6 Ways to Find Your Soulmate

This isn’t your typical “do this and that” article. These tips actually work.


5. Be prepared to accept the love you find

Acceptance does not equal settling. I’m not talking about staying with the first suitor who comes along even if it’s not a perfect match. I’m talking about prepping yourself to accept the man you choose to spend your time with for who he is.

It’s human nature to want to change your partner, but there’s a fine line between having a reasonable desire for growth and trying to change his/her fundamentals–and sometimes it’s hard to know the difference. Believe me, I’ve been there!

6 Ways to Find Your Soulmate

A romantic relationship is in many ways like a friendship. There’s going to be things you love, and things you could do without. Sometimes he might drive you crazy just like, let’s be honest, your nearest and dearest friends.

So if you’d prefer your guy ate fewer French fries–and that’s your chief concern–you’re probably in something good. But if you’re hoping he’ll eventually get over his political views or suddenly become Mr. Personality when his idea of a good night is watching the game at home, it’s probably time to move on. Accept the whole package, and trust that if he’s in it to win it he’ll do the same for you.

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Raised in California and North Carolina, Jen is both an actress and a writer. She loves writing fiction, especially for young adults, and exercising her non-fiction muscles through Urbanette and her chocolate blog: Chocofiles. Jen also loves adventures, yoga, live music and spontaneous dance parties.

Reader Discussion: 88 Comments

  1. Mary Beyer

    Be prepared to compromise!!! #soulmate

  2. Thank you so much! Your article put so many things in perspective for me.

  3. Interesting article! It’s worth reading. Simple but enjoyable.

  4. Della Martin

    More often than not, we overlook the signals of incompatibility and settle for less. These are all helpful, Jennifer!

  5. Zoraida Martin

    Soulmate?! I think it’s a dopey concept…

    • To me, soulmates means someone who is a better match for you than you could have ever imagined. I found my soulmate in my husband. I don’t take it to mean anything religious…

    • Jannie Zoot

      I don’t think so, there’s definitely something that can exist between two people, something so strong and disruptive we can’t really understand

  6. Rosalia Russell

    I wonder — what’s the difference between soulmate and life partner?! ?

    • car

      I once met someone, we had the same thoughts at the same time, we were really somehow soulmate… but then it ended, do we have many soulmates or what?

  7. Lucy

    I want to find my soulmate, someone who deserves the very best from me (and vice versa)

  8. Carmen Griffin

    I’ve always believed that my soulmate is someone who meets my unconscious list of traits I’m looking for in a partner…

  9. Karen Abeyta

    Thanks for the advice! Going out now to find my soulmate LOL ? ?

  10. Andrea Jones

    Go out alone and be a magnet ???✡️

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