11 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Married

Here are some great nuggets of advice I wish I’d known years ago…


10.  Out With the Old, In With the New!

11 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Married

Avoid conflict by evaluating daily rituals and eliminating bad habits. Ensure there’s not something you’re doing that has become commonplace simply because your mom or dad before you did it. Just because dad came home after work and immediately poured himself a scotch and turned on the tube doesn’t mean you have to do it or should. If your mother was a nagger, it doesn’t mean you should be too! Talk to your spouse about things you both do that are annoying and make the adjustments.

11.  Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Counseling has somehow gained a bad rap in only being helpful for the criminally insane or truly troubled; but there is wisdom in seeking counsel of an objective third party to help resolve differences and give insight to our misunderstandings. We all need someone who can empathize and give us timely and wise relationship advice..

I would like to encourage you to take the time to consider and implement the above suggestions. As a divorcee now in my second marriage, I can testify to the encouragement and positive outcome of practicing what is being preached here! The important thing is to do whatever you can to stop the crazy cycles before they start… BEFORE you get married; and these guidelines will help do just that. Your marriage and relationship with your spouse will be the envy of friends and family alike when they begin recognizing the wisdom of your unspoken actions!

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    1. Avatar of Sarah Kime

      Sarah Kime

      I don’t understand how some of Y’all are getting married after only a year of dating, that’s not long enough to know that person completely. I need like 6-7years of serious commitment before I’d get on a knee.

    2. Avatar of Bonita Paladino

      Bonita Paladino

      This article is very helpful. A friend of mine is getting a divorce, this might save their relationship.

    3. Avatar of Erika Gillette

      Erika Gillette

      I am currently getting an advice because I think that I and my partner should get a divorce because we are both with our new lovers. We have a kid, and my daughter is still not aware that we are breaking up.

      • Avatar of Tammy Harrell

        Tammy Harrell

        too bad, the kid will really get hurt. Just be considerate of the kid’s feelings.

    4. Avatar of Jessie Valencia

      Jessie Valencia

      The language of love? for men? No, they don’t know how to speak that.

    5. Avatar of Christy Book

      Christy Book

      No regrets. Maybe you are not meant for each other that’s why your marriage is a failure. Always think on the brighter side. ?

    6. Avatar of Christine Stephens

      Christine Stephens

      I am lucky to have a good listener partner. Whenever we argue, he will just listen. After scolding him, he will just kiss me tight and whisper in my ears how much he loves me. It’s the best feeling, knowing that he just listen, but he never understands what I said. LOL HAHAHA ?

      • Avatar of Jody Williams

        Jody Williams

        WTH. This made my day, but it is true. Men are most likely like that.

    7. Avatar of Victoria Carson

      Victoria Carson

      Haha! OMG, I remember when my mother-in-law freaked out because my husband told her that we are getting married. Yes, I worked hard for her approval. ?

    8. Avatar of Kelly Dziedzic

      Kelly Dziedzic

      Honestly speaking, sex is very important. Some women think that men just want sex because it’s satisfying, but men want it because they feel the love while having sex.

    9. Avatar of Raquel Kepner

      Raquel Kepner

      The marriage fails because you did not work for it. If you do love your partner, you will do your best work for it.

      • Avatar of Patty Aguilar

        Patty Aguilar

        What if his/her partner was the one who wants to break the marriage? Is it still on the other one’s fault for night fighting for it?

    10. Avatar of Angela Linville

      Angela Linville

      I’m starting to love this magazine. At first, it’s just a past time when I have a free time. But now, I find myself looking for new articles because everything here is informative.

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