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Gastro Traveling: 5 Foodie Vacations for the Epicurious

Delicious locations and tips to help you plan your next gastro-trip.


5. Boston, Massachusetts

These days I stick to sustainable seafood like oysters and mussels, and don’t condone eating any type of fish (the oceans are way overfished and super toxic nowadays), but if the idea of lobster, mussels, oysters, fried clams, and fish and chips makes your mouth water, then a trip to Boston is order. Boston is one of the best seafood destinations in the US; and like the locals say, “that chowdah is wicked good.”

Gastro Traveling: 5 Foodie Vacations for the Epicurious

Despite being known for seafood, vegan foodie scene is growing in Boston.

Gastro Traveling: 5 Foodie Vacations for the Epicurious

With a trip to Boston, you’ll also get a crash course in American history. Places like Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall aren’t just historic landmarks; inside, you’ll also find a wide range of high-end and ethnic food vendors. No trip to Boston is complete without visiting Haymarket Square; people come from miles around to shop at the open-air farmers’ market. And while you’re there, you simply must eat at by Chloe and learn what Boston’s fast-growing vegan foodie scene is all about.

Tip: If time is on your side, rent a car and venture to Cape Cod. Wellfleet is known for having the best oysters on the East Coast.

What cities or countries do you think has the best food?

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Reader Discussion: 67 Comments

  1. I have been traveling to EU for quite some time now. the guide I’ve been following is the movie “euro trip” so far it took me to London and Paris which is stunning if I say so my self. I’ll be going to Amsterdam next march just to experience being there for my self.

  2. FOOD IS POWEEEERRRRFUL!!!!! Have you ever noticed how even the faint aroma of something you ate on a vacation instantly takes you back to the moment you experienced it? OOOOhhhhhhhh it always brings back the memories in every taste. 🙂

  3. Caroline Soloviev

    I’ve been to Spain. I loved the mood there and –of course– the foooood! I want to go back there. I was in Barcelona… any other city to recommend? Thanks!

  4. Dawn Katz

    I’m going to France this weekend, and I’m very excited to taste their finesse bread and wine. No wonder why France is the food capital of the universe! Great chefs are made in France.

    • Christen

      Hello, that’s great I really hope you’ll like your trip! Just be sure to find good bakeries and not chains, you could be disappointed! And for a very good experience with drinking wine, you can check for wine bars! In which city are you going?

  5. Steev Smith

    My wife is freaking right now. She wanted me to buy her sweets. Lol. She read this article, and cry like a baby. I’m going to buy her chip’s ahoy, and chocolates. Lol

  6. Luisa Rodriguez

    Thanks, Hilary for making articles like this. It’s very useful and entertaining. I am craving for wine right now, after reading this.

  7. Candis Melton

    Barcelona is not just rich in history, and beautiful sceneries, but it is also a place where you can get the best Tapas. I’ve read your article about Barcelona, and I already booked a flight going there.

  8. Kathryn Gibson

    Hmmm.. Eating too much can be dangerous to your health. You need proper exercise to lose the calories you gained from eating too much. Do some research about the ingredients of the food to know if it is good for you, or not.

    • Michelle Lee

      You don’t have to, as long as you’re not eating too much. Food bloggers just want to taste the food, not to eat all of them.

  9. Monique Malick

    I like #4!!! I like tofu!! OMG!!!! I will tell my husband about this place. We are planning to travel this year, trying my luck to ask him here.

  10. Sherry Manust

    Philippines! Have you tried there Adobo? My Filipino friend invites me to their house, and we had Adobo. It’s good, especially with rice! Must try!

    • Sarah Parker

      Sinigang is way better. My family is in the Philippines and for me, Sinigang is healthier and taste better than adobo. I also love adobo but I prefer Sinigang. I hope you tried it as well. 🙂

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