How To Avoid Being Taken For Granted

He still loves you. Here’s how to get him to show it.


Let’s face it, ladies. After the sexy honeymoon phase and the initial butterflies, the dynamics in a relationship are bound to change with time. The longer you remain in a relationship, the more likely you are to hit a point where he (or she) takes you for granted.

How To Avoid Being Taken For Granted

The honeymoon phase won’t last forever…. unless you put effort in!

No need to freak out just yet though. This isn’t reason enough to assume that he doesn’t love you anymore. Rather, his behavior may simply indicate that he views you as a staple in his life, someone he knows he can count on. Your job, however, is to remind him that even if you are, it doesn’t excuse him from putting in effort to make you feel valued.

To prevent the relationship from further cementing itself into a monotonous routine, give these first-hand tips a try:

1) Change it up

Do you feel like he (or she) isn’t putting any effort into the relationship? His (probably subconscious) reasoning for why he acts the way he does can most likely be attributed to the fact that your routine with him has already been set. For example, you may meet on the same evenings or days each week, get take-out from the same restaurant and watch the same shows on Hulu. While that may feel comfortable, it would be a surprise to find anyone who wouldn’t get bored with the regularity of never-changing plans.

How To Avoid Being Taken For Granted

Try suggesting new places to eat, spend an evening outdoors, go to a concert, or get a group of friends together. Aim to do something new or different once every week or week and a half. Make a pact to surprise each other at least once a month with secret and romantic date night plans.

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Reader Discussion: 197 Comments

  1. Avatar of Shiwali Jain

    Hello Sarah ! Thanks for sharing an article on such an important and complicated topic. This blog really helps every couple to live a happy and lovely life.

  2. Avatar of Dawn Wong

    Dawn Wong

    What you need to do is to lie down on the floor. Curl yourself on the fetal position. Try not to cry. Then cry a lot. Don’t forget to play Sia’s “Taken for Granted” on the background. LOL!

  3. Avatar of Grace Reyes

    Grace Reyes

    Since I am not a confrontational person, I give my husband the “silent treatment” whenever I feel like suddenly becoming on the last of his list of priorities. And it usually works for me!

    • Avatar of Shelley Gibbs

      Shelley Gibbs

      Yeah! I do that, too. And it makes me feel in control.

  4. Avatar of Grace Haggard

    Grace Haggard

    If a guy takes you for granted, you should start getting scared because it’s either he’s taking care of somebody else already, or that he doesn’t care about you anymore.

  5. Avatar of Inez Knight

    Inez Knight

    It’s emotionally draining when you feel like you are becoming a “beggar” for his attention. It’s a terrible experience, and all sorts of crazy thoughts and suspicions pop out and cloud your mind! It made me paralyzed within. That is no way to treat a woman!!!

  6. Avatar of Sharon Reese

    Sharon Reese

    I alwyas give time to do my own thing and allow my husband to do his. That way, we have something to talk about when we spend time together, and it also serves as an opportunity to make us both curious about each other’s activities.

  7. Avatar of Elle Edwards

    In my lifetime that consisted of a lot of heartbreaks, I noticed that you never have to beg for something that a person knows that you deserve. It will be given to you without you asking. I also think that if you treat yourself as a queen, you will be treated like a queen. If you let yourself be treated like shit, then you’ll get that treatment, definitely. Respect yourself enough to be respected. I think a lot of women should know this because not everyone knows their worth.

    • Avatar of Cristina Clarke

      Cristina Clarke

      100% agree with this. If you know your worth and what you deserve, you’ll only receive what you think you know you deserve. You’ll have no time for those who offer you less.

      • Avatar of Margaret Hawkins

        Margaret Hawkins

        I wish it’s as easy as saying that you really do deserve the best. Sometimes we have no choice but to lower our standards because we love a person.

  8. Avatar of Kristine Lucas

    Kristine Lucas

    Most of the time, we jump into conclusions too quickly. But it will help to give our partners some “benefit of the doubt.” Maybe he or she is also struggling with some personal difficulties and is hesitating to share the burden with you. Again, communication is the key to know how to manage the situation well.

  9. Avatar of Maureen Owen

    Maureen Owen

    It hurts that there’s nothing permanent in this world. People change and feelings change. We just have to hope that it’s for the better and not for the worst.

  10. Avatar of Jae Medina

    A lot of your recent articless resonate with my situation and I appreciate your wisdom. Thank you so much! ❤️

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