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If you want full lips, like Angelina Jolie‘s, but don’t want the collagen injections, now there’s a product to make that happen. Dessert Beauty founders, Randi Shinder and Melissa Shabinsky have scoured the globe and found the solution in a lab in France. Their slogan is “No waiting. No needles. No kidding.”

LipFusion is the only lip plumper that actually uses real collagen to plump the lips up naturally. It sounds confusing, but in a sentence, it works like this: Their patented technology dehydrates the lip’s collagen molecule into tiny micro-spheres that seek out the lip’s natural water to plump, hydrate and re-hydrate the lips, which makes them fuller.

The line has since morphed into a complete “Fusion” collection, including face and eye products. Both founders are also co-founders of other beauty lines. Randi partnered with Jessica Simpson to launch Dessert Beauty, and Melissa co-founded Revolution Organics.


Interview with Randi Shinder and Melissa Shabinsky We spoke to LipFusion founders, Randi Shinder and Melissa Shabinsky to find out the skinny on LipFusion, how it works and how they made it a success:

Urbanette Magazine: How long have you been in the cosmetics industry and in what capacity? With your background in mind, what sparked your idea for this product?

Randi Shinder: I’ve been in the industry for 3 years, as the founder and creator of Clean Perfume, so beauty is my passion. I always wanted to create a brand based on science and the right technology.

Melissa Shabinsky

Melissa Shabinsky

Melissa Shabinsky: Although I have spent the last 10 years reporting on style, fashion and decor as both a syndicated writer and as a television host, this is my first foray into the manufacturing side of the beauty industry. Luckily my partner Randi Shinder already had a great track record with her other brands so many of the connections to retail partners and key contacts in the industry were already established.

“Create balance, work very hard and ignore any perceived barriers to entry [because] they don’t really exist.”

Urbanette: How exactly does LipFusion work and how long does it last?

Randi Shinder

Randi Shinder

Randi: The collagen molecule is far too large to penetrate the skin or lips. LipFusion uses a patented technology which dehydrates the collagen molecule into a tiny micro-sphere and then encapsulates it to protect and deliver it into the skin. There, it seeks out the body’s natural water to plump and hydrate.

Melissa: LipFusion is the only lip plumper that contains actual collagen. Plumping starts immediately on contact and can last up to 48 hours.

“Find your passion, turn it into a career and make your career successful by being passionate about it!”

Urbanette: Why do you think this product has taken off so quickly? What makes it so unique?

lipfusion2Randi: The technology is revolutionary and easy to understand. LipFusion offers the best alternative to injections with immediate results. Consumers love it and it fills a void in the beauty industry.

Melissa: Our product offers women a non-invasive alternative to a trip to the doctor’s office plus [it] is beautifully formulated and now comes in sheer, wearable colors.

Urbanette: I understand that you found out about this first ever penetrating collagen in France? What did you learn about the product that made you move forward with the idea of LipFusion?

Randi: That it was very new, revolutionary and could penetrate.

Melissa: We were [then] able to harness this technology and turn it into smart, scientific and performance-driven beauty products.

Urbanette: Which celebrities swear by it?

Randi: Carmen Electra, Shannon Elizabeth, Alyssa Milano, Brooke Burns, Felicity Huffman, Nicolette Sheridan and more!

Urbanette: Will other products be coming out shortly to add onto the already successful line?

Randi: We have a skincare collection utilizing the same technology and more planned for 2006. Stay tuned.

Melissa: LipFusion Micro-Injected Lip Plumping Pencil – the first ever pencil with collagen to smooth out fine lines around the lips and enhance the lip contour.


Urbanette: Are your products tested on animals?

Randi & Melissa: No, only on celebrities and scientists.

Urbanette: With all this success, how are you giving back to the community?

Randi: We both donate a great deal of our time and product to various causes including the American Cancer Society.

Melissa: Yes, both of us are very active in our communities. Three years ago I founded Fairy Godmother Prom Program – we provide formalwear free of charge to teens in our community so that they can attend their prom in style.

Urbanette: What advice do you have for aspiring inventors, entrepreneurs and businesswomen?

Randi: Create balance, work very hard and ignore any perceived barriers to entry [because] they don’t really exist.

Melissa: Find your passion, turn it into a career and make your career successful by being passionate about it!


Heather has been professionally writing since she was 19 years old.

Previous to working at Urbanette, Heather worked at Teen People, while writing for Beautiful Girl magazine, the Desert Post and Palm Springs Life magazine. She is a self-proclaimed spa enthusiast who loves moonlight walks on the beach and a healthy dose of challenges. Bring it on!

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