The Shocking Truth About Sugar (and Cocaine)

Having memory issues? Aging faster than you’d like? You need to read this.


How to combat the toxic effects of sugar

One way you can combat this is to eat lots of organic vegetables. They contain the Vitamin C and Zinc that helps your body create new collagen and keeps your skin from aging. Vitamin E (an antioxidant that sunlight depletes in our skin) is also important. Add to that six cold-processed flax oil capsules daily, for Omega 3’s and brain health. And put some organic olive oil and freshly ground flaxseed on your salad to help resist the sun and prevent skin damage. It steadies our blood sugar and helps control the free radicals that damage our skin.

The Shocking Truth About Sugar (and Cocaine)

The most effective way to prevent skin aging and sugar related health problems is to minimize sugar intake in your meals. Some diets cut sugar out completely, but since we need at least a little natural sugar in our bodies, take consume it in moderation (preferably through fruit). In the end, feeling healthy and smart is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

How to control sugar cravings

Fitness expert Kayla Itsines has some great tips for weaning yourself off of sugar:

The Less (Junk Food) You Eat, The Less You Will Crave:
Whilst this isn’t exactly a tip, I thought I would share it for good measure. Research has shown that the less junk food you eat, the less you will crave it. This may be because you aren’t exposed to the artificial ingredients that lead you to crave it more. If you gradually start to cut junk food from your diet, you can begin to notice yourself craving it less and less, especially if you are eating a wide variety of nutritional foods.

Manage Your Stress
When talking about cravings, I think it is really important to look at how you manage your stress. For many people, there is a direct correlation between being stressed and eating junk food, and they may not even realize it. Being stressed can cause certain parts of the brain to release specific chemicals such as opiates and neuropeptide Y, which can trigger cravings for fat and sugar. Next time you are feeling stressed or have had a long day, take a moment to reflect back on it and think about what you feel like. Do you chow down on a few pieces of chocolate to take the edge off? Whilst this is okay once in a while, if you use food as a means of coping with stress, you could be eating junk food everyday and not realizing the impact it is having on your body. Instead, try to replace eating junk foods with deep breathing techniques, exercise, meditation and distracting yourself.

Variety is KEY
This is one of my biggest tips! Many people want to cut junk food out of their diet and clean up their eating, but they literally can’t get salad and tuna out of their minds. It is SO important to eat a variety of foods so that you don’t get bored. If you crave crunchy potato chips with dip, swap these for carrots and hummus and if you love brownies find a recipe that is refined sugar free and made with natural ingredients. There is absolutely no reason healthy eating has to be boring, it will just take a bit more time than buying pre-packaged versions. Create a Pinterest board where you can store all of your favorite healthy eating recipes so you always have inspiration. Also remember to stock up your pantry with various herbs and spices so you can add flavor to anything. If you always use the same four ingredients in your salads, switch it up! Go to the fruit and veg aisle and try things you have never had before, this is how you make it exciting.

Remind Yourself of How You Will Feel
Next time a craving hits, take the time to figure out how you will feel after. This goes for both if you indulge in the craving, or if you are strong enough to ignore it. If you indulge in it, but really don’t want to, chances are you will be left feeling guilty and/or sick. I personally don’t like to focus on negative feelings and prefer to focus on the positive ones instead. I like to remind myself about how proud I will feel once the craving has passed and I don’t feel lethargic and bloated. Regardless, try and take that minute’s pause to really figure out if you want to go through with satisfying that craving or not.

The Shocking Truth About Sugar (and Cocaine)

Don’t Deprive Yourself
Ever heard the saying “you want something more when you can’t have it”? Sometimes cravings work like this as well. The more we try to convince ourselves we can’t have something, the more appealing it looks. Instead of totally deciding something is off the cards forever, tell yourself you can have it later. This way you are tricking your brain into thinking you are still going to eat that thing, and chances are by the time the craving passes, you won’t want it anyway.

Don’t Buy Unhealthy Foods
This is a really important one! I know so many people who still buy chocolate bars because they store them ready for ‘treat day’. Out of sight, out of mind is the way I like to look at it. If you don’t have something to tempt you in the first place, you are less likely to eat it. If you have a craving for a chocolate bar, if it is in your cupboard you are more likely to reach for it. If the chocolate bar wasn’t in the cupboard, there is the extra effort of having to go get one that may stop you from indulging altogether.

Always Have Healthy Options on Hand
Sometimes we can’t help it, we want something sweet or salty. Try to keep healthy options near you if possible, so that when a craving hits you can easily eat something else to satisfy it. For example, keep protein balls and raw slices in the fridge and natural tortilla chips in the cupboard so that if you really want to indulge you can, just in a healthier way. I always have apples and bananas in my fruit bowl at home. These are great for snacking on when you are feeling peckish.

Eat Wholesome Meals Throughout The Day
Many times cravings can sneak up on you when you are hungry. I recommend eating 3-5 wholesome meals daily that are filled with natural ingredients. This can help to keep you feeling full and satisfied throughout the day, and potentially reduce cravings. Regular intake of both complex carbohydrates and lean protein is also important, because it can help keep your blood sugar levels stable and your appetite satiated.

I hope these few tips have helped, girls. What are some of your favorite ways to get rid of cravings?

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Reader Discussion: 118 Comments

  1. Alyssa Palma

    I can’t stop eating sugar. I’ve tried several times and every try was the same: I feel so bad physically and mentally, I cry and can’t sleep or eat or do anything I just want something sweet so bad that I start drinking cups of honey and end by biting chocolate anyway.

  2. Shanna Avery

    I used to drink coca-cola every single day (I’d have a headache if I didn’t) sometimes even for the breakfast. Until I went to the dentist and had to fix nearly every tooth and even remove one. After that, I am scared to go around this soda. Now working on breaking my addiction from chocolate and pastry.

  3. Brittney Cavalier

    Stopped smoking, nail-biting and drinking pop but damn I can’t quit my sugar addiction.

  4. Amy Bolden

    I am extremely addicted to sugar. Since 2015 I’ve had it quite stressful, and so, my solution became food. I’ve always been addicted to light soda (like Cola Zero and now; Pepsi Max), but it’s evolved to the extreme since October 2016 and I feel sluggish, tired and sick every single day because of my sugar addiction. When I try to eat healthier and avoid gluten or carbs (pasta, rice, bread, potatoes) I get physically ill after a short amount of time. It’s even worse when I try to stop drinking soda all the time. I get dizzy, feel nauseous, I get the worst headache and it feels as if my body won’t work. I also get easily distracted and can’t focus when I am like this, and I get easily irritated. I know people who have been addicted to drugs of which I’d think would’ve been worse than just sugar, and I feel as though they were better than me overcoming THEIR addiction than what I am with my sugar intake. It stresses me out to the extreme, and if I could afford it, I would get a personal trainer and nutritionist to help me out. I actually WISH there were some sort of course or boot camp where I live to break sugar addiction and overweight and stuff. The fun part is that I’m tall, so I’m not SICKLY overweight just yet, but I HAVE gained over 20 pounds in under a year, which isn’t really good. I’ve gained about 60 pounds in 3 years, but I WAS struggling with depression and eating disorder three years ago, but have had a normal weight until last year. Thanks for this article! Hopefully, I’ll get through this and lose weight and be healthy again!

  5. Kari Velazquez

    I had a really bad sugar addiction but one day I said to my self I will stop and it worked ( after the 10 time )

  6. Mildred Thai

    If you want to help yourself, get yourself into a challenge for a week and then you won’t need sugar anymore.

  7. Dawn Scott

    Why the fuck do you need to stop eating sugar????????? People are always looking for simple health solutions. There are none, it is about balance.

  8. Denise McCoy

    Soooo me, can’t stop having soda, energy drinks, chocolate, and cookies, Even if I workout and diet I always fail and drink soda and eat crap of candy. My addiction is strong

  9. Beatrice Schnabel

    Sugar is healthy for your soul don’t listen to her.

  10. Michelle Fisher

    I really want to break my sugar addiction. I’m so unhappy about it. I hide it from people. No one knows how bad it is.

    • Kristen Wright

      Please know that you CAN break it. and it might be easier for you if you have a friend to do it with you, that way you can support each other. the first step is to NOT BUY SUGARS. sounds easy and simple but if it is not in your house, you can’t eat it. maybe try drinking a herbal tea every time you want some candy. if you still want candy afterward, have one piece of fruit, at least it is natural sugar. you can do this!!

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