Remember: The goal is not to simply pump out articles, but to make them the best articles on the web about that topic, so people will share them and come back for more.

Make sure to reference and memorize these two documents. Click the links within the documents and read those as well.

The Urbanette Handbook


Volunteer Staff Guide


We need reliable, enthusiastic, hardworking, and dedicated volunteers and interns who genuinely care about the growth of Urbanette. To ensure that we are a good fit for one another, we have compiled the Guide and the Handbook.

Please read them over thoroughly and use them for reference. Please check them before you ask us a question, as it’s probably already answered in there.

Our staff requirements will ensure that everyone involved receives the maximum benefits out of the internship and volunteer programs.


  • You must have submitted your signed Volunteership Form in order to work with us and/or get credit on your resume and/or from your school.
  • Keep track of ALL assignments as soon as you get them in the Article Assignments spreadsheet.
  • Every Monday morning, send [email protected] a ‘Weekly Update’ email outlining your progress/what you did that past week (& give us links) and what you’re going to work on in the coming week.


Do NOT share this page or our documents – it is confidential and for our staff/volunteers only.
Not only did you agree to keep it confidential when you signed the Volunteership Form,
but it is also protected by copyright law worldwide.

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  1. I’m really excited to become a volunteer and work with Urbanette!

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