8 Popular Travel Scams You Should Know About

Don’t let these clever scams ruin your vacation.


Sketchy Cab Drivers

A common scam vacationers run into is the cabbie who insists on unloading your bags for you from the trunk, appears in a rush and is gone in a flash after handling your bags. It’s only after you’re left in the dust that you realize one of your bags is missing. Or worse, the minute you get out, the cabbie drives off with your luggage in the trunk. Get the driver’s name, cab # and company during the ride so you’re prepared if something goes awry. If you’re with a companion, have him or her grab your bags while you stay in the back seat. Or keep your bags with you in the back seat and dodge his sticky fingers altogether.

8 Popular Travel Scams You Should Know About

Be weary of these guys handling your luggage

“CD Bullies”

It wouldn’t be a trip to the Big Apple without someone trying to hawk something for you to buy. Typically a “no thank you” works but sometimes things can escalate. A good example is Times Square’s so-called “CD bullies”. They hand you a “free” copy of their CD and will even autograph it for you– how nice, right? Yet it’s not until it’s already in your hands that the aspiring rapper will demand 10 bucks and refuse to take it back, with the help of his intimidating friends on cue. If you get stuck in this NYC trap, just gently place the CD on the ground and flee the scene.

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Reader Discussion: 128 Comments

  1. Avatar of Claire Martinez

    Claire Martinez

    I would just add that in a lot of countries, taxi drivers are just charging a lot more because you’re a tourist and they’re aware that you don’t know the prices there. So ask a local to book your taxi or someone that knows the country very well.

  2. Avatar of Sandra Walling

    Sandra Walling

    There was this kind cab driver, and I ask for his phone number so that I can easily contact him when I need I ride. He has been my driver for almost 2 years now 🙂

  3. Avatar of Mary Shirley

    Mary Shirley

    Those crazy CD bullies! It happened to me, one time. I threw his CD back to him! I was like, Dude, I don’t even know you!

    • Avatar of Mira Kent

      Mira Kent

      Haha! I love your come back to that dude! ?

  4. Avatar of Bernice Miles

    Bernice Miles

    You should always have phone records in case of emergencies. Aside from your phone contacts, you should have a phone book.

  5. Avatar of Cindy Simon

    Cindy Simon

    Oh, scammers! They’ll do anything just to have some easy money from people. Why don’t they just find a decent job!

  6. Avatar of Sharon Novak

    Sharon Novak

    Paris. This is a sad news to read that there are a lot of scammers in the city of love 🙁

  7. Avatar of Delores Mullen

    Delores Mullen

    I’m sad by those fake baby scams. You’re going to help that lady and yet they’ll be taking advantage of that kindness that you’ve shown.?

  8. Avatar of Ann Amos

    Ann Amos

    I’ve never liked traveling alone. I can travel alone as long as the trip will be by a group. I prefer that than being alone, by myself, in a strange place I don’t know.

  9. Avatar of John Lineberger

    John Lineberger

    I’m gonna share this with my girlfriend because she and her family loves to travel. It’s better to know about this and be careful than be sorry at a later time.

  10. Avatar of Donna Mack

    Donna Mack

    Poor camels! Those Egyptians should be the one who’s TAKING CARE of them since they’re making use of them.

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