7 Reasons to Visit Puerto Escondido

Join me on a tour of this rambunctious jalapeno of a surf town!


To Party Like a Rock Star at Rockaway

If you’re looking to party with a beach-scene backdrop, Puerto Escondido is a great place to get your dance on for a few nights. It has lively bars, a couple of rowdy night clubs, as well as beach parties. The most lively times to visit are the religious holidays, from December 20th to January 5th and Easter weekend, when people from all over Mexico descend on Puerto Escondido to rage well into the dawn. The summers belong to foreigners, particularly in July, when a large influx of Australian surfers hit the beach.

7 Reasons to Visit Puerto Escondido

The pool area at Hotel Rockaway

The most party-centric hotel in town is Hotel Rockaway. It has a Miami-meets-Greece feel to it; the rooms are modern, minimal and white; the floors are stylishly stained concrete; the walls are white stucco. The hotel is so close to several active nightspots that you won’t even need your own music — the area’s DJ’s play plenty loud enough to lend their tunes to the party in your hotel room — alllll night (bring good earplugs!).

7 Reasons to Visit Puerto Escondido

The Penthouse at Hotel Rockaway in Puerto Escondido

The suite you’ll want to reserve is the penthouse, which comes with a private pool and a phenomenal view. If a rock star were to visit Puerto Escondido, this is where they’d stay. I can imagine plenty of people “makin’ it rain” in this “baller” suite. Not only is it by far the most private accommodation at Rockaway (the others all have balconies that face the other rooms), but you’ll be glad for the private pool mid-day.

7 Reasons to Visit Puerto Escondido

The Penthouse’s private pool at Hotel Rockaway in Puerto Escondido

The suite is so complete, in fact, with its kitchen, living room, soaker tub, outdoor lounge area and a pool that overlooks the ocean, that you may find you rarely want to leave. It has a thatch roof, great lighting, and interesting art on the walls.

7 Reasons to Visit Puerto Escondido

The Penthouse suite, with its patio and private pool, is great for entertaining

And whether you’re hungover or not, room service at Rockaway is simply delicious — we highly recommend the guacamole and mahi mahi, as well as their smoothies.

7 Reasons to Visit Puerto Escondido

Room Service at Hotel Rockaway in Puerto Escondido

And to recover from all that partying, check out this next reason to visit:

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Reader Discussion: 114 Comments

  1. Carolyn Watkins

    Is there anything better than sitting on the beach and watching the sunset?? There are a couple of beaches to enjoy watching the sun go down. Playa Zicatela and Playa Carrizalillo. Ahhhhh ☀️

  2. Lynette Dixon

    Many places claim to be the world’s best surfing beach but Puerto Escondido’s Palaya Zicatela would make it to the top ten. Even if you don’t surf,when you see the beach you will want to try it!

    • That’s good you don’t have to limit yourself when you’re in PE! make the most of our stay!

  3. Elsa Walton

    This is in my top 10 list to go to this year that’s why I am really doing a lot of research about the place and glad you wrote something about this town. Awesome!

  4. Courtney Warner

    If you’re planning to go to a place you’ve never been before, it’s best to do some research first,about reviews, tourist spots to visit and a place to stay. so when you go there you won’t spend too much time looking.


    Relaxing days on the beach, long nights partying, shopping in the night makter and big waves! This town really has something for everyone.

    • Patricia Butler

      Aww I missed this place, the photos bring back memories! Hop to come back soon.

  6. Deanna Harper

    Escondido has all from kayaking, boating, bird-watching, and swimming in phosphorescent waters. You might wanna try as well.

  7. Ramona Hampton

    I loved the beach, it’s sun, sunsets and waves. Perfect for surfing.

    • I’ve heard about this town from a friend and seeing this photos and reviews makes me want o book a ticket now!

  8. Best place to go to for a quick weekend getaway and surf all day!

  9. DONNA

    I didn’t know this is also a good destination for surfing. Cool!

    • P.E. is more than just having the prettiest beaches, you should not forget to go to the night market as well!

  10. Leona Palmer

    It’s the best summer destination. Thanks Urbanette for featuring my favorite town ?

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