Your One-A-Month Sex Bucket List

20 creative things to do every month to spice up your sex life.


Bucket List: #11. Play with Your Food

Bring a selection of enticing foods into the bedroom. Chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and strawberries all make for sensual additions to a romp. Drizzle or place them on various body parts and lick or nibble them off. When your sweet tooth is satisfied, your sexual appetite will be reaching fever pitch.

Your One-A-Month Sex Bucket List

Bucket List: #12. Use Ice Cubes

Another great way to stimulate your partner’s senses is to hold an ice cube between your lips and run it gently all over his body. Start with his lips, and then move to his neck, ears, shoulders, chest, nipples, arms, stomach, and legs. Make your way to his genital area and gently run the ice cube over it—paying special attention to sensitive parts like the head of his penis—until he begs for mercy.

Bucket List: #13. Pretend to Be Strangers

Plan to meet up at a bar or restaurant and pretend it’s your very first encounter. Dress nicely and put some effort into your appearance like you would on a real first date. When you get there, start by asking each other questions about things you haven’t discussed in ages to warm up, such as the best places you’ve traveled or your favorite bands. As the evening progresses, move on to sexy talk. Tell your partner how hot he is and describe what you want to do to him later—the more detail the better—until you’re so riled up you both scream, “Check, please!”

Bucket List: #14. Role-Play

This can seem contrived and intimidating, but you don’t have to get into full schoolgirl/teacher costumes—unless you want to. Role-playing can be as simple as taking on different characters and acting them out to create an exciting new dynamic. This will often result in a domination scenario in which one of you submits to the other’s will, but it can also be as simple as two strangers meeting in the night and having mind-blowing, illicit sex. If you do want to try out some costumes, you can get them at a sex shop or online.

Your One-A-Month Sex Bucket List

Bucket List: #15. Send Provocative Sexts

Build anticipation by sending your partner sexy text messages throughout the day. Tease him with details of a sexy new outfit you plan to debut for his eyes only that night—you can even send him a suggestive photo. As the day progresses, tell him in more detail what you plan to do to please him. By quitting time, he’ll be racing out the door to get home to you.

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Reader Discussion: 152 Comments

  1. Avatar of Christiaan


    I love the idea off a sex bucket list, think it can make sex more interesting and exciting. Must admit that some of the things we have done but have never engaged in a threesome and it is something that we both fantasize about and talk about, unfortunately here in South Africa people are still very conservative when it comes to sex.

  2. Avatar of paco


    How sad is this list? My wife and I did most of these within the first year of dating. If this list is something you need to spice up your sex life, you are really missing out on how good sex can be with each other.

  3. Avatar of Ruby Collins

    Ruby Collins

    My husband and I don’t have that time to have sexual intercourse. It’s sad, but I do miss him. Whenever I’m in the mood, he’s not. I think I need this to spice up our love time. I hope it works.

  4. Avatar of David Ramirez

    David Ramirez

    I will try these! Damn, these are interesting. I like the playing of food. I will try putting ice cream on her body and slowly lick it. Isn’t that nice?

  5. Avatar of Mildred Davis

    Mildred Davis

    Cross things off your sexual bucket list before you start having back and knee problems.

  6. Avatar of Jane Reed

    Jane Reed

    Sex on a balcony on Bourbon Street is on my sexual bucket list. Also sex in the cab like in Taxicab Confessions. I always wanted to do that.

  7. Avatar of Elizabeth Coleman

    Elizabeth Coleman

    I just want everyone to know that one of my biggest sexual fantasies include sharing a hot Krispy Kreme doughnut with someone and I can finally check that off of my bucket list.

  8. Avatar of Cheryl Reeves

    Cheryl Reeves

    Make a sexual bucket list. I suggest keeping as many of these as you can. I’ve checked off quite a few including watching each other masturbate. You will notice your partner look at you differently as you do it.

    • Avatar of Emanuel Terry

      Emanuel Terry

      I don’t think I can masturbate in front of my wife. It’s nasty. It should be done when you are alone.

  9. Avatar of Diane Cox

    Diane Cox

    Thank you Urbanette for posting this bucketlist! You’ve given me some ideas to spruce up our sexual time. I’m very much happy!

  10. Avatar of Ana Drake

    Ana Drake

    What’s on your sexual bucket list? I feel lucky to have been able to live such an open lifestyle full of experiences the past 12 years. What would be your ultimate experience? Don’t be shy.

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