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At Urbanette® Magazine we are always happy to write about brands that we feel would in some way benefit our readers. Our readers trust our opinions and have been loyal followers for many years – our readers listen.

Our Editor-in-Chief, Hilary Rowland, with just a few of Urbanette’s many famous readers:

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Your article will be exposed to our 380,000 verifiable readers per month (1.5 million+ effective readers)* and permanently featured on Urbanette’s website (the first ever online women’s magazine, est 1995). We also publish our collector book series (many readers who purchase the collector issues keep them on coffee-table display) three times yearly (two themed collector issues at 200+ pages, $35 per copy, book-quality; and one 100+ page *free* NYC/Hamptons summer issue distributed at high-end shops and spa/dermatologist/salon waiting rooms, etc.) in print form.

Our print issues are themed: Luxury Home Decor, Bridal & Love, Explore NYC & The Hamptons, Luxury Travel, Career & Money, etc. Note: Select articles are also syndicated throughout the GLAM Network of female-focused blogs (tell us if you’d rather your review was not selected).

* (Online & print, not including syndication. See below for online readership stats. Our current print circulation varies per themed issue and runs from 10,000 to 60,000 copies depending on the issue’s theme. Print copies are distributed in NYC (and in The Hamptons from June to August), the rest is online unique visitors (not visits – see below). As we distribute to waiting rooms of high-end spas, top-tier hair & nail salons, medi-spa/plastic surgery offices, country & golf clubs, etc, we conservatively estimate that each print issue is read by about 20 people on average, bringing the total to 1.2 million readers per print issue.)




Urbanette Magazine is also a premier content creator for MODE, a network of top-tier blogs. Our articles created for the MODE network of blogs reach millions of additional readers. Here are a few examples:


If you have a product that you are promoting, please contact us about a review at [email protected] with the subject “Product Review” and/or ship your product to: 

Urbanette Magazine attn: Reviews Dep’t
500 East 77th St, suite 1607 New York, New York 10162

URBANETTE® READERSHIP – Urbanette magazine’s readers are sophisticated North American females (87% live in Manhattan and/or vacation in The Hamptons) who are age 22-34. They are highly educated, successful professionals who trust our recommendations.

63% = HH Income above $250,000/yr
17% = HH Income above $150,000/yr
8% = HH Income above $90,000/yr

Our readers:
Dine out more than twice per week: 88%
Shop at luxury retailers: 84%
Take domestic spa vacations: 73%
Drive a prestige luxury car: 61%*
*32% do not own a car and use Uber or taxis instead.

heartURBANETTE® CONTENT – With 100% unique content, Urbanette’s editorial philosophy is one of positive self-image and empowerment. Urbanette Magazine covers all the facets of hip, modern and luxury living. We focus on upscale urban living. Features on luxury travel, high-end fashion, luxury products and electronics, interior decor, modern urban living, the luxury lifestyle and living the good life.

URBANETTE® IMPACT – Geared towards the modern woman, Urbanette Magazine has garnered a reputation for straight-forward solutions to urban living and for providing the scoop on what’s hip in fashion, beauty, travel and luxury products. Many companies and advertisers are eager to leverage our superior Google rankings. Based on longevity and popularity, over 90% of articles are ranked #1 in Google for a variety of keywords. As a result, customers searching for specific products or brands typically find our hip, trustworthy and positive review before finding the company’s actual website or any other site or review. Urbanette Magazine has built a reputation for giving trustworthy advice and reliable reviews on the hottest and hippest products.



“This is AMAZING. I am more than pleased!!!!! It is my favorite piece of press EVER and I am not just saying that. We have had a LOT of hits from North America in the last day, perhaps this is why. I also had an few orders from the US yesterday, so thank you VERY VERY MUCH from Jackie and Belinda here in London.” -President of Belen Echandia (one day after article was published)

“Thank you for the wonderful review! We enjoyed having you stay with us. We’re receiving LOTS of hits on the website, coming from your review. Lots of phone calls and bookings too – about four per day! Some from NYC & LA :-)” -Owner of McKinley House Bed & Breakfast in Thousand Islands, NY State (two weeks after article was published)

 “I wanted to drop you a note of thanks again for your wonderful review of Villa Castellamonte. The review has done wonders on the business side of things. Inquiries and bookings are up significantly since you first published the article. Since it is online all of the time, it acts as an independent virtual marketing machine all of its own. People read it, follow the link to the villa website, check our reviews on TripAdvisor and book! You have truly captured the ‘essence’ of the ambiance one enjoys while vacationing in our beachfront estate. It was a labor of love to develop it so when we see others such as you truly ‘get it’ we are doubly happy. Thank you again for the opportunity to meet and work with you.” -Jason R. Matthews, Owner, Villa Castellamonte (sent years after the review was first published – view the letter)

 “l thoroughly enjoyed reading your review of The Windham Hill Inn. You Clearly captured our little Green Mountain property. l love how you fully explored our property and the local history and sites as well. Not only is the review fresh and fun, it has benefited us greatly on the business side as well. When the article was posted we noticed an increase in bookings and inquiries into Meadowlook room and the spa especially. With the article easily accessible online people are able to read the review and decide that this is the haven of relaxation they have been searching for. After that they can easily look us up and reserve their room online or give us a call. It was lovely to meet you and a pleasure working with you.” - Katja Matthews Innkeeper & General Manager, The Windham Hill Inn (Relais & Chateaux) (sent six months after the review was first published – view the letter)

“Wow – this came out beautifully! I wanted to send along a note to say thank you for including him. Mike is beyond thrilled with this. Thank you again for your patience and for sharing your valuable Urbanette audience with him. Really appreciate it and hope your readers found it as useful and engaging as I did. What other kinds of stories/experts are you looking for and or working on? We have 30 + clients and I’d love to work with you again. Let me know if/how I can ever be of help and or service to you!”-Publicist of lawyer interviewed about marriage law


Traffic Stats:





(as is typical, these results were maintained for over 5 years from first-published date)

#1 for keywords: Smythson review
#1 for keywords: Bond St review
#1 for keywords: Smythson of Bond St
#1 for keywords: Smythson of Bond St review
#1 for keywords: Smythson organizer
#1 for keywords: Smythson diary review
#1 for keywords: Smythson leather review
#1 for keywords: Smythson travel wallet
#1 for keywords: Smythson photo album
#1 for keywords: Smythson bag review
#2 for keywords: Smythson bag
#2 for keywords: Smythson book
#2 for keywords: Bond St leather

If we have published a review of your product, hotel or brand, and you would like a large cover photo for your press page, or a hard-copy of the magazine, we’d be happy to send that to you please contact us.

 According to the Wall St Journal, 87% of Internet buyers
make up their minds based on positive reviews.

Please note: Urbanette magazine reserves the right to refuse posting of a review. Please arrange for shipping costs and​ insurance. ​We can not be responsible for products sent for reviews and advertorials. Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. Courtney Watson

    I work at the PR firm you dealt with for The Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC. I stopped by again to see if you’d be open to doing reviews of the other hotels in our roster. The Jefferson Hotel article got them a big bump in bookings through your site, and they were really happy about the article. Let’s set up some more trips ASAP.

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