5 Great Reasons to Visit Toronto

Five reasons to visit, and ten things you can do in Toronto on a fun long weekend trip.


Sail the Toronto Seas

If lounging on the sand and sunbathing is too dull for you and you would like to be where the action is, then go sailing. But then you’ll probably say you don’t own a sailboat — at least not one moored in Toronto. But neither do I! Luckily, my brother who lives in Toronto has a sailboat.

5 Great Reasons to Visit Toronto

My hubby, brother, and his girlfriend on his sailboat, with my parents and I not far behind

So what options do people without sailboats have? Join sailing clubs, of course. One of Toronto’s best kept secrets is the Toronto Island Sailing Club. If you plan on visiting Toronto often, then look into becoming a member, which will grant you access to their clubhouse, and allow you to sail any boat from their fleet (with a few sailing lessons, of course).

5 Great Reasons to Visit Toronto

Sailing with my hubby in Toronto (my sunglasses by Velvet)

Don’t want to bother with membership? Take a water taxi over to Toronto Island, where you can rent a bike to travel around the island looking at the unique homes. There are several waterfront restaurants on the island in case you get hungry.

5 Great Reasons to Visit Toronto

A cute Toronto Island water taxi

5 Great Reasons to Visit Toronto

Experience a Festival

I think Toronto is the only city in the world who loves to celebrate festivals. They have a festival for everything. From beaches international jazz festival to a festival celebrating ribs, yes, beef ribs, you’ve got it all here. Just be sure to check the dates of when they celebrate the festivals, for example, these festivals were supposed to be held in July – BIG on Bloor, Chinatown, Habari Africa Festival, Toronto Burlesque Festivals, but for some reason, they were moved to August. This website has all of the festival schedules down to a T.

5 Great Reasons to Visit Toronto

Having a feast at Casa Loma, with the Toronto skyline in the background

While we were in Toronto, a foodie festival called Summerlicious was going on. We got tickets to attend a Summerlicious culinary event (and take a tour) at Casa Loma. It was set up like a wedding, with a giant glamorous tent, a live band and about twenty chefs cooking everything from wild Bison sliders to waffles with Ontario maple syrup. All for $35 per person. After eating, we toured the castle and the expansive gardens.

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Reader Discussion: 24 Comments

  1. All I know about Toronto is it’s in Canada, It has an NBA team called raptors. And that’s about it. This is quite refreshing for me and informative. Will try and visit sometime thank you for this.

  2. Nadia Lawrence

    Globe Bistro is suggested by my friend.She says That pub/restaurant/ I don’t know has the most authentic global cuisine with local ingredients.

  3. The Windsor Arms hotel looks simply amazing! I love that there was a guitar in your suite — what a way to make the place a bit more edgy. I love the tea rooms too. I wish I could decorate my townhouse like that!

  4. Jae Medina

    I love Toronto — I’ve been twice. It’s a very livable city… easy to get around. I love Yorkville… the next time I go I’ll definitely stay at the Windsor Arms. Good tips 🙂

  5. Linda Collie

    Yes, another informative Travel Article by the talented Hilary. I stayed at the Windsor Arms over 20 years ago because my parents stayed there in the late ’40’s, nice ambiance. Toronto does have a great deal to offer both vacationer & locals, a very popular major city that is cleaner than most American ones. You touch some nice highlights.

  6. Wendy Hearn

    Toronto looking fabulous place to visit!!!! I will make plan to go there 🙂 Thanks for sharing the article!!!!

  7. Handy Orten

    Great article! Whether you’re an international jetsetter or on a cross-Canada excursion, travelling within Ontario or just looking to be a tourist in your own hometown, there are literally thousands of compelling reasons to visit Toronto.

  8. Hannah Meyers

    Thanks to Hilary’s guide I just convinced my whole family to check it out this coming weekend. Super excited.

  9. Toronto is a great weekend getaway! I’ve been to the CN Tower, Chinatown and Casa Loma Mansion. Definitely will check out more restaurants and festivals when I visit again.

  10. I’ve only passed by Toronto once and only been to the CN tower. Amazing views, btw.

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