between someone who is genuinely trying to help and somebody who’s just trying to make bank. Unfortunately, there will be surgeons who just want your money and will try to persuade you to go in right away. Go with your gut, if the “professional” makes you uncomfortable, you have the power to walk away and explore other options.

 Women on TV are constantly changing their appearances with surgery — especially when they realize that they are no longer young spring chickens. In Hollywood speak, I’m pretty sure that means once they hit 26.

How To Tell If You Should Get Plastic Surgery

On a positive note, I believe that it is completely understandable to have corrective surgery on a couple parts of your body that can only be altered by surgical means. Personally, I have loathed the size and shape of my nose since I was a preteen. My mother is one hundred percent Italian and my father one hundred percent Polish, so the odds of a petite nose were not in my favor. Instead, I have inherited the signature Italian “schnauze” shape with a wide stereotypical Polish snout. This is something that I have disliked about myself for about eight years and counting so if I could afford a nose job, you can bet your top dollar that I will undergo the procedure for my own personal happiness. If there are procedures available to women to help boost pre-existing confidence levels for the right reasons, why shouldn’t we at least take the time out to consider plastic surgery as an option?

Key word here is right. Surgery is permanent. If you go in to change the appearance of your nose, realize that it’s nothing like hair that will grow back after a bad buzz. Your nose will never look like how it did originally once the procedure is performed. Plastic surgery is definitely something that shouldn’t be done on a whim.

Before resorting to surgery to alter your appearance, I would recommend boosting your confidence in other ways. Something as simple as working out for 30 extra minutes a day, trying out contouring makeup or updating what’s in your closet can do a lot more than you think. And make sure you don’t have BDD (more on that here.)

How To Tell If You Should Get Plastic Surgery

Self-confidence isn’t something that’s achieved overnight physically by surgery. Surgery can help, but confidence is a mental skill that takes effort to develop and time to stay. A lot of women go into surgery believing that if they fix that one significant “flaw,” then their entire outlook on themselves will change as well. Ladies, look at it this way, money can’t buy happiness and neither can a cosmetic procedure.

How To Tell If You Should Get Plastic Surgery

Take at least a year or two in advance to really think about whether or not surgery is the way to go for you. Most importantly, don’t skimp on cost because, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Go to a reputable board-certified surgeon who will take the time to discuss your options in detail. Check if there have been complaints about them on the internet. The best surgical results are donned by women who go to a great doctor and who abide by the simplest rule that men and women always seem to forget: moderation. And remember: when it comes to humans, there’s no such thing as ‘Perfect’.

What operations would you consider getting, if any? Do you know anyone who’s had a bad experience?

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  1. I think you should really only get plastic surgery if the thing you’re considering having worked on causes you stress regularly. For instance if you’re a man with gynecomastia you probably deal with stress every day because of it, and especially any time you want to go swimming or do anything else that calls for being shirtless. In that case I think cosmetic surgery is perfectly justified and is an example of when someone “should” get cosmetic surgery.

    Most times, though, it’s not a “should”, it’s an “I want to”.

  2. I had the gastric bypass surgery done in 2000. I was over 500 pounds and I am now 313. I have a lot of excess skin that needs removed. I have a lit of health issues that this problem causes more pain. I have see a spine of A 80 year old person and I am only 42. I would love to donate my skin to burn victims and help save many a lives my skin. But we all know how health insurance company are with this surgery even if you have already had the gastric bypass surgery. You have to prove that it’s medically necessary for the removel and then the will cover the cost. But it’s like pulling teeth. so I’m also looking for someone to cover the cost of the surgery.

  3. Hannah Mayers

    Just the thought of surgery scares me……

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