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Olivia Wilde on Living a Fulfilling Life

Olivia Wilde tells Urbanette what makes her tick — and why you should care.


Olivia: I’m really worried. I was raised to question everything. My grandfather was a great journalist and he wrote a book called ‘Believe Nothing Until It Has Been Officially Denied’. We have to make sure that we are questioning what we’re accepting, and remember that it’s our job to be curious citizens. There are so many liberties that we’re willing to sacrifice in the name of security, and that’s a slippery slope. We have to take back the power as much as we can. We have to resist! The truth matters.

As for the next election — you can take 5 minutes out of your day to vote. You had to go right by there on your way to the store anyways. And I think that we shouldn’t just elect a president and wipe your hands like “ok, now I can relax”. To really have change you have to continue operating on a local level. You have to be in touch with your representatives, you have to speak up constantly and stand up for what you believe in — demand it. We can’t just give up. We have to continue to fight. Remember your own power as a citizen. Question everything.

Olivia Wilde on Living a Fulfilling LifeUrbanette: Who is inspiring you to do all of this great advocacy work? Do you have mentors or people that you look up to?

Olivia: It’s everyone from Jeff Bridges to Jennifer Garner. It’s great because all of these people have different experiences but I think they’ve carried themselves with such grace. And they’re a wonderful example for someone like me.

Urbanette: Sounds like you have a special relationship with these people. But is it more of an advice relationship or a hangout relationship — or a little bit of both?

Olivia: I really value those relationships because anytime I’ve been hit by rough times I do have wonderful people I can call and say, “How do you deal with this?” And it’s people I’ve worked with and become close with.

Urbanette: You have two adorable children. What was it like becoming a mother?

Olivia: No one tells you that after you’ve had a baby you are a walking wounded. It’s an experience, for sure. And then there’s all these expectations thrown at you right away; how you’re supposed to bounce back, a lot of them are really unrealistic, and I just kind of had had it. They want you to wear a corset and I’m like ‘what century are we in’?

Urbanette: You also wrote an article called, “The Dos and Don’ts of Turning 30,” about being thirty years old. If you can share one main idea for this article, what would it be?

Olivia: I encouraged women to take advantage of it, to enjoy it, not be ashamed of it or stifle it in any way and to understand that what I said in the article is that now we can act like an 18-year old boy and just be better at everything.

Urbanette: That sounds like fun. In your article, you wrote, “I am so saddened and grossed out by young women who look like creepy, old aliens because of their new Barbie noses and lips.” I agree. It’s sad that society has convinced young women that they need to look a particular way to be attractive.

Olivia: Yeah, there are too many young women who are getting plastic surgery. It makes me sad and they all look the same. And I don’t mean to be preachy, it’s advice to myself as much as it is for everyone else…

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  1. Avatar of Anyssa Delorso

    Anyssa Delorso

    Thanks Urbanette for sharing this interview, I would never have thought she was vegan for such a long time. I’m not vegan, just trying to find people who can inspire me and make my decision easier…
    I’m wondering what was the thing that made her become vegan…If there is one in particular…

  2. Avatar of Janet Roper

    Janet Roper

    How is it possible that she just gets more beautiful as time goes on. Hope that’s how it goes for me! So inspired by her. She’s the definition of elegance!

  3. Avatar of Christina Cavanaugh

    Christina Cavanaugh

    Classy, intelligent, talented and brave… I’d love to be in her shoes just for one day to see what it’s like to have it all…

  4. Avatar of Daisy Clarke

    Daisy Clarke

    I love her movies and she seems like such a nice person. It would be great to meet her one day. 🙂

  5. Avatar of Mari Henderson

    Mari Henderson

    This woman impressed me since I was 12. I’ve never stopped loving her and watching her grow as a person and an actress. Seriously, it’s truly my honor to have had a role model like her. Lots of people aren’t as lucky. 🙂

  6. Avatar of Winona Miller

    Winona Miller

    ? Thank you for taking this interview. I’ve always loved her for her beauty and acting… but everything I read here is absolutely the icing on the cake ?? they couldn’t have picked a better role model to lead the movement!

  7. Avatar of Angelika J. Huntington

    Who could’ve thought she is 34?! She looks at most 25! I don’t know much about her personal life, but what I saw from her publicities makes me absolutely adore her. She is the epitome of class!

  8. Avatar of Monica Conover

    Monica Conover

    A true strong woman and a role model to young girls. As a mother to a daughter, I want her to have role models just like her, showing her that she can be both a strong and feminine woman at the same time who makes choices to reflect her strength and plan her future! ???

  9. Avatar of Joel Bonpensiero

    Peaches and cream, everyone’s dream. 😉 She’s my idea of the perfect woman!

  10. Avatar of Lauraine Neal

    Wow! So she’s all natural? She’s never had any plastic surgery or anything? Kind of hard to believe considering she’s an absolute 10 overall. Lucky her.

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