Behind Strip Club Bachelor Parties

7 helpful guidelines to use as replies when your guy tells you he’s attending a strip club bachelor party.


2. Overpriced Booze

Behind Strip Club Bachelor Parties

Strip clubs are going to poach patrons for every dime with overpriced beer and liquor.  Stroke your guy’s ego and remind your guy how much you appreciate how hard he works and you don’t want to see that money go to waste.  Offer to contribute to your guy’s special night and show support of his guy-time by setting up a tab at his favorite watering hole for the first part of the night.  He will love you forever when he realizes you are in support of something that is all about him!

3. The Stripper Sob Story

Most strippers tend to lie about their background and current economic situation.  Playing on sympathies and using sexual enticement to do it is what strippers do best.  After all, they’re there to empty your pockets (or credit card), and they’ve been trained on a slew of manipulations to get there.  Tell your sweetie you don’t want him getting swindled and looking like a fool in front of his friends; boost his ego and let him know you know he’s too smart to fall for something like that!

Behind Strip Club Bachelor Parties

Strippers are real people with real dreams and real needs; but what strip club patron wants to think of their sex doll as somebody’s sister or mother?!

4. Her Name is Jennifer, not Cookie!

Strippers use aliases because real names would humanize strippers, immediately striking any preconceived fantasy a patron has upon visiting the strip club.  Patrons come with expectations that their fantasies will be fulfilled… but fulfilled by a sexy doll-like fantasy object, not a ‘real’ person.  Strippers are real people with real dreams and real needs; but what strip club patron wants to think of their sex doll as somebody’s sister or mother?!  Ask your man how he would feel if it were you dancing on a pole trying to make your way in the world?  Watch him gear up into protective mode, and see his perspective change!

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  1. Avatar of Zenab Bello-Osagie

    Exploring new options for a bachelor party is a good idea. Having an adventure would be more memorable and special than any strip club. If you want to have someone strip for you, then your wife can, not cookie, sugar, or sweetness. Take a trip somewhere fun or exotic. Just because this is supposed to be your “last day of freedom”, it doesn’t mean you have to spend it with naked women.

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