5 Ways to Get Over Jet Lag Quickly

How to get back on your feet in no time flat.


Tip #4:

I am a big advocate for staying mobile. And I don’t mean with your cell phone. Exercising is crucial for me. I find it helps me rejuvenate tired muscles or crimps from sitting way too long in the plane. I’ll simply get up and walk the isles, or step to the back of the plain and stretch. Once I’ve deplaned, I head straight for the hotel gym. If they don’t have one, I run up and down the stairs or find a safe park or street to walk or run.

5 Ways to Get Over Jet Lag Quickly

Hit the hotel gym when you deplane

Tip #5:

Try to get into the light. Please don’t sleep your lag away! The key is to stay regimented. Get out doors and let the light rejuvenate you.

Take short naps once you get to your destination. I find that, myself included, most of us are so excited to be on vacation that it’s go, go, go. Not good! It may feel OK when you are there doing your thing, but trust me… when you get back home, you’ll be exhausted, possibly sick, and needing a vacation from that vacation.

5 Ways to Get Over Jet Lag Quickly

That said, don’t close your drapes and sleep long stretches of time. If you sleep 8 hours, then set your alarm or wake-up call 8 hours later during sleeping hours only. Sometimes, the more you sleep, the harder it is to shake jet lag. When I came back from Italy, I literally slept for three days, only getting up for an hour here or there to use the restroom and eat. Excess sleep becomes a nightmare!

So, there you have some “jet-lag-away” tips. Let me know which ones work for you and if you have any additional ones, please let us know and we’ll post them!

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    1. Avatar of Johnnie Bradford

      Johnnie Bradford

      I always bring my neck pillow and eye mask to have a good sleep on the plane.

    2. Avatar of Ofelia Ruley

      Ofelia Ruley

      Is there any medicine? Like a tablet, or capsule? I’m experiencing jet lag right now, I need one.

    3. Avatar of Doreen Morales

      Doreen Morales

      I’m going to Taiwan, and we are 12 hours behind from them. If I get there by 12nn, I should be sleeping here at 12mn. I am having a hard time, especially this is my first time. I hope your tips are effective.

    4. Avatar of Hachi Komatsu

      Hachi Komatsu

      Thank you for making informative articles. I hope you make more! I love your magazine! ❤

    5. Avatar of Maxine Ford

      Maxine Ford

      There are times that I have jet lag, but there are times that I don’t have. Is that okay?

      • Avatar of Roe Merry

        Of course, it is okay. Jet lag is a normal issue, this article is how to lessen it.

    6. Avatar of Esther Devine

      Esther Devine

      My boyfriend can still drink 3 bottles of beer after arriving. I don’t know what kind of spell is he using because he still has the energy despite time differences.

    7. Avatar of Joan Morales

      Joan Morales

      The main reason why I don’t accept business meeting that has a different time zone. I can’t concentrate with my power points and stuff.

    8. Avatar of Brittany West

      Brittany West

      OMG. I love eating on planes. I feel like I’m eating on top of the air. Isn’t that amazing?? ☺

    9. Avatar of Lisa Bryson

      Lisa Bryson

      I’m just going to sleep, and let my body get used to it. ?

      • Avatar of Meiga Jenk

        Same. I’ll just watch on Netflix, then sleep. My normal routine.

    10. Avatar of Deanna Woods

      Deanna Woods

      Great tips from you. I am away, and jet lag is one of my problems why sometimes I am not productive. This would be a big help.

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