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The Hottest CEOs List


They’re smart. They’re influential. They’re gorgeous. They are the hottest CEOs in town! And they’re here not only to inspire us, but to prove that one needs not be haggard when leading an entire company – life balance is possible.

While we don’t usually condone ranking CEOs based on “hotness”, AOL seems to have done a good job of finding a variety of women – in all ages and ethnicities – hot… and we think that’s hot!

Here’s AOL’s list of the twenty most impressive and gorgeous CEOs today, leaving us to decide who’s the hottest of them all….

The Female Contenders

The Hottest CEOs List

1. Vera Wang
This Asian beauty is the CEO of Vera Wang, one of the top brand for bridal wear in America. Her elegant sense of fashion is unquestioned. Within a year of working for Vogue, she was promoted to senior fashion editor at 23.

2. Iman
A top model of the ’70s and ’80s, gorgeous Iman is the CEO of the cosmetics company named after her, IMAN. Her line of cosmetics caters to all women of color – Hispanic, Asian, Native American and Black. She has also created makeup for which proceeds would benefit children.

3. Andrea Jung
This stylish and confident CEO of AVON used to work as job consultant for the company. A lackluster student in grade school, she eventually managed to become president of the student body in her high school. She is a graduate of Princeton University.

The Hottest CEOs List

Hilary Rowland

4. Hilary Rowland
You heard it right. Our very own beautiful and innovative founder is listed as one of the hottest female CEO. Aside from Urbanette Magazine, she is also the founder of several other Internet companies and has been voted Hottest CEO by AOL, PopCrunch, CEO World Magazine, and others. Check out her site at

5. Leslie Blodgett
This bold and alluring CEO of Bare Escentuals Beauty, Inc. used to work at McDonald’s. She has also worked as makeup counter at Macy’s and then as an assistant and then a manager at Max Factor and Neutrogena. Few months after joining Bare Escentuals, she has become its CEO who has found success in pitching the products on late-night TV.

6. Kerry Knee
This Canadian CEO of Flirty Girl Fitness, Inc. has become successful by helping women get into shape and looking good while doing it! She and her sisters are called “The Flirty Girls.” She has one of the best bodies on the hottest CEOs list.

7. Candida Royalle
Strong and sexy, she is the founder of Femme Productions, a company that creates adult videos geared toward female viewers. Previously the star of adult films; she also wrote, produced, and directed some of the Femme films with a mission to provide women’s sexual empowerment.

8. Summer Bowen
She is the CEO of eco-fashion shop BTC Elements. She is a smiling and environment-conscious boss who leads a company that helps to sort truly green companies from those just trying to capitalize on the word.

9. Tina Wells
The young and brainy CEO of Buzz Marketing Group, Tina Wells has created innovative marketing strategies, focus groups, youth marketing research campaigns for several clients including: Sesame Workshop, SonyBMG, and Time Inc.

10. Annalea Krebs
This natural beauty is the CEO of TheChange, an organization that works towards raising the environmental awareness of organizations. She is a member of the Young Environmental Professionals.

The Male Contenders

The Hottest CEOs List

1. Barack Obama
He’s the current President of the United States of America, making history not only by becoming the first Black man to ever rule the country but also by being one of the youngest, handsomest, and coolest CEO in Chief.

2. Richard Branson
Of course, the rebel billionaire from the reality show “The Rebel Billionaire: Branson’s Quest For The Best”. Sir Richard Branson is the CEO of Virgin Group. Known for being adventurous and thrill-seeker, he crossed the Atlantic and Pacific in record times.

3. Tim Armstrong
The charming CEO of AOL used to be boss at Goggle, helping launch its advertising and its global expansion. At AOL, he took the company public with a listing on the NYSE.

4. Jason Kilar
The dashing CEO of Hulu is a Harvard Business School graduate and a UNC Chapel Hill undergrad. He wrote the original business plan for Amazon’s entry into the video and DVD business. He soon joined Hulu and become the face of high-quality online video service.

5. James Hackett
The CEO of Anadarko Petroleum, this sharp energy expert has served in multiple leadership positions within the energy business, including Chevron USA, Amerada Hess Corp., Citation Oil and Gas Corp.

The Hottest CEOs List

Ben Lerer

6. Terry Lundgren
This refined CEO of Macy’s used to be CEO of Neiman Marcus and the Federated Merchandising Group. Through his leadership, Macy’s has not only achived success through best-selling private brands but has also created a record for the company by being the first retailer in America to give benefits to gay partners and to offer high positions to women and minorities.

7. Casey Wasserman
This CEO of talent management company Wasserman Media Group is also the youngest person ever to own a professional sports team when he purchased the Los Angeles Avengers, a former Arena League football team. He is also a sport agent executive.

8. Ben Lerer [that’s him in the pink swim trunks above]
He co-founded with a pal from the University of Pennsylvania. Heading a company that offers recommendations for men on everything from clothing to food in particular cities, young girls would swoon when they learn he is still under 30.

9. Ralph Gilles
He is the CEO of Dodge since 2009. He used to work for Chrysler and styled the 2005 Chrysler 300. A car enthusiast, he often spends his time at the track and attends many car racing and car show events.

10. Tony Hsieh
This comp-sci major from Harvard University is the CEO of and has helped grew its gross merchandise sales by about $500 million only within 6 years. He co-founded and sold LinkExchange to Microsoft. He’s the resident nerd among the hottest male CEO list, the one women just can’t help but love.

Chloe Ambrosia Miller has been writing since she was 10 years old. She grew up in Sao Paulo until she was 4, then moved to Los Angeles with her family. Finally, she moved to New York when she was 18 years old to study at NYU. She's written for a wide array of publications and is often a ghost writer for best selling authors. She lives in Brooklyn's Park Slope district in a loft with her two cats.


  1. First off, YAY Hilary for making the list! All of these CEO'S are inspirational, hardworking and truly focused. I hope I can be a CEO one day, although i sounds completely challenging, scary but exciting and fulfilling all at the same time!

  2. Randie Cadiogan

    Maybe they should share tips on how they stay attractive while they perform their duties to their respective organizations and companies.  😀 

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