The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

Where to go shopping in Europe’s fashionista mecca’s.


A quick $70, two-hour Eurostar ride later, I was in London.

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London


The first thing you’ll notice in London is how seamlessly it blends modernity and tradition. I arrived at the Kensington Hotel, a boutique luxury destination located within walking distance to several shopping districts and famous attractions.

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

Kensington Hotel, London

I jumped on the blue Piccadilly tube (in London, the subway is called the “tube”) line, on my way to do some serious shopping. The tube can pretty much get you anywhere in and around London. It’s almost always busy but far cheaper than a traditional black taxi (and safer than walking into cars driving on the left side of the road!). I got off at Leicester Square to visit Covent Garden, a unique shopping market. Part outdoor flea market, part designer strip mall, there’s a sea of shopping options.

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

Covent Garden in London

Arriving in the early evening, Covent Garden was busy, with locals lining up for one of the many trendy restaurants. On the plus side, that meant the stores were less packed. I browsed the top British brands, like Mulberry and Burberry, as well as other high-end stores I’d never heard of, like East, featuring fabulous dresses and some heavenly handbags. I couldn’t resist the fun tourist-designed stores like the Build-a-Bear Workshop (build a shopping buddy!).

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

Covent Gardens in London

For a break, I took in the juggling street act – there’s always some performance going on, especially in the summer time. By late afternoon, I walked away with a teddy bear and some divine homemade cookies from Ben’s Cookies, but all the designer stores and local influences left me inspired for another day of shopping!

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

The famous shoe floor in Harrods

The two biggest shopping districts in London are Knightsbridge and Oxford Street. Knightsbridge is home to Harrods, the famous luxury British department store featuring everything from gourmet jam to designer fashion. Be sure to check out their famous shoe floor. Harrods is a tourist attraction, but one you can visit on your way to the one-of-a-kind shops in the area.

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

Shopping on Oxford Street

Just a little north of Knightsbridge is Oxford street – cue the dreamy music – with over 300 stores to choose from. Starting at Topshop, I was truly like a kid in a candy store with tops and dresses in every color and cut to suit every shape. I settled on three tops and two dresses – all for less than the price of one designer piece!

The Fashionista’s Guide to Paris and London

Selfridges department store in London

You can’t visit Oxford Street without a trip to the original department store – Selfridges. Opened in 1909, it revolutionized shopping at the time and still draws in shoppers to its 19,000 square feet of retail wonder – and that’s just the main floor! Definitely pricier than Topshop, the store specializes in luxury brands but features up and coming designers as well, like Preen and Zoe & Morgan. I splurged on a pair of spikey Zoe & Morgan earrings – my designer London purchase.

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  1. Avatar of Metrocazar

    This is a very good overview of shopping area’s in Paris.
    Myself, I would like to recommend “Le Bon Marché” which is a luxury department store. Also the pedestrian area near “Les Halles” is absolutely worth visiting.

    Perhaps our navigation system for the Paris metro could be useful as well. It will also guide you some other shopping areas in Paris.

  2. Avatar of Cristian

    I’d like to visit Paris again. Got to follow this guide when I have a chance.

  3. Avatar of Sue Wise

    Sue Wise

    If you’re not a fan of strolling in high heels, boots are a must here. It’s a lot more comfy but gives a fashionable vibe in every article of clothing.

    • Avatar of Melody Phelps

      Melody Phelps

      It’s a good thing that flats are fashionable now too. You can always sport them with different clothes without looking lazy.

  4. Avatar of Stacy Maldonado

    Stacy Maldonado

    The Galeries Lafayette is a nice place to shop. It has pretty much everything you need to get your fashion to the next level.

  5. Avatar of Marsha Reed

    Marsha Reed

    Walking in Paris makes you appreciate the place more. Of course in places that are further from the other, you can always use the subways.

  6. Avatar of Ellen Padilla

    Ellen Padilla

    The Ladurée tea house has a very vintage yet fresh interior that makes you feel luxurious!

    • Avatar of Myra Sullivan

      Myra Sullivan

      I love those kinds of interiors too. They look so good in pictures as well!

  7. Avatar of Kathy Beck

    Kathy Beck

    It’s true that I see a lot of people living off their coffee as they walk the streets of Paris.

  8. Avatar of Lillian Sanders

    Lillian Sanders

    I love Ladurée. Their macarons are heaven-sent! One of the best I’ve tried.

    • Avatar of Jodi Thornton

      Jodi Thornton

      Not a fan of sweet things like these but I must agree with you. It’s a nice dessert!

  9. Avatar of Meghan Medina

    Meghan Medina

    Paris sounds more appealing to me than London. Although both are amazing places, it just really depends on your preference.

  10. Avatar of Verna Clarke

    Verna Clarke

    I’m looking forward to our upcoming Paris trip. I can’t wait to go to these places listed here! Reading through this article made me feel really excited that we finally decided to book a trip to Europe. ?

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