Top 12 Dating Tips

Follow these tips to get you from ‘Hello’ to ‘I Do!’


9. Be reliable… do not flake. Following through is the key to success.

When a man calls you, call him back within 48 hours of his call. He is most likely calling you to ask you out. If you hesitate he will go onto the next girl. Men have more than one woman that they are dating so be the girl that he connects with first and most likely you will get Saturday night out of him…the number one position in his playbook.

Top 12 Dating Tips

10. Qualify the buyer.

For every four questions a man asks you, ask him one, but ask questions in a light breezy way that would show you what type of character he is. For example: where do you see yourself in five years? The family man will say married, with kids and very happy. If he asks buyer questions of you, like: do you want to get married? Answer truthfully. You may ask him less informal ones in order to see where he stands on commitment issues. A good question is: at what age do you see yourself married? Or how long do you think you should date a person before you get engaged? A man generally does not lie when asked casually as he just met you and is not so invested in the relationship yet.

11. Do not date a man more than a year.

If by nine months no talk of marriage has come up freely by this man you can safely assume he’s not the marrying kind. But do not fear just yet, let him know calmly about your time-table and don’t bring it up again. On the anniversary of the first year let him know the year has been fun but you don’t see eye to eye on the future with him. Then wish him well and leave. If he is your guy you can bet he won’t be gone for long and a ring is not too far behind…good men know good women are hard to come by.

12. Do not live with a man prior to marriage.

It kills the romance and if the man lives rent free than, as they say, why should he buy the house? You may accept a ring and move in only if the wedding date is set, both families have met and wedding plans are in full swing.

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  1. Marguerite Poole

    This is engaging and I will remember these tips always and apply them on my next date.

  2. Mamie Alvarado

    Thanks Urbanette for having Sarah share with us the best dating tips.

  3. Alicia Parker

    I want to highlight tip #8 here. Ladies, we should have control and never ever do it on your first date, bec the guy might think that you’re too easy to get and worse you do it with all the men you date and you don’t respect yourself.

  4. Diane Simon

    Sometimes, dating also comes with a heartbreak. If you treat dating and love like a game, someone or both of you will end up the loser. It won’t hurt to get a few tips from an expert.

  5. Lula Burton

    When it comes to dating tips for women, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why, hearing it from an expert like Sarah Woodstock could be a blessing in disguise and you will realize that you’re actually ready for something more.serious.

  6. Megan Hamilton

    Another amazing work of Sarah!

  7. Anne Rios

    Thank you Sarah for sharing these tips. Loved the article. I’ve been getting insights from different people about how a dating should go or what not, but this actually helped me realize that things may not work in your favor but having this as a guide can somehow help you gauge if the person you’re dating is goood for you.

  8. Freda Miles

    This is timely, because I’m currently dating this guy for weeks now and I’m just wondering how far this will go.

  9. Kathryn Matthews

    Personally, Dating should not have any rules, but you should at least know your boundaries.

  10. Myra Jordan

    I will follow these tips because Sarah knows best! lol

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