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Thank you for arranging a media trip with Urbanette. All arrangements should be made in writing through Hilary’s editorial assistant, Sania Mirza at [email protected]

On average, the results from an Urbanette media stay are: 43 bookings within the first 6 months, and 72 bookings within the first year, all directly citing Urbanette as the source. Additional bookings may have been made as a partial or unattributed result of Urbanette’s post(s). On average, 67% of those bookings were premium suites.

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Here’s a bit more about the professional travel journalists who will be attending the media trip:

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Michael and Hilary Rowland

Hilary Rowland:



What we cover:

  1. Luxury
  2. Eco (farm to table, luxury eco-friendly boutique hotel, etc.)
  3. Novelty/bucket-list (very unusual/notable)

Note: We do not cover hotels in bad locations (like airport hotels), giant conference-style hotels (unless the hotel is luxurious / eco / notable in some way).

What to expect:

  • Urbanette’s travel articles are very in-depth and compelling. During their stay, Hilary and Michael take gorgeous photographs and thoroughly explore and write about all of the available amenities, restaurants, area attractions and activities, etc.
  • The article will be a complete guide for the reader’s visit, detailing where to stay, what suite to stay in, where to eat, and what to do in the area. It will focus primarily on the hotel, but also talk about other compelling reasons to visit  — like the hotel and nearby area’s activities, spa, food, nearby towns, etc.
  • All articles are shared on our social media (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. @urbanette).
  • Here are few examples of the many travel articles that Hilary has written:





  • Both Hilary and Michael are vegetarian (but will eat mussels and oysters). They also strongly prefer organic wines (one bottle with dinner).
  • They would be happy to meet the hotel’s media/marketing/manager rep for an aperitif.
  • Please set up dinner at each of the hotel’s restaurants. Dining reservations should be made for them alone as they prefer to dine without company.
  • If the restaurant focuses on sustainable / farm-to-table / vegan offerings, then they would love to interview the chef after dinner or at a time convenient for the chef.
  • Room service should be comp (not including alcohol).


  • Please put them in a fragrance-free and non-smoking suite with one large bed.
  • A suite is required (as opposed to a regular room). Our readers are wealthy, and expect to see photos of Hilary in a suite/penthouse, which is the room type our readers typically book.

Length of Stay:

  • For a full article (also shared on @urbanette social outlets), media stays are a minimum of 5 nights, comp, including food. Urbanette articles aren’t short, and they have incredible value. When solicited directly, we charge upwards of $20,000 per article. Plus, it takes time to create a long and engaging article with a lot of detail, to check out most or all of the local amenities and activities, to take enough photographs in each of the locations and in good lighting, etc.
  • For social media coverage, media stays are a minimum of 2 nights, comp, including food per photo shared across our social media. This way Hilary and Michael have one full day to take photos and some buffer if the weather is bad. Each 2 nights will result in at least one fantastic photo being shared via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest), but possibly more if we get a lot of great photos. All posts will @tag your hotel and you can specify hashtags to include.


  • If the destination is within driving distance from Monte Carlo, they may drive (in which case, they’ll need comp parking and €250 to cover gas and tolls).
  • If a flight is required, that will need to be booked for both Hilary and Michael by the client (departing city: Nice, France).
  • If they fly and a car is needed once they arrive at the destination, that will need to be provided by the client. It will need to have GPS.


  • Urbanette does not have a budget to set up media trips based on media rates, and our profits are tied up in a fund to help women. All stays must be 100% comp.
  • Hilary and Michael sometimes travel with their two declawed and perfectly behaved cats (occasionally, when traveling by car). If they do, they also post photos on their cats Instagram.
  • With regards to local activities, your help is greatly appreciated, but not required.

By agreeing to a media trip with Urbanette, you are also agreeing to the terms set forth in this document. This supersedes any other agreement.




Need to attach a monetary value to the coverage?

This is what we get paid for sponsored posts is listed publicly, and here are our readership stats, and feedback from hotels.


influencer marketing blogger




Why use an influencer to promote your destination or hotel?

For starters, every $1 spent on influencer marketing returned $12.54 in the “Tourism Destinations & Travel” sector. Another reason companies have jumped on the influencer bandwagon is trustworthiness. According to Forbes, 92% of consumers put their trust in influencers over traditional endorsements and advertising. What’s more, 52% of Facebook users said seeing influencers or friends’ vacation pictures inspired them to book a trip to that particular place (Forbes), and one out of three US travelers reference social media as a MAIN source of travel ideas and inspiration (MMGY Global). A typical example of this is New Zealand. National Geographic stated that the tourism board for Wanaka, New Zealand invited influencers (to visit, on media trips). From this, the country saw tourism shoot up to a whopping 14% increase—the fastest tourism growth ever for that country.




Wondering what we’ll write if we don’t like your hotel?

We do not publish negative reviews — those wouldn’t benefit our readers, nor would they benefit any party. If there are issues with your establishment, we will tell you and ask for your word that you will have them fixed. Your word is good enough for us, and we won’t include those elements in the article. If there are really big, unfixable issues, we’ll decline the article and write you a valuable, confidential report (Hilary also runs Pearls & Pocket Squares – a luxury resort mystery inspection service) with many useful, actionable tips, so that you can dramatically improve your establishment. 

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