Travel Tips for Frequent Travelers

Some very useful, time-saving and happiness-increasing travel hacks.


As I write this, I’m crammed into a tiny economy seat on a sold-out American Airlines flight because yesterday’s flight got cancelled and everything was pretty much sold out. As many frequent travelers know, and I’ve certainly been reminded over the years, there are huge differences between airlines, first class cabins, and airplanes.

Travel Tips for Frequent Travelers

Below are my preferences and tips, based on my experiences so far:

  • After you book a hotel stay, Earny will use your confirmation email to track for price drops. When they find a lower price, they’ll let you know how to rebook at the lower rate. Earny also has access to exclusive hotel deals plus 5% cash-back.
  • I bring my Travel Berkey wherever I travel so I can avoid the hassle of needing to buy overpriced water and all those nasty plastic toxins. Plus, it’s eco-friendly.
  • Four Sigma organic coffee packets are great for travel because you just mix them with hot water and presto — the perfect cup of delicious coffee. #JustSayNoToCrapCoffee
  • Non-toxic sanitizing wipes are oh-so-necessary for germophobes like me. I use them to clean the tray table on the airplane, wipe down the doorknobs and toilet in my hotel room, and keep from getting sick by wiping my hands after being in public spaces.
  • The Blinkist, Audible, and Kindle apps are lifesavers on trips where you don’t have access to watch movies.
  • I use this infrared neck warming wrap to help me relax and sleep. It’s light and compact, and it keeps my neck from getting stiff.
  • Here’s a list of my best packing hacks and tips.
  • While still at home on fast wifi, pre-download Audible books, Netflix movies, and music tracks onto your phone (Spotify allows for this). I also download tracks to help me sleep, white noise, and meditation tracks.
  • I make sure to familiarize myself with the latest travel scams ahead of time.
  • Remember to buy and bring extra batteries for your camera (so you don’t end up lugging your dead camera around and miss some great photo ops) and extra converter — or three.
  • There is one way you can guarantee yourself an extra spacious room without extra fees: Ask for a corner room. Because of the way many hotels are built, corner rooms end up being slightly larger than other rooms without technically being categorized as fancier luxury suites. In other words, those guests in the corner rooms paid less per square foot than the ones in the middle of the hallway, and they’re farther from the noisy elevators and more likely to have extra windows and a good view from at least one side.
  • Renting a car? Not only does AutoSlash help you find the best car-rental prices by using coupons, discount codes and your club memberships (think AAA), they’ll also track your rental after you make a reservation and re-book it if the price drops.
  • Hotel booking sites like Rocketmiles and Pointshound offer lucrative mileage bonuses alongside their room rates. When searching for accommodation, enter the airline loyalty program you’d like to collect miles in, and both websites will present you up with a list of hotel options and quotes on the miles you’ll earn during your stay. These sites run promotions on the regular and new users can often get additional miles for their first stay.

Travel Tips for Frequent Travelers

Air Travel Hacks & Tips:

  • Look into the best American credit cards. Cancel your AMEX (since they force you to redeem your points through their website with inflated prices)! Learn to travel-hack using points and track them in Award Wallet. I have three cards that I use for specific purchases, to maximize the points I accumulate (I get 3 points per $ or 3% cash back on pretty much everything now). This works out to a lot of free travel, and I can book it on any website I want and just get reimbursed via my points.
  • Get Global Entry & TSA Pre: If you fly a lot, these will shave precious minutes off the time you have to spend in the airport. For $100 per 5 years (and many premium credit cards will reimburse you for this fee), Global Entry allows you to skip customs on the US side (you use a quick touch-screen kiosk instead). Global Entry members are automatically eligible for TSA Pre at no additional fee, which  lets you get through security much faster (no more taking your laptop out and your shoes off!)
    • A note for New Yorkers: I got conditionally approved for Global Entry within a couple of weeks, but when I had to do my interview, the one Global Entry Manhattan location listed on the Global Entry website was booked up for three months. Butttt… I did some digging and found out that you can be interviewed at Newark or JFK within a couple of days. Call 718-553-1237 for JFK and 973-565-8000 ext 8135 for Newark, and have your Global Entry number handy.
Travel Tips for Frequent Travelers

Don’t get stuck in a seat with no legroom, no screen for movies, and no electrical outlets, like this one!

  • Route Happy is my favorite way to book flights. The site aggregates other user’s reviews, flight length, seat size, plane age, amenities, Wi-Fi, etc, then rates available flights by a happiness score.
    • Double-check your choice on Seat Guru, which will tell you what the plane you’re considering booking a flight on will be like, and what seats you should choose.
  • If you’re looking for a good airfare deal, SkipLagged is the site to try. It checks connecting flights and gives you the best option — for example, a flight from NYC to Miami stopping over in Atlanta might be cheaper than a direct from NYC to Atlanta, and you can just get off in Atlanta. Brilliant!
  • Cheap Air will refund you the $$ difference (up to $100/ticket) if the price of your flight drops after you book it. TripIt Pro (which you have to pay for) will track your flights and then tell you how to get a refund for the total difference, on the few airlines that allow that.
  • I never check bags. I find that I can fit more than I wear in two weeks into a carry-on (get one with 4 wheels), and it saves me time at the airport (not to mention removes the risk of lost baggage, which is noooo fun).
  • I pre-print my boarding pass (or queue it up on my mobile) so I can go straight to the gate. This sometimes saves me as much as an hour in lines at the airport!
  • The next time your flight gets canceled or delayed, let AirHelp can get you $$ compensation. The form takes 3 minutes to set up, they can get you up to $800, and they take a 25% commission. Also check out Refund.Me, which only takes 15% commission and says they can get you up to 600 Euros.

Travel Tips for Frequent Travelers

  • If you have a really long layover, you can get access to airport lounges with certain premium credit cards. Plan this in advance so you know where to go and what is needed to get in.
  • When flying, I always request a vegan meal ahead of time. It’s usually healthier and lighter, so I feel better when I deplane. I always skip the booze as this makes it harder to get into deep-sleep mode. (Swiss Air has the best veggie meals because they’re made by Hiltl, the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Europe.)

Travel Tips for Frequent Travelers

My favorite airlines (I wish they flew more places):

1. Virgin: Their Economy Plus class is nicer than American Airline’s first class. Brand new swanky planes with personal TV’s in every seat (the interactive kind, where you can actually choose what you want to watch, and when), fun lighting, great service and good food that you can order through the TV on demand.

2. JetBlue Mint: A great new (relatively affordable) first-class service in new and clean planes, with lay-flat beds, single suites, nicer terminals, less delays, personal TVs and more.

3. Porter: If you’re flying to Toronto, Porter will fly you right into the city-center island airport, so you’ll skip the drive to downtown. The airline has a great lounge (with free drinks and snacks) that’s even better than the lounges that other airlines make you pay to enter. The downside is that they only fly to a few Canadian destinations and the planes are small and getting on the older side.

4. La Compagnie: A great airline that is all first-class style lay-flat seats. They only fly between NYC and France (Nice or Paris), but they have frequent sales and their sale pricing for two tickets is the best value out there.

What have your airline experiences been like? Please share your tips! 🙂

A writer, artist, and designer since she was young enough to put pencil to paper, Hilary taught herself code and created Urbanette when she was a teenager. Currently, she lives in Monte Carlo, but spent the past decade living in NYC, still considers herself a New Yorker, and visits regularly. She's always traveling, looking for hot new topics, destinations, and life hacks to bring to Urbanette readers.

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  1. Latonia Carter

    Are you allowed to take a small over the shoulder purse if it can fit in your carry on?

    • It depends on the airline. You could always put it in your carry-on for boarding.

  2. Wilmazar

    Is it true that I have to takes my shoes off when they check your bags and stuff?

    • Only sometimes in the USA, but if you have TSA Pre (at the places where they have a TSA Pre line), then you don’t have to. In Europe I never need to take my shoes or boots off.

  3. In a month I’m gonna travelling solo for the first time so this is so helpful thanks! ????


    Great tips! Very useful for me since this year will be non-stop travel for me! 🙂

  5. Deborah Crowley

    This article came out at the most perfect time cause I’m traveling tomorrow?

  6. Robert Larsen

    My friend will be catching a connection flight in NYC and will have a couple of hours waiting time for layover — will I be able to go to the airport and meet him for a coffee ? can I get through security as a non ticketed passenger or can he come out of the gate area ? I haven’t flown in a few years so don’t know how possible it would be now with the security.

    • I think he should be able to go out of the security area, but he should call the airport to check. 🙂

  7. Alan Herr

    I wish I would of known these things when I first traveled… about 20 years ago… It was really horrible but once I got there my friend whom picked me up helped me out with everything and I was in contact with my mom and so was my friend.

  8. Jill Stanley

    Will be flying internationally with my sons first time soon and so these tips were really really helpful!!

  9. Russ McDougall

    Wow, i thought these were going to be the basic boring tips. But these actually sound really useful. ?

  10. Nellie James

    Some good tips. Love them! I have been using some of them myself! Just left south east Asia!

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