Behind Strip Club Bachelor Parties

7 helpful guidelines to use as replies when your guy tells you he’s attending a strip club bachelor party.


5. Don’t Fall in Love!

Behind Strip Club Bachelor PartiesMr. Bachelor can tell his friends that they better wake up if they think a stripper will reciprocate any feelings – because she won’t.  She is just there to entertain.  Remind your honey that the stripper isn’t there to fall in love with him, or anybody for that matter.  Remember Jennifer?  Reality is that she either came from the forced sex slavery trade (which is a whole other discussion), or has a boyfriend (and probably a child) at home that she’s planning on marrying… as soon as she makes enough money at the strip club to pay for the wedding.  Your fiancee will quickly see that “Jennifer” is not so appealing after all.

6. Buy a Condom, Just in Case…?

Reality check, please.  Condom machines in the restroom are screaming the lie that the stripper may or may not decide she wants to sleep with strip club patrons!  They’re yet another strip-club manipulation tactic to empty patrons’ pockets!  Tell your fiancée that you are pretty sure neither of you are up for exploring STDs and that if it’s sex he is wanting, well, you will be happy to fulfill his fantasies!  Have some fun and role play with one another – you just might get to show off your pole dancing skills!

7. Bouncers Bounce 

Bouncers are in clubs to prevent trouble and ‘bounce’ you out at the first sign of trouble.  Men think strip clubs are venues to excuse themselves of decent and respectful behavior.  Thus, men act like idiots while being overly intoxicated and sexually charged.  Not a good combination, but a great way to get kicked out of the club.  Tell your man you don’t want that handsome face rearranged; you have to many kisses waiting for his cute self when he gets home!

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    1. Avatar of Zenab Bello-Osagie

      Exploring new options for a bachelor party is a good idea. Having an adventure would be more memorable and special than any strip club. If you want to have someone strip for you, then your wife can, not cookie, sugar, or sweetness. Take a trip somewhere fun or exotic. Just because this is supposed to be your “last day of freedom”, it doesn’t mean you have to spend it with naked women.

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