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Island Shopping: The Best Brands

Using their environment as inspiration, these brands offer an exotic shopping experience.


The warm Caribbean air is the ideal backdrop to indulge in one-of-a-kind island shopping. On my own tropical escape, I found myself fully immersed in local handicrafts, designer jewelry and unique clothing found in small boutiques. Using their environment as inspiration, these high-end boutique brands are exclusive to their native island – and, thankfully, online – offering an exotic shopping experience. Here are the top collections to give you a taste of island living:

1b Designs, St. Croix

Island Shopping: The Best Brands

Ib designer silver bracelets and rings

Ib Designs, based out of St. Croix, is an accessory-lovers paradise with over two dozen lines to choose from. All the pieces are handmade, in sterling silver or 14K gold, with all the island charm you’d expect from a locally made label. My favorite collections are the Om and Fan Coral, which are completely on-trend with nautical themed bracelets and pendants. The anchor bracelet and fan coral earrings will work with everything, from jeans and a tee to an evening maxi dress.

The Pink House, Mustique

Island Shopping: The Best Brands

The Pink House, Mustique swimwear

When you think beach getaway, you think fab bikini and that’s exactly what you’ll find at The Pink House on the elite island of Mustique. Indulge in luxury basic bikinis and cover-ups, along with some extravagant pieces like a gold Mustique pendant and silk maxi dress. They also have adorable ruffled bikinis for girls, printed trunks for boys and for your guy – everyone can look as fab as you do.

Sea Sage, Turks and Caicos

Island Shopping: The Best Brands

Sea Sage Starfish scarf

Turks and Caicos is home to Sea Sage – a line of exclusive silk scarves that can work as a bikini wrap, hair accessory or accent piece. By focusing on scarves alone, the brand has gained a reputation for high quality and unique designs. The collection’s Sea Fan scarf will be my signature accessory and a reminder of my beach getaway!

Calypso St. Barth

Island Shopping: The Best Brands

Calypso St. Barth

Calypso St. Barth is a well-known brand with its roots firmly in Caribbean style. The brand boasts everything from clothing to accessories and even housewares (bring the beach home!). My current obsession is their line of maxi dresses, which are equal parts bohemian chic and evening glam. Add a straw clutch and you’ll be St. Barth styled wherever you go.

Everett Designs, Dominican Republic

Island Shopping: The Best Brands

Genuine semi-precious jewelry by Everett Designs

For genuine local gems Dominican Republic’s Everett Designs features designer Larimar and Amber jewelry – Dominican Republic has some of the largest natural resources of these stones. The sea blue Larimar stone is a personal favorite, brighter than turquoise but equally enchanting with silver accents. For a real treasure piece, the Shipwreck Coins collection is made with rare 17th and 18th century silver coins, actually recovered from shipwrecks – you can’t get any more authentic than that!

Let these boutique brands give your style a boost with bold colors, textures and shapes – a piece of paradise for your closet!

After obtaining her Honors B.A. and postgraduate journalism degree, Pegah has written and researched for a variety of magazines and newspapers, with celebrities, fashion and travel being her topics of choice. Now settled in Toronto, she has lived in many corners of the world, including the U.S., Switzerland, and Japan. In her spare time, she divides her love unevenly between her poodle, chocolates and shopping.

Reader Discussion: 52 Comments

  1. I’m a stylist and I love getting ideas from Urbanette. Please post more like this!

  2. The necklace you pictured by Everett Designs is stunning. I’m going to find a place to include it in a Marie Claire product roundup. Thanks for the tip!

    • It’s one of my favorite pieces as well!

  3. Francis Woods

    I have a ton of stuff from Calypso. I love their stuff – so elegant and comfortable. Perfect for summer or tropical vacation.

  4. Great list! I just bought a Sea Sage scarf – they’re stunning!

  5. I love buying exotic/local jewelry. Much more interesting that “traditional” jewelry. Maybe I’ve just got a bit of a rustic/hippie aesthetic. I also like the idea of supporting smaller companies where my $ can have more of an impact on entrepreneurs. Very helpful article 🙂

    • Pegah

      Me too! My jewelry drawer is filled with one-of-a-kind pieces and my latest trip just added to my obsession.

  6. I love Calypso. There’s a store near where I live and I go there several times a year to stock up on the latest resort wear. I also love those leather strip necklaces that are really long with a few rough, big pearls tied on at the end. A few brands make them and I think they’re so elegant.

  7. I absolutely love Everett Designs’ jewelry! I just bought two turquoise pieces. I tried to buy a coin necklace from them but it was sold out 🙁
    Thanks for the great list!

  8. Handmade pieces are my prized jewels. To be honest, I think you cannot really put a price on these kinds of things. Which is why if a company offers these items, make sure to get them. They’re beautifully handcrafted,just like all the brands mentioned in this article. 😀

    • Gabrielle Williams

      I definitely agree!!! Handmade items are really priceless. When I go shopping, I also make sure to look out (and have these).

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