One-of-a-Kind Pet Getaways

Our top five pet-friendly destinations to give you and your fur baby a rewarding experience.


Salzburg, Austria

On my first Austrian trip, I was amazed at how integrated dogs were in everyday life, from cafés to local markets, pets were always in tow. Salzburg, Austria is especially ideal for pet travel because of its small-town feel with all the historic landmarks and old-world charm you’d hope to find.

One-of-a-Kind Pet Getaways

Indulge your pet with the Hotel Sacher Pets Program.

Stay in the famed Hotel Sacher Salzburg, where pets are treated like royalty with their Sacher Pets Program. A cozy basket bed and custom blanket await each furry guest along with a guide book with pet-friendly local tips and even recipes for gourmet dog food. Leashes in various lengths and bags to clear away dog droppings are available at the reception, and they can even arrange “Dog-Sitters” for you.

The narrow streets of Salzburg, leading up the hill to the classic city center – recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site – will introduce you and your pet to Austrian life, with antique shops, little cafés and local stores to discover. Stop in and indulge in any shop or café that you like and your pet will be warmly welcomed. End your day with an outdoor concert (there’s always one in the city center) celebrating Salzburg’s rich musical history.

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    Reader Discussion: 29 Comments

    1. My baby would definitely enjoy these travels. I swear, next year I’m going to plan a trip for the two of us. I feel like he’ll have more pictures than me but that’s alright! I love my furbaby so much and he deserves to see the world as often as I do. I never thought of these things and there aren’t really a lot of articles like this that share travels to places that are pet friendly. Who knew, traveling isn’t just for humans. It’s also for our fury little ones that are so adorable.

    2. Super adorable article. I currently don’t have new pets because I still can’t get over the death of my pet for a few years now. I’m just scrolling here until I’m ready to adopt a new one.

    3. Juana Gross

      I’m so excited to take my furbaby on a trip. It’s my first time reading something like this and I learned so much! I’m listing down all the places here and we’re going on a travel spree! Wuhoo!

    4. Johanna Kelly

      I never knew there was so much pet friendly places that you can go to. The only problem is that you can only go to those specific places because not all the places there will allow pets.

    5. Erika Burgess

      It’s too much of a hard work to find places that are pet-friendly when you travel. It would be a waste if I can’t come to a nearby shop just because they don’t allow dogs inside. I love my fur baby but I think traveling really far stresses them out. Dogs can take a while to adjust to their environment even if they’re with you. It’s highly suggested that you travel with your dog in places that are not a plane away. Maybe a hour car drive would be enough. Not all dogs feel okay with traveling on a plane for the first time.

      • That’s why the hotels offer dog-sitting and even has recommendations for pet-friendly locations.

    6. Marsha Jennings

      Hotels and places like this should advertise more of their pet-friendly locations. It’s really great!

    7. Nicole Ramos

      I wonder if pets really do enjoy traveling? My dog hates car trips already. I can’t imagine putting him on a flight.

    8. Lena Tamburini

      I didn’t know that Austria is so pet friendly. I would love to take my baby Roxy there!

    9. Other dogs love the beach but how come my dog is like a cat and dislikes water so friggin’ much??? ?

    10. I have been to Austria before. Never have I ever seen so many fur parents in 1 location. I had a grand of a time there. really worth the travel.

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