Amazing Foods of the Future We’ll All Be Eating Soon

Climate change is spurring some really fascinating innovation…


Meatballs: Cultured, of Course!

Memphis Meats has created the first cultured meatball. Now, you might be asking yourself, “what the heck is a cultured meatball?” We’ll get to that. But first, let’s find out why they exist in the first place. As you know by now, raising animals to feed us is a very costly process, both for the environment and for the animals. Given the issues we’re facing around climate change and the horrors of factory farming, cutting-edge companies like MM are bushwhacking their way into the Food Hall of Fame by creating the same great taste you’re used to, but without all the crummy stuff previously needed to deliver us the goodness of meatball subs.

Amazing Foods of the Future We’ll All Be Eating Soon

MM makes the meatballs by taking “cultured” cells from an actual cow or pig and uses technology to recreate the same (cellularly-identical) beef and pork we’d get if we just raised and slaughtered the animals on a farm.

The possibility of growing meat in a lab has long captured the public imagination. Winston Churchill suggested in 1931: “We shall escape the absurdity of growing a whole chicken in order to eat the breast or wing, by growing these parts separately under a suitable medium.”

The company thinks it’s about a decade away from being able to produce these delicious treats on a global scale, so you’ll have to wait a bit until you can sink your teeth in to these bad boys. Until then, start sharpening your knives — it’s gonna be a tasty future!

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  1. Avatar of Angela Linville

    Angela Linville

    Pea milk? Hmmm… I love milk, but just ensure that it’s tastier than milk because I hate peas.

  2. Avatar of Georgia Helwig

    Georgia Helwig

    Can you imagine if we don’t eat meat, and the animals’ population increase, what will happen to earth? Everything here is living with a purpose, don’t ruin that.

  3. Avatar of Florence Hunter

    Florence Hunter

    Wow. I’m more excited about the burger, and meatballs. Damn, let’s talk about meat right! Lionfish looks disgusting. Sorry! ✌

    • Avatar of Rebecca Harris

      Rebecca Harris

      I agree. I can’t stand staring at the picture, what more of eating that.

  4. Avatar of RUTH


    These food are interesting. These are the new generation of food that will help us to stop gaining weight while eating good food.

  5. Avatar of Brandee More

    Brandee More

    I wish that there’s organic pizza too. Like, vegetable pepperoni? Is that possible?

    • Avatar of Dawn Wilber

      Dawn Wilber

      This is right, can someone invent it? Please, I’m a pizza lover!

  6. Avatar of Theresa Ingram

    Theresa Ingram

    Damn! I’m a shrimp lover, and while reading this article, I am eating shrimp. IDC, as long as shrimp is delicious, I will eat it. Yay!

    • Avatar of Thelma Brooks

      Thelma Brooks

      Thank God, I am allergic to shrimp. I will tell this to my friends who love shrimp. Haha, payback time!

  7. Avatar of Sarah Kime

    Sarah Kime

    Meatballs!! I’ve been craving for meatballs, but I am on a diet now. I started to eat just veggies last month, and I don’t want to ruin my vegan life.

  8. Avatar of Erika Gillette

    Erika Gillette

    Wow. Didn’t know that shrimp are as disgusting as like that. I won’t let my loved ones to eat shrimp from now on.

  9. Avatar of Virginia Pearson

    Virginia Pearson

    The impossible burger is now possible. I tried this burger, and you can’t determine if it has meat, nor doesn’t contain one. It tastes one!

    • Avatar of KELLY


      It should’ve named possible burger because they made it. Lol ?

  10. Avatar of Jody Williams

    Jody Williams

    Lionfish? Never heard of that fish, but I have no plans in trying that fish. It looks scary. ?

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