6 Unique Luxuries For Your Home

Glamorous and luxurious additions that will transform your home into a luxurious oasis. They also make unique housewarming gifts!


Luxury #4: High-End Knives

6 Unique Luxuries For Your Home

You. Saturday night, 8pm. Frantically massacring some unlucky carrots and potatoes in a vain attempt to pull off the big dinner party that you’d invited all your friends too. Now we’re not saying that you’re a bad chef. But what did the poor vegetables do to deserve such shabby treatment?

A good set of knives is like the little black dress. They never let you down. The bonus? They make a great gift, since whomever you get these for mayyyy feel obligated to make you a home-cooked meal with them. Score!

Fancy yourself a skilled cook? Wusthof’s pricey Asian cook’s knife with the hollow edge forms an air pocket that prevents extra-thin slices or julienne vegetables from sticking to the blade. If you’re asking yourself ‘what the heck does julienne mean?!’, then a more all-purpose knife may be for you. It’s perfect for breaking down medium-sized vegetables and smaller cuts of meat, poultry and fish.

6 Unique Luxuries For Your Home

Dana, from one of our favorite cooking blogs, MinimalistBaker.com

Be careful! When we first got the Wusthof Culinar 10 piece knife block set ($1,079. US) we found that these super-sharp knives quickly slid through just about anything like hot butter. It wasn’t long before one of us needed stitches!

A professional set of knives should feel perfect in hand and somehow make cooking much more fun.

The paring knife, perhaps the most versatile knife in the kitchen (meaning you need one of these), trims and dices fruits and vegetables with ease. The bread knife, with its toothy serrated edges, slices effortlessly through baguettes and crusts without flattening them. Wait, bread’s not supposed to be served that way?!

6 Unique Luxuries For Your Home

With most high-end knife sets coming in several categories ranging from Classic for the beginner chef to Steel Cut for “the design-oriented gourmet”, you’re sure to find what you need. The selection of blades offer a long cutting retention and should be quite stylish to look at too. As in, clearly not your ordinary knife set.

Not sure how to care for the cut with knives like these? You might want to pick up this book and learn some new skills. They’ll be sure to impress your guests the next time you have a dinner party. After all, isn’t that the best part?

Your enjoyment of cooking awaits.

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Reader Discussion: 59 Comments

  1. Avatar of Regina Curry

    Regina Curry

    Those high-end knives would definitely make cooking a breeze. I bet it would also motivate me to cook more and experiment with new recipes. I’d feel like a chef in the making!! Just gotta watch out and hopefully, I don’t lose any fingers in the process. Those look really sharp. What I also love about those stainless steel knives is that they’re easy to clean and won’t harbor mold on their handles. I hate it when that happens because I know that I have to dispose of it to prevent the mold spores from getting in my food.



      I hate it when that happens. Especially with plastic handles. It’s gross.

  2. Avatar of Olivia Young

    Olivia Young

    Warm towels sound nice! I think it would also be good as it can help in drying the towels as well.

  3. Avatar of Nancy Garrett

    Nancy Garrett

    I love my essential oils diffuser but I’m curious about these home fragrances from Agraria. I always see this bamboo reed diffusers but I find that thescent disappears quickly, I wonder if Agraria makes quality ones.

  4. Avatar of Raeann Saunders

    Raeann Saunders

    Sorry but I don’t think I want to replace my heater with a towel warmer. I could have both but taking the heater out would make me freeze to death. I’m a person who gets cold so easily and I find it unbearable to be too cold. I think I’d want heated floors instead… Lol…! Sometimes, even my carpet feels too cold for me. I know that most of you will just tell me to move someplace warm, but sorry that’s not an option. More like I’m sorry to myself.?

  5. Avatar of Caroline Schack

    For a candle holder Rosendahl’s is quite expensive. I could easily find alternatives from H&M home.?

  6. Avatar of Alison Tejedor

    Balushka’s works are stunning. I can’t imagine how much work she would put in for an entire wall art of flowers. It seems like the amount of money people pay her would only go to her efforts and not her supplies! Paper folding has been quite a lost artistry yet here she is, modernizing it and making big money out of it. It’s probably difficult to hire assistants in making those flowers because it would take forever to teach them how she does it flawlessly.

  7. Avatar of Mary Shum

    Tried Agraria before and it was great. It wasn’t overpowering and that’s why I like it.

    • Avatar of Johanna


      Even the burning ones aren’t overpowering?

  8. Avatar of Tiffany Jordan

    Tiffany Jordan

    Both the Jane Seymour and Balushka flowers are very nice. Jane’s was more of a classic floral arrangement that looks real and Balushka has a modern approach. Both look very great for interior decoration. I’m going to check out their stores. I only need small flowers for small spaces that I just want to enhance the look of.

  9. Avatar of Kristina Prizemnaya

    I’ve been looking for luxurious decor like Rosendahl’s for quite some time now. I have a knack for looking for decors that look really fancy in order to make my space look more “put together”.

  10. Avatar of Hachi Komatsu

    Hachi Komatsu

    I’m so impressed by Balushka’s handcrafts. That is really a talent and I’m just so stunned by how classy and soft it looks. If I was to get married, it would be a garden wedding and I would love to have her creations around me, even as a bouquet at my wedding! I’ve never seen paper flowers look this good. I bet she sources the best papers for that. I’m wondering if it’s durable, but that first pic wherein it’s all over the wall is really majestic. She’s so talented.

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