A Day-Long Walking Tour of Verona, Italy

“The City of Romance”, with its charming streets, history and elegance, left me wanting more…


Piazza dei Signori

When visiting Verona for just one day, you may not have time to visit museums for a long period of time, however, you can enjoy the views from the outside, as well as hang out on the gorgeous piazzas and take in the history.

A Day-Long Walking Tour of Verona, ItalyLeaving Casa di Giulietta, take a four minute walk towards Piazza dei Signori through Piazza Erbe, which is a beautiful city square filled with sculptures, historic buildings and market stalls selling just about everything. The atmosphere on Piazza Erbe is lively, and you’ll likely find yourself surrounded by hundreds of tourists, as well as locals.

An archway leads Piazza Erbe into Piazza dei Signori. The whale’s rib bone has been hanging for 1000 years under that arch, right behind Dante’s sculpture. According to legend, the bone will fall only when someone walks under it who has never told a lie. Pretty cool stuff, right? But, if you’re not into legends, the piazza does include buildings from the 12th and 17th centuries that surround the four sides. It’s a great place to relax, enjoy some snacks from the market stalls, and just people watch.


Ponte Pietra

This impressive stone bridge was built originally in wood, then later on in white and pink stone. It’s only a seven minute walk away from Piazza dei Signori, and worth the walk for the sweeping panoramic view of Verona. The right bank was built in the middle ages and then destroyed in the second world war, and that side alone was rebuilt shortly thereafter. When I got up close I could see some of the original materials that had been kept even after the rebuild.

A Day-Long Walking Tour of Verona, Italy

The mixture of red brick and white stone is what, in my opinion, makes the bridge such an impressive sight. The coming together of various architectural styles, which highlights the different historical periods that make the bridge memorable.

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  1. Avatar of Sheila City

    Loved the tips to Verona! Hope we are allowed to travel again very soon.

  2. Avatar of Ely

    This a very informative post! If I may add, the Scaliger Castle in Villafranca di Verona is a great old fortress definitely worth a visit! Just 20 minutes from Verona. I love it there!

  3. Avatar of Karen Smith

    Karen Smith

    Verona is not the most exciting city to visit compared to all other famous cities in Italy, but it is certainly a chill and relaxing place to spend a day. Lovely to walk, inexpensive food, good for pictures and a colosseum without the crazy crowd in Rome. What more can you ask for in such a small city, Lovely post!

  4. Avatar of LINA


    I was sold at those spots and oh that gelato! They look so romantic I wanna live here! ? I look forward visiting Verona when I visit Italy next year. Thanks for the awesome pics! ?

  5. Avatar of Patty F

    Patty F

    I think the place is overrated, I’d rather go to Venice. ?

  6. Avatar of Jessie Fernande

    Jessie Fernande

    All pictures are really fantastic! Verona is an amazing place to visit in Italy. I really want to go!

  7. Avatar of Rachel Shaw

    I would love to visit Venice and Verona, it’s one of the destination on my travel wish list. Reading your post has made me want to go sooner than later!

  8. Avatar of Nataliya Smith

    Nataliya Smith

    I loved your post! I long to go to Italy, but haven’t made the trip yet. Too many family commitments unfortunately. Your post was really useful though.

  9. Avatar of AMY SPAIN


    Thanks for this article. Now I’m convinced that I should really add this to my travel bucket list.

  10. Avatar of Selli Coaze

    Selli Coaze

    I have always wanted to visit Verona and see the famous Balcony!

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