6 Ways to Minimize Stress

Learn how to control stress. Don’t let stress control you.


5. You can cry if you really want to

Repressed feelings are often intense and destructive — like monsters that slowly eat us from the inside. We have to let go of our emotions when we feel like it. Modesty and professionalism should not stop us from expressing our feelings, but keep it balanced – nobody wants to be known as the office lunatic. Sure, crying not only helps release toxins from the body, and it is also liberating, but have some discretion. Cry under your desk or in the supply closet, and feel free to punch the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom to get some anger out. Just release your emotions before you attempt to discuss your frustrations with co-workers.

6. Laugh all day, at least at yourself

6 Ways to Minimize StressFinding humor in simple things is not synonymous with being mischievous. Instead, it means accepting the fact of life that we are imperfect and we put ourselves into awkward situations every now and then. When those awkward moments happen, try and let yourself appreciate how funny awkwardness actually is. It’s hard “not to take things so seriously,” but laughing at yourself is easier than it seems – and you can still take life seriously at the same time. There are lots of ways to have fun, and stay productive. So laugh – it’s a contagious de-stressor.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide how to deal with stress. While we can’t control every stressful situation that surrounds us, we can certainly control how we let stress control us and our emotions.

What are other ways you’ve been successful at keeping stress at bay throughout the day?

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Reader Discussion: 195 Comments

  1. Avatar of Elsie Thompson

    Elsie Thompson

    Thank you for all these tips you are helping me so much through a dark time. Keep it up.

  2. Avatar of Howard Lopez

    Howard Lopez

    Thank you, I stress a lot and I need to learn how to stop stressing or at least minimize it.??

  3. Avatar of Hannah Rose

    Hannah Rose

    My problem is that I have negative thoughts and I don’t know how to bring them out of my mind.

  4. Avatar of Terry Moore

    Terry Moore

    Your advice is good for what it is but I have a better one, just grab some joint, that’d do the trick.

  5. Avatar of Jimmy Coleman

    Jimmy Coleman

    Thank you for helping me. I don’t think I can handle it. I get stressed easily. Of course, I try to hide it from everyone but I can’t lie to myself I’m actually stressed.

  6. Avatar of Renee Bryan

    Renee Bryan

    Thank you, you helped me realize my problem??, how to deal with it and figure out a solution.

  7. Avatar of Leticia Bass

    Leticia Bass

    ☺☺I’m glad I came across this post It really made my day.

  8. Avatar of Freda Spencer

    Freda Spencer

    Once you make the conscious effort to start being happy, To just let the rest of the drama melt away, and start doing more of the things you love, woah you are going to radiate! so simply put if you don’t want to be stressed then don’t be stressed! Be happy and say bye to stress, literally just stand on your kitchen table and yell “bye stress” any time you feel stressed.

  9. Avatar of Carlos Watson

    Carlos Watson

    An angry impatient mom always stresses me out. I have a feeling that I want to run away and play ghost for a couple of days.

  10. Avatar of Mamie Thomas

    Mamie Thomas

    What about some people who have lost their family in the war or any kind of nature accident? How do they should feel better?

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