St. Moritz Travel Journal

Relaxation, pampering, and adventure merge in Switzerland’s uber-expensive winter playland.


The best (vegan) meal we’ve ever tasted

I’m honestly not exaggerating when I said that it’s worth the trip to St. Moritz just to have dinner at Da Vittorio (which is in The Carlton Hotel). With a Michelin star and 17 Gault & Millau points, expect to have the meal of a lifetime in this glitzy restaurant. They have three menus: vegan, vegetarian, and traditional, each with a 5 or 7-course culinary journey full of surprises.

Every dish we were served was displayed as a different kind of unique artwork. From delicious Amuse Bouches to an other-worldly wine list, you won’t go wrong at this eatery featuring two of the world’s most creative chefs, brothers Enrico and Roberto Cerea. Their Michelin-star creations are redefining what the term “fine dining” means. Every detail is considered, right down to the Zalto wine glasses.

St. Moritz Travel Journal

The decor in Da Vittorio St. Moritz is meant to mimic nature so it blends with the trees outside the giant windows

St. Moritz Travel Journal - Da Vittorio St Moritz s

Each course was paired with an incredible biodynamic wine

St. Moritz Travel Journal

This box of truffles filled the room with their scent. I can’t even imagine what this many truffles would cost!

St. Moritz Travel Journal - Da Vittorio St Moritz 3

The dishes were full of perfectly complimentary flavors

St. Moritz Travel Journal - Da Vittorio St Moritz 4

Delicate and delicious dessert. This meal could not have been any better!

St. Moritz Travel Journal

After dinner sweets

St. Moritz Travel Journal

My hubby (a Forbes food journalist) and the chef in the kitchen of Da Vittorio

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Reader Discussion: 86 Comments

  1. Avatar of Doreen Carlson

    Doreen Carlson

    I really agree. The mountain ranges here looks really stunning and quite a rare sight in a world full of skyscrapers.

  2. Avatar of Myrtle Bailey

    Myrtle Bailey

    This is the type of vacation people need when they’re really stressed and just want to get away from the city life.

  3. Avatar of Sandy Green

    Sandy Green

    The views here are really priceless. I was really stunned by how the mountains look and even the rivers are just so clean.

  4. Avatar of Shirley Haynes

    Shirley Haynes

    I’m stunned by the look of this place in St. Moritz. I’m going to show this to my hubby and ask if he wants to go here.

  5. Avatar of Kathryn Hill

    Kathryn Hill

    Been there to Carlton hotel a couple of years ago and it’s very worth the money. I had so much fun just by staying at the hotel, even if I didn’t want to participate in outdoor activities because I was just too cold and I wanted to be wrapped up in blankets. The place was really good and service was amazing, I was fine with ordering room service, feeling like a princess in the process. It wasn’t all that bad, I felt at home but just something more luxurious and better. But the Carlton in St. Moritz is the place to be.

  6. Avatar of Ebony Moore

    Ebony Moore

    Their menus look like it’s for an ancient princess.?

    • Avatar of Kristina Ramsey

      Kristina Ramsey

      It actually sounded like she was so disappointed with the food.

  7. Avatar of Ora Pope

    Ora Pope

    The interior designers of most of the places here are really talented. Everything looks good in that hotel. The bed is just…. I dunno I’m speechless!

  8. Avatar of Erica Beck

    Erica Beck

    Hikes usually give me vertigo too. I thought that was just me, but that hike view is so beautiful and breathtaking. I haven’t been there but I’ve fallen in love with the place almost immediately.

  9. Avatar of Tasha Daniel

    Tasha Daniel

    100% going to book a flight here. I think it’s a really lovely place and whatever money you’re going to spend here will be worth it. It may be a lot of money but with all the positive and good reviews about this place, I think it’s really worth it and just enjoy the place as it is. I also think that vacations are good because it’s all about the experience. Money can’t buy happiness but this is definitely something that money can buy but leads to GREAT happiness! Put this on your bucketlist and tell yourself that it’s a once in a lifetime thing! ❤️

  10. Avatar of Jessi


    Whoa that spa is looking so nice and zen.?

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