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5 Golden Rules To Make Your Relationship Last

How to make your (budding) affair endure past your stereotypical, ephemeral encounter.


#4: Be yourself, and no one else

There’s absolutely no way your relationship is going to endure if it depends on you keeping up any type of facade. It’s one thing to use a few white lies to capture a man’s interest in the beginning (e.g., you exaggerate your love for 80s rock bands, or pretend to enjoy the Lord of the Rings marathon he made you sit through… no worries, everyone does that!); it’s another to have to sustain a serious frontage that calls for dishing more than a few innocent fibs, just to keep the ball rolling.

5 Golden Rules To Make Your Relationship Last

More of a city than a country girl? Don’t pretend you love camping to win him over.

For instance, if the object of your affection is really into high-heeled, lipstick-wielding, face-painted girly-girls, and you happen to be a sneaker, jeans, and t-shirt kind of gal, slapping on a pair of stilettos and caking your face with a ton of makeup might lure him in initially and get him to make things official, but without a doubt, you’ll eventually get tired of walking around in those pointy heels… not because they’ll hurt, but because wearing them simply isn’t you.

In short, don’t put on an elaborate act and completely transform yourself just so you can land the irresistible hottie next door; find a guy who’s attracted to you just the way you are… someone who doesn’t require you to change the way you look, act, or speak… someone  you’re unafraid to let loose in front of, who you find easy to be honest with. Otherwise, your relationship is going nowhere lightning fast, since you’re either going to grow weary of having to perpetuate your pretense, or he’s going to detect you’re a fake somewhere down the line. In any case, your romance is pretty much guaranteed to fail.


#5: Be independent

Once your relationship has lasted for longer than a hot minute, it’s easy for your and your guy’s lives to become incredibly intertwined. The longer you’re together, the more mutual friends, memories, hangout spots, and everyday motions you accumulate. Pretty soon, you two become so inseparable, that your existences completely blur into one. You spend every spare moment by each other’s side. You stop hanging out with a lot of the friends you don’t share in common. You quit doing the hobbies you don’t both enjoy. Fused into a single entity, you both start to lose sight of the individuals you were pre-relationship. You forget what it’s like to be alone and do the things you love… what it’s like to be just you.

5 Golden Rules To Make Your Relationship Last

Given all that, it’s crucial to keep you and your man from melding into an amoeba-like blob, by sustaining your own separate lives. Don’t lose touch with your personal friends. Find time to do your own thing, and strive to achieve your own goals. Giving each other space (both in terms of privacy and alone time) will ensure that you don’t tire of one another, as it prevents your relationship from falling into a boring, predictable routine.

It also decreases the chance that you begin to take each other for granted (as you can imagine, it’s hard to fully appreciate anything that’s a constant, unmoving presence; there’s a reason the platitude “absence makes the heart grow fonder” exists!), and prevent you from potentially smothering each other to death. And in the end, it will allow you both to step back and truly grasp the significant role you play in each other’s lives, ultimately making your relationship that much sweeter.

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Kristin started her career at Marie Claire and is now an editor / staff writer at Forbes. Born and raised in the Big Apple, Kristin's biggest pet peeves are run-on sentences, unwittingly published typos, and public transportation delays. A fervent shutterbug, arts-and-crafts enthusiast, and bona fide gourmand with an insatiable wanderlust, she's been fortunate enough to have already journeyed to over a dozen foreign countries (including Hungary, Spain, Bermuda, and most recently, Costa Rica!).

Reader Discussion: 136 Comments

  1. Relationships take work. We all know that. But knowing how to make a relationship work and go the distance is something we’ve all wondered. This article is really a big help for my partner and I. Thank you!

  2. Make the mutual choice to maintain a positive attitude. Being positive may be the key to keeping harmony bec you can control your behaviors and even your moods when necessary, and having a loving partner who is willing to be ther for you, even when you are struggling, can’t help but make your relationship more positive.

  3. Ella Rodriguez

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for over 14 years and the answer to what makes a relationship last is simple: there is no one answer. Everyone is different, and everyone will have their own ideas on what they want in the last relationship. The trick, with all relationships, not just romantic ones, is to remember that the other party is only human – just like you. Mistakes will be made, arguments will happen, you’ll question your feelings more than once – all that bad stuff that people say ‘never happens in a real relationship’ is what makes a ‘real’ relationship strong. It’s not about ‘oh, how could I ever live without you?’ (ie. infatuation), it’s about ‘we’ve been through good and bad, we’ve seen each other and ourselves completely for what we are, and we’re still here together’ (ie. love).

  4. Mary Shirley

    Don’t be convinced your relation is soooo long (and dreadful), you should be excited about anniversaries, but if you really want to spend eternity together, don’t celebrate every week or month or year as an accomplishment for having been able to deal with each other for another period of time.

  5. Ivelisse Ervin

    I’ve been with my partner for a little over 10 years now. The two things that have helped our relationship the most is 1) being able to apologize when we’re wrong i.e. being able to put our ego aside and 2) actively wanting to be the best partner to each other which means having a real willingness to work on ourselves. There is a quote that is often attributed to Marilyn Monroe that goes like this “I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.” – this represents the worst kind of person you can possibly have in a relationship. Someone who has enough insight to recognize their bad qualities but believes that their partner should just put up with them. Fuck that person. No one should have to put up with your shit so work on it to make sure that they don’t have to.

  6. Thomas Ramirez

    Making a relationship last? I’ll pass. This long-term relationship bullshit looks like a headache. And marriage is completely out of the question. Too dangerous for the MEN in the modern age.

  7. Alice Ford

    The reason why relationships don’t last is simply that people are not in it for the long haul and they get into relationships for the wrong reasons (i.e. being afraid of being alone, peer pressure, afraid of being a ‘loser’ for not having a BF/GF, etc.). When most people say they want a relationship they really mean “I want the honeymoon phase of the relationship”. However, they don’t want to put in the work required for a long, lasting relationship, especially when everyone wants to fuck like rabbits lol. 

  8. Hannah Shaw

    I’ve never understood couples that fought. If you’re fighting, you are with the wrong person (or at least one of you is immature.) Pick your battles? No. Don’t have battles. Talk and figure it out.

    • Loretta Alexander

      Depends on the relationships. People come in 3 different categories: masculine, feminine and neutral. Their sex doesn’t always factor in that as there are feminine men and masculine women. If you have two masculines together, they will be constantly fighting for dominance. If you have two feminines together, they fight because neither takes the lead and they both want to be the nurturer. Neutrals do fine together, but there is no passion; more like friends than lovers. A masculine and a feminine will have that passionate relationship that most people want. They will still fight once in awhile, but mostly because they don’t quite get where the other is coming from.

  9. Imogen Fraire

    I think there are a lot of things to consider as far as having a long-lasting relationship but the main important ones are, loyalty, honesty, respect, and communication. Then I would say doing fun or new things every once in awhile so it stays fresh/fun and being able to make each other laugh/smile is a good thing as well as affection. As for things not to do, again there are a lot but some of the biggest are; Don’t force a relationship to happen just because you’re lonely. If that other person doesn’t fit you and your too different and just clash don’t start something because more than likely it won’t last and you’ll just argue all the time and have one big fat headache. You want someone you click with and have stuff in common. Another is don’t compare your relationship to others/shows/ society etc… It’s a hard thing to do because other relationships and advice on relationships are/is everywhere but try to ignore it because more than likely it will cause more harm than good. Every relationship is different/every person is different. However, if you feel yourself wishing your partner would do or say a lot of the things you hear or see from relationship advice and your partner does none of those things and seems fine with the way things are, that’s a clear sign that you and your partner are not a good fit for each other and want different things. Last thing is, don’t lose yourself in a relationship, don’t be in a relationship where you do everything for your partner and they do nothing or very little for you in return. Don’t sacrifice your happiness and beliefs for them. Your needs and wants should be just as important as theirs. Every relationship should have a balance of give and take.

  10. Philip Thompson

    What’s been making my relationship last is basic lol, having fun with each other playing around and watching TV and cuddling, been going on 3 years and still as in love as when we got together, yes we do fight ever now and then but that’s natural and I would worry if we never did, my and girlfriends thing is never going to bed pissed lol. 

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