Why I Decluttered and Redecorated — and Why You Should Too

Three easy ways to declutter and redecorate for your mental health and peace of mind.


Get Rid of Stress

Take a moment to think about stress triggers around your house. If you’re not sleeping well, a cluttered bedroom full of electronics and paperwork may be the culprit. Organize your closet, remove unnecessary items like your computer and TV and focus on making your bedroom a sanctuary of rest. Then, incorporate fresh flowers, a hanging crystal to catch the sunlight and soft window shades to let in natural light.

Why I Decluttered and Redecorated — and Why You Should Too

Other clutter culprits might include the kitchen. It’s easy to let mail stack up, food to sit out and dishes to pile up. But, a kitchen is often the gathering spot of the home for friends and family. Treat it with respect by keeping it clean, putting away all gadgets and dishes and clearing away unnecessary knickknacks. Instead, place a bowl of fresh lemons on the counter as a centerpiece, open the windows and consider doing some home decor DIY projects, like repainting your kitchen with warm, soothing colors to create the gathering space you deserve.

Check out Home Decor Ideas We Love and some fun home decor DIY Projects on Pinterest, and re-pin ideas to start your own idea board.

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  1. Avatar of Kelly Williams

    Kelly Williams

    I highly recommend buying storage options that can really hold up your clutter. As much as possible, stick to a color theme too. The more colors or designs there are in your living space, the more it tends to look messy. Be strict when buying storage options too. Just because you think it looks cute but it doesn’t go well with your home’s color scheme, don’t buy it. You’ll find one soon that looks coordinated with everything. Sometimes, I find it better for cabinets or shelves to be custom made.

  2. Avatar of Tasha Pope

    Tasha Pope

    Hilary is so cute in that baby photo. SO ADORABLEEEE ?

  3. Avatar of Juana Gross

    Juana Gross

    I wish my kids would have a dream like that too so they can start cleaning up.?

  4. Avatar of Lena Tamburini

    Selling your clothes online could take a while. So I suggest that you try to list them online as frequent as you can. If it’s not sold within a month, donate it already. Unsold clothes can become clutter too. You just have to let go of your stuff most of the time. It’s also nice to host garage sales when you declutter so that people can actually see the item and it would be easier for them to buy it. If you still can’t get rid of your clutter, just give it away and donate it. Easier than anything else.

  5. Avatar of Kimberly Taylor

    Kimberly Taylor

    Cleaning up can be very tedious but I find it really nice after I’m finished doing it. I feel like I could breathe again!

  6. Avatar of Barbara Pittman

    Barbara Pittman

    I’m a makeup hoarder but I always try to declutter atleast every 4 months to make sure that I don’t have anything that’s already expired. Sometimes, they’re just so pretty to look at and I can’t let go of them.

  7. Avatar of Antonia Sitak

    Decluttering is a very relaxing activity for me. It feels really nice to see your cluttered space turn into something that feels like new! ?

  8. Avatar of Flora Wiström

    One more thing, don’t ever forget the boxes you already stored that’s meant for donating or selling. That was my main problem. Ahahahha! ? Took me forever to realize that I already had a couple of boxes stored for that purpose and I was so puzzled about how I got that much clutter. I totally forgot that I already decluttered before and it piled up and piled up and piled up. ? The worst thing was that I had to dig up those old boxes again because all of a sudden I could not let go of what I already tried to let go of years ago!

  9. Avatar of Johanna Kelly

    Johanna Kelly

    I teach my kids to declutter every few months especially with their toys. You know how kids are, they get too attached with their toys too even though they look disgusting already.

  10. Avatar of Emily Rose

    Emily Rose

    Your home should be a sanctuary, not like a cage. If it’s becoming too cluttered, it can give out feelings of stress.

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