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The 10 Best Rooftop Bars in NYC

The best rooftops, whether you’re looking to relax or party, or something in between.


Oben im Kimberly Hotel

145 East 50th Street, zwischen 3rd Ave & Lexington (in Midtown East) website

Regen oder Sonnenschein, täglich ab 17:00 Uhr bietet diese schicke Dachbar des Hotels mit einfahrbarem Dach einen fantastischen Blick auf Midtown. Diese Bar auf dem Dach hat ein einfahrbares Dach und einen beheizten Boden, der unabhängig vom Wetter draußen immer noch eine gute Zeit ermöglicht. Obwohl die Aussicht wunderschön ist, kann es, sobald der DJ auftaucht, etwas voll werden, seien Sie also vorbereitet.

The 10 Best Rooftop Bars in NYC

The 10 Best Rooftop Bars in NYC

Oben im Kimberly Hotel

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Avatar von Hilary Rowland

Sie ist Schriftstellerin, Künstlerin und Designerin, seit sie jung genug war, Bleistift zu Papier zu bringen. Hilary hat sich selbst Code beigebracht und erstellte Urbanette, als sie ein Teenager war. Derzeit lebt sie in Monte Carlo, hat aber das letzte Jahrzehnt in New York verbracht, sieht sich immer noch als New Yorkerin und besucht sie regelmäßig. Sie ist ständig auf Reisen und sucht nach aktuellen neuen Themen, Reisezielen und Life-Hacks, die sie Urbanette Lesern näherbringen kann.

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  1. Avatar of Camilla Collins

    Camilla Collins

    I still like my bars on the ground thank you very much. being drunk on multiple occasions has thought me that stairs and elevators are the wort places to be when your piss drunk. So it’s a no go for me.

  2. Avatar von Genesis White

    Genesis White

    With The big Apple being crowded and all. Rooftop bars are like havens for open space longing individuals as my self. But the thing is, I always doubt the safety of said establishments being on the rooftop and mixing in alcohol. It’s bound to become a disaster real quick, luckily there haven’t been any case of fallen drunk on any bars. YET!

  3. Avatar of Bruce Irving

    Bruce Irving

    That 5th at 82nd bar is legit awesome. Great view great crowd awesome drinks. A must visit whenever you guys are in NYC…

  4. Avatar of Abigael Fisher

    Abigael Fisher

    It’s not always easy to get into the rooftop bar at Tribeca’s James Hotel (bouncer, clipboard, all that), but it’s worth a try — If you have time please try it guys. 🙂

  5. Avatar of Grace Stirling

    Grace Stirling

    Was here for a friend’s birthday party with some close friends. I was super excited about the Delancey Rooftop Garden because it looked like such a cool and unique place to hang out with friends. The people are friendly and the energy is high. There’s trees and it turned out exactly what I thought it would be: a spacious, comfy and tropical setting for chilling out. Overall, cool spot if you are in the area.

  6. Avatar of Elsie Spurlock

    Elsie Spurlock

    Every year brings a spate of new rooftop bars to the city. When summer rolls around here in NYC, we and visitors alike love spending time outside. Preferably with a refreshing cocktail in hand. Everywhere you’ll look in New York there’s no shortage of awesome views to enjoy. Thank you for guiding me and others.

  7. Avatar of Aimee Marks

    Okay, personal observation, you might agree or disagree, rooftop bars are places where these people meet: professionals, prima donna types, trust-fund babies, regulars (like me) and tourists!

  8. Avatar of Melissa Mendez

    One thing I’ve learned about rooftop bars: If you just want to chill, relax and not fond of big groups, go early! You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the space and take pictures! But if you’re in the mood for partying, then go late! (of course you have to check on the opening and closing hours to know early and late times… LOL)

    I usually go early!

  9. Avatar of Andrea Clark

    I love rooftop bars with pool! Thanks for including in your list 😉

  10. Avatar of Crystal Nicholson

    In my search for the “NYC best rooftop bar,” I try to google and compare recommendations of various articles. And I noticed that Gallow Green is always part of the list. I guess, it’s a must visit place for me in my upcoming trip to NYC. I’d like to commend you for you have the most fantastic photos, great job! (I’ve checked out 6 articles).

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