5 Reasons I Love Carlsbad

I had never heard of Carlsbad, but by the end of my trip I was calling all my friends, telling them they had to go…


The Spa at La Costa

My visit to Carlsbad almost didn’t happen, with an east coast ice storm that had my 8 am flight sitting on the tarmac until noon, only to be cancelled. After several hours of airline customer service maneuvering, I managed to get on a late-night flight to LAX. By the time I stepped out of my longgggg cab ride, I was exhausted — and checking in at 2 am local time! Yikes!

Needless to say, I was in desperate need of a relaxing experience. Thankfully, a trip to the spa was just what the doctor ordered.

Arriving at the hacienda-inspired The Spa at La Costa early the next morning, I changed into my robe and lounged in the indoor-outdoor waiting area. The spa is surrounded by immaculate gardens, an outdoor fountain, and small paddling pool. I sat on the edge of the the fountain, sipping my favorite Tea Forté ginger pear tea, already feeling a world away from the office and the hectic, outside world.

5 Reasons I Love Carlsbad

My first treatment was their new Strawberry Hibiscus Body Buff. I settled into the heated massage bed, where my dry, jet-lagged body was massaged with avocado oil and sprinkled with powdered strawberries and hibiscus flowers. The mixture was gently worked in, from my neck to my toes. It felt like an aromatherapy massage mixed with a full body exfoliation, and I needed both. A quick in-room shower later and the finishing touch was the sweetly scented chocolate shea butter cream that left me bathing suit ready.

5 Reasons I Love Carlsbad

All that exfoliating and massaging had relieved my travel headache, and the perfect finale to my spa experience was the pampering Stone Journey Pedicure. My feet were in less-than-stellar condition, but a warm-water herbal soak (a geranium, ginger, tea tree, and jasmin mix) and buff already left them transformed. Hot stones were used to massage my feet and lower legs, which is said to relieve tension. For me it truly did, feeling the warm stones against my cold feet. I opted for a bright fuchsia polish to announce – feet first – that I was ready for my California experience.

Tip: Don’t leave without trying their outdoor Roman waterfall showers, then taking a walk on their stone path labyrinth for meditative reflexology. I also recommend checking out The Chopra Center, where professional healers help guests gain emotional, spiritual and physical balance.

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    1. Avatar of Sofia Lavine

      If this article is true, This may be a safeheaven from these 2 crowded places. Sure LA is big and all, But it is so crowded! Too much people walking around. I hate crowds! maybe this place will be a good vacation spot for me.

    2. Avatar of gabby summers

      gabby summers

      So it’s almost San Diego but not quite, Almost LA but not quite. Sounds good to me 😀 best of both locations without the people.

    3. Avatar of Ashley Thompson

      Even though I was there during the height of Summer, I never felt more welcome there, when I could go down to Carlsbad Village and just walk around. It was a lovely spot to find a place to eat and get a few drinks and look out at the ocean.

    4. Avatar of Hannah S

      Hannah S

      Seriously? I thought I’d been all over Cali… but I’ve never even heard of Carlsbad… now I’ll have to go check it out. Those flower fields are just waiting for me to orchestrate a glam photoshoot there 🙂

    5. Avatar of Delilah Peyton

      Delilah Peyton

      Thanks for sharing your travel experiences of Carlsbad. Great work! Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to see more and more new reviews about places I haven’t been to.

    6. Avatar of Michelle Hewitt

      What a gorgeous place! It would be fantastic if I could visit this summer. I’m gonna try and make time for it. 🙂

    7. Avatar of Diana Hewitt

      Diana Hewitt

      Wow… I’m so tempted to call and book but I already have other plans for next month. 🙁 I guess another time then. Great post btw!

    8. Avatar of Amelia Beckons

      Amelia Beckons

      Thank you for this wonderful article, and great tips about Carlsbad, if I visit -I hope I will – I remember the things you mentioned here! 🙂

    9. Avatar of Ayla Pennington

      Ayla Pennington

      These are all the best reasons to love a town! I can see why you’re so stunned by it. I would be too. I hope I visit one day.

    10. Avatar of Lena Dzeko

      Lena Dzeko

      Fabulous piece! Very well done. As far as I see from your article, I know I’d really enjoy my time there if I visited.

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