Where to Find the Romance Hidden in Mexico City

5 uber-romantic spots in this incredible city.


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Where to Find the Romance Hidden in Mexico City

The view, looking out to the street, from the entrance to The Downtown

If you’re looking for a romantic home base in Mexico City, look no further than the Downtown Mexico Hotel on the cobbled streets of Mexico City’s Centro Historico Borough. The Downtown is one of the oldest residences in the neighborhood, and its 17 rooms and suites were meticulously and beautifully renovated to maintain the indigenous culture and colonial style while adding luxurious modern conveniences.

Where to Find the Romance Hidden in Mexico City

Just one of the courtyard restaurants at Downtown

You can’t help but fall in love while sipping a cocktail in their starry-lit magical-feeling main courtyard restaurant, or while dining on the majestic breakfast patio. The food is world-class, but at Mexico City prices (ie. less than you would expect).

Where to Find the Romance Hidden in Mexico City

The rooftop bar and lounge at Downtown Hotel

Not only does Downtown have a two uber-romantic courtyard restaurants, but it also has a trendy rooftop restaurant and bar (with an adjoining pool and loungers), and several other smaller bars and shops, all with a cool Brooklyn vibe, on the second-floor mezzanine, overlooking the courtyard.

Where to Find the Romance Hidden in Mexico City

One of the two courtyard restaurants, open to the sky, and the second floor shops, bars and cafes. The third floor is hotel suites.

Be sure to reserve the Revolution Suite, which has a private balcony, bathtub and rain shower, and overlooks the breathtaking patio and gardens.

Where to Find the Romance Hidden in Mexico City

I stayed in the Revolution Suite at Downtown Hotel while I was in Mexico City

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Reader Discussion: 49 Comments

  1. Avatar of Monica Geller

    Aside from the scary gang members, The rampant cab kidnappers, theft and so much more crime in Mexico City. What else is romantic about it?

  2. Avatar of Genesis White

    Genesis White

    Any place is romantic, You just need the right person for it. Basically anywhere anytime with the right person, the moment will be perfect.

  3. Avatar of Sasha Smith

    Sasha Smith

    Mexico City was like the younger, more rebellious sibling of New York City.
    The energy and life that buzzes through the city at all hours of the night and day; the world-class museums, art galleries, and restaurants; the vast green parks; the gridlocked traffic and zooming taxis; the businessmen and women that move with such purpose; the hipster cafes…and the hipsters themselves.

  4. Avatar of Gina Mehari

    Mexico City sounds great – I have never been, but I have been to many other places in central amercia which I loved. I stayed in downtown Cancun for a week so I could do a PADI course about 8 years ago and loved the mexican food!

  5. Avatar of Jodie Carpenter

    Ahh I reeeeally want to go. I have a friend from there who has been on at me for years to visit. It’s definitely up there on the list.

  6. Avatar of Summer Rosie Ferrel

    i definitely agree that mexico city is HIGHLY underrated. i havent been in a few years and must get myself back there! they had a quirky cafe culture and an affinity for craft beer which i also loved.

  7. Avatar of Christina Cavanaugh

    Christina Cavanaugh

    So grateful for this post! I’ve been here for a week and I’m here for another four because I love it so much. The food, the museums, the parks, the monuments, the markets…Your post couldn’t come at a better time! Great recommendations, excited to try the restaurants!

  8. Avatar of Brenda Nelson

    Brenda Nelson

    I’d say what is said of violence and theft are highly exaggerated since Mexico City is actually one of the safest cities of Mexico. Of course, as any other big city there are places to avoid, but in general, it’s a great place to enjoy for days and days. Beautiful architecture, rich history, awesome food! I loved the photos and the story! It is a city that never keeps the same as before, and every time you come you will discover extraordinary new things. I’m glad you had a good experience.

  9. Avatar of Deborah Henry

    Deborah Henry

    I was also so intimidated by Mexico City. It was the first stop for us on a 7 month trip through Latin America. I spent 3 days there but what I saw was really beautiful and diverse, I only wish that I could have gone there after spending a while in other parts of the country first to gain my confidence. I will definitely return to explore some of the vibrant neighbourhoods and the food scene. Thanks for the great post ?

  10. Avatar of Nancy Musselman

    Nancy Musselman

    Love Mexico City, especially on Sundays when most of the museums are free! I was also amazed that Chapultepec Zoo was world-class and absolutely free… desire to see a panda bear, now satiated! Thanks, Hilary and Mike ?

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