Top 10 Most Dangerous Travel Destinations

The most incredibly dangerous places to visit — and why.


The World’s Baddest Badlands: Top 10


1. Mogadishu, Somalia

Top 10 Most Dangerous Travel Destinations

Street crime and no US Embassy to turn to in Mogadishu, Somalia

Consider a vacation in Mogadishu if you enjoy being unique.  In 2004, Somalia’s minister of tourism claimed that the country hadn’t had an officially-acknowledged a tourist in 14 years.  Since the start of the Somali Civil War in 1991, Mogadishu has been plagued by terrorist attacks and cross-border warring.  Street crime is not uncommon, and there is no US Embassy in the city.  As of August 2011, there have been a great deal of reconstruction efforts.

2. Pyongyang, North Korea

North Korea might be the spot for you if you don’t like to plan things out for yourself.  All tours are controlled and escorted by the government, which is also widely known for public executions and holding entire families in political prison camps.  The Economist Intelligence Unit listed North Korea as the most authoritarian country in its index in 2006.  If the unending Cold War with South Korea that dictator Kim Jong-un likes to threaten will go hot sometime soon isn’t enough to turn you away, there is also a strict ban on cell phones and Internet access.

3. Sana’a, Yemen

Since the installation of a new government in 2012, things have been looking up for Yemen.  However, opposition to that government, coupled with poverty and poor security, make it an extremely dangerous country.  In 2013 alone there were at least 14 attacks around the country by Al-Qai’da, according to the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security.  Political and civil unrest continues to rise throughout the country.

4. Bogota, Colombia

Top 10 Most Dangerous Travel Destinations

Kidnappings are common in Bogota, Colombia

Ongoing violence among the four major Colombian drug cartels and several smaller “BACRIMS” makes Bogota a risky place to visit.  Then there are the guerilla groups and paramilitary forces that you also have to avoid.  Though Bogota has substantially decreased its homicide rate since the mid-90’s, drug-related crimes, kidnapping, robbery and pickpocketing are still common.  In February 2014 the Colombian magazine Semana sparked new controversy after publishing the details of a massive corruption network within the Colombian army.

5. Caracas, Venezuela

At roughly one homicide every 21 minutes, Venezuela is one of the most dangerous countries in the world today.  Its capital, Caracas, is witness to a murder rate of 100 per 100,000 residents.  Aside from murder, the city is also famous for pickpocketing, robbery and kidnapping, all results of the poverty that plagues the country.  The high-profile murder of Venezuelan celebrity Monica Spear, as well as her ex-husband, in front of their young daughter, renewed attention to the issue.

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    1. Avatar of VIPIN SAINI

      What an amazing article. In love with all these beautiful photographs. Many of these places are on my travel bucket list for a very long time. Gonna start ticking them off this year. Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to reading more of these awesome travel blogs 🙂

    2. Avatar of Joanne Moran

      Joanne Moran

      I don’t want to get kidnapped or anything like that and then get sold to white slavery mafias!!! Remember the movie Taken?!

    3. Avatar of Dawn Gonzales

      Dawn Gonzales

      I bet most people who are saying that those countries are truly dangerous and shouldn’t be visited are yet to visit those places themselves.

    4. Avatar of Isadora Oliver

      Learning about those unsafe places will put off the myths that surround them, and it gives a chance to humanize the people there again.

    5. Avatar of Violet Bell

      Violet Bell

      Advanced knowledge of survival skills is what one needs in able to outlast any difficult situation one may encounter in those unsafe places.

    6. Avatar of Cindy Buford

      Cindy Buford

      West Bank and Gaza strip is Israel are areas that can be considered dangerous because of the tension on the borders with Israeli government forces.

    7. Avatar of Alexis Stevenson

      Alexis Stevenson

      What are these youngsters trying to achieve anyway? Are they trying to make a mark in this world or just trying to be famous on social media? If by any chance you die, I bet none of your followers actually care.?

    8. Avatar of Bernice Perry

      Bernice Perry

      Never travel alone as a woman. Not because we can’t do it, but because we are more likely to be targeted than most men. But whether we are a man or a woman, it is always practical not to travel alone in a risky place.

      • Avatar of Peggy Ortiz

        Peggy Ortiz

        It’s always good to travel in pair or groups because when a problem arises, there are more chances that someone can find help.

    9. Avatar of Angelica Prouty

      Angelica Prouty

      Anti-tourists must be street smart. One should never wear a Rolex and carry a big camera hanging around the neck. Observe how people act, their gestures and body languages to know how to respond accordingly.

    10. Avatar of Penny Ryan

      Penny Ryan

      Going to precarious places is no fun at all. Imagine having to watch over your shoulder in every minute? How can you appreciate the time you are spending on that place?

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