Beauty in Belize, at Turtle Inn

Escape to Francis Ford Coppola’s resort and discover pure bliss in Belize.


Where to eat…

Let’s go with the restaurants next, there are three delectable choices to choose from. Luckily, I was there long enough to try them all, for you guys of course …research, right? In Belize, local fish and seafood is brought in fresh every single day. I am a bit of a stickler for my food and after a few questions learned that their fresh vegetables were from the resorts own organic garden, talk about going one step further! ‘The Mare’ is Turtle Inn’s main restaurant. It combines seafood with Italian cuisine -oh- and an incredible view of the sea, since it’s placed outside. Rain? No problem. This restaurant has a sky-high thatched roof to cover from the sun.

Beauty in Belize, at Turtle Inn

The Mare restaurant, bar and lounge at Turtle Inn, Belize

‘The Gaugin Grill’  restaurant has a beachfront lounge and you can eat while digging your toes into the sand.  It serves a huge array of fresh seafood including jumbo shrimp and snapper; I highly recommend the lobster …but then again who doesn’t. A really neat detail during lunch was the woven and wooden plates that my food came on. A little art with my meal goes a long way.

Beauty in Belize, at Turtle Inn

Breakfast by the beach, watching the ocean (dress by ASOS)

Beauty in Belize, at Turtle Inn

Lunch by the pool –and the ocean– at Turtle Inn, Belize

The many choices of Balinese-inspired sauces and spices was a little overwhelming, so I resorted to asking the waiter for his favorites and I wasn’t disappointed. Tables are only a few feet away from the sea — totally amazing. I couldn’t stop looking at the offshore caves and taking off my sandals to feel the sand beneath my toes. We definitely indulged a little in the Belize-brewed beer, wine and fresh-fruit cocktails.

Beauty in Belize, at Turtle Inn

Fresh seafood at Turtle Inn, Belize

If you are looking for a more family-suitable restaurant, or if you need a quiet getaway for your hangover headache, Auntie Luba’s Kitchen has a laid-back island diner feel, it overlooks the waters of Placencia Lagoon. The menu is composed of hearty, delicious meals like curry chicken, and an amazing beef stew, its super fun and friendly in there. Perfect for a quick lunch. At dinnertime they have a fire pit you can sit around and roast marshmallows. Just remember to bring your mosquito-repellant!

Beauty in Belize, at Turtle Inn

Auntie Luba’s: a restaurant at the Turtle Inn, Belize

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  1. Avatar of May Baker

    May Baker

    Well, this is new to me. Will chart this on my checklist of places to visit someday. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  2. Avatar of Kim Hartford

    Kim Hartford

    One of the reasons why I love the Urbanette Magazine is that this magazine completely away from cliche. You don’t go promoting places you actually don’t like. And you don’t go chasing the trendy places unlike every other magazine. You only write about the places you’ve been to and was satisfied with. For example Turtle Inn. I never heard about the place until I saw this article. I’m glad I did. It’s far from the cliche so called popular places other magazines rave about! The Turtle Inn definitely looks like a place I could have a great time. Thanks for being unigue and geniune. I really appreciate that.

    • Avatar of Amelia Beckons

      Amelia Beckons

      They’re not lying when they say 100% unique content. 😉

      Just like you, I love finding out via Urbanette about all these gorgeous places I’ve never been to. Because I trust their reviews, and I know they won’t try to make us believe in something they don’t stand behind.

      Honestly, Turtle Innn is ONLY one of the MANY places I found out through Urbanette, and I’m already planing to make a trip as soon as possible. 🙂

  3. Avatar of Sasha Rosswell

    Sasha Rosswell

    I came across this article while I was looking for information about the Turtle Inn. My fiance booked us a reservation and surprised me with it. Being the control freak I am, I had to see what it’s like and read some reviews. I did come acress some informative reviews on some certain websites, but my god, nobody described it in so much detail like you did! THANK YOU! All thanks to this article I am relieved because I know it won’t be disasterous getaway. I expect it to be rather romantic. 🙂

  4. Avatar of Jennifer McSween

    Jennifer McSween

    I took my time, read the whole article and then read all the comments, and all I can say is WOW!! I agree with each commenter. This place is a great get away from the stressful big city life.

  5. Avatar of Sabrina Grattidge

    Sabrina Grattidge

    This is generally not my kind of place. But the way you described it, and the photosyou shared, really made me want to book a vacation there! Well done on another AWESOME article Hilary! You’re so good at this. 🙂

    • Avatar of Jennifer McSween

      Jennifer McSween

      Her writing technique is so unique and creative. You can picture everything in your head as you read it. I think she should write a book! I know I would buy it. 🙂

  6. Avatar of Diana Hewitt

    Diana Hewitt

    That’s a very cute resort. Lovely review, very detailed and informative. Thanks for telling us about it. If my road crosses Belize, I will consider staying at the Turtle inn. 🙂

  7. Avatar of Lynn Hayes

    Lynn Hayes

    My god… How gorgeous is this place!? Honestly I get a little jealous when you post these travel reviews, but I keep coming back for more, cause on the other hand I really enjoy it. I’m so living vicariously through you! 🙂

  8. Avatar of Roberta Bennett

    Roberta Bennett

    Fascinating! Exoticism and luxury met in one place. You’re quite a lucky girl that you get to travel to all these amazing places. Thank you for sharing your travel experiences with us!

  9. Avatar of Frances Seifert

    Frances Seifert

    It has a bit The Sims Castaway Stories vibe to it. Totally my kind of place. I would definitely love to visit if I had the chance one day.

  10. Avatar of Amanda Roberts

    Amanda Roberts

    Oh my god! My sister is getting married this summer, and she wants a beach wedding, but she’s so picky that she hasn’t booked a location yet. I’m going to share this article with her. I know she will love it. That’s exactly what she’s looking for.

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