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Be a part of the most flexible magazine around. Create your own job title. Yup, that’s right. We can get our own damn coffee!



Is there a position you think we’re missing, but you suspect would benefit Urbanette? Please, by all means — suggest it! 🙂

As a side note – we’d love for you to continue to work with us long-term, even if that means working around your schedule. This can be a short or long-term position — it’s up to you!

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Reader Discussion: 33 Comments

  1. Avatar of Hannah Banana

    Hannah Banana

    I’ve loved your articles, especially Obsessed with thin, has the media gone too far? and Digital beauty and kids on diets. I’ve been reading your magazine since I was 16 in 2003 and loved them! Since then I think you’ve expanded a little too much into other things.

  2. Avatar of Juana Gross

    Juana Gross

    If only I didn’t have another job I would really apply. Your job description looks very enticing.

  3. Avatar of Jeanette Schneider

    Jeanette Schneider

    Recommending this to my writer friends. I’m pretty sure they qualify.

  4. Avatar of Antoinette Morris

    Antoinette Morris

    Cool! Are you always hiring? I’m interested as a graphic designer. I really want to apply and I’m willing to send my portfolio. I’ll send an email. I hope you can consider my application. It would be really nice to work with people that I truly admire. I really hope that I will be given the chance! Thanks xx ❤️

  5. Avatar of Kimberly Taylor

    Kimberly Taylor

    I wish I could apply but I already work full-time. I love Urbanette.

  6. Avatar of Erika Burgess

    Erika Burgess

    Oh how nice, you also do internships! I wish I did mine in your company instead. I didn’t learn anything from my past internship and I was really disappointed.

  7. Avatar of Lynda Webster

    Lynda Webster

    I’m still studying at the moment and I’m into journalism. Would love to work with Urbanette in the future.?

  8. Avatar of Tabitha Hopkins

    Tabitha Hopkins

    Wow, my sister seems to be the perfect fit for one of the positions listed. I’m going to share this to her and ask her if she wants to apply. I’ve been an avid reader of your page since 2015. I know it’s only been a few years but I constantly read and re-read your articles whenever I want to read something empowering. Thank heavens for this magazine. It would be amazing if my sister can also be a part of your educational team, Urbanette. More power.

  9. Avatar of Marsha Jennings

    Marsha Jennings

    I would have loved to work with you people but I’m not really good in writing. I’m more of a backend developer type of person.

  10. Avatar of Carol Thomas

    Carol Thomas

    Seems like a great working environment to always keep in mind the needs of your employees other than just your deadlines. I’m sure they really appreciate the helping hand.

    • Avatar of Lillie Wright

      Lillie Wright

      That’s very nice of them to do. Especially for working students or those who are working part-time.

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