Our Favorite Vegan Accessories

Four collections to satisfy your conscience and closet.


With hundreds of sustainable collections out there, it’s a conscious fashion-lovers paradise, and the only thing that can top a fab eco-friendly dress is a vegan accessory.

Our Favorite Vegan Accessories

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m an accessories junkie with a handbag collection to rival any Kardashian, but I’m also an avid animal lover and progressing vegan. The hardest part of finding a vegan line to covet is getting the same quality and construction you’d find in mainstream lines. Luckily, high-end brands are evolving and here are four of our favorites to satisfy your conscience and closet:

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After obtaining her Honors B.A. and postgraduate journalism degree, Pegah has written and researched for a variety of magazines and newspapers, with celebrities, fashion and travel being her topics of choice. Now settled in Toronto, she has lived in many corners of the world, including the U.S., Switzerland, and Japan. In her spare time, she divides her love unevenly between her poodle, chocolates and shopping.

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    1. Gina Dorsey

      I know this isn’t vegan but there are some little farms around my area that have rescue sheeps. They farm the wool and make clothes out of it – the money from it goes to buy the sheep food and rescue more sheeps. It’s a great concept ?

    2. Martha Courtney

      I bought a pair of Kamik snow boots that were super warm and comfortable. Not sure if the whole brand is vegan but the boots I bought were. I live in Vermont during winter, and it’s very cold and snowy here.

    3. Heidi Murphy

      Does anyone know of any good winter boots brands that are vegan? I am talking like real snow boots for heavy canadian winter haha thank you ?

    4. Patricia Phipps

      Thank you so much!!! I eat vegan but not everything in my life is vegan yet… this helps!

    5. Anna Wilson

      This is so helpful. I do my best to purchase things from ethical fashion companies but it can be hard at times.

    6. Crystal Rodriguez

      I would love to get some vegan leather purses, but they’re just too pricey for me.

    7. Marilyn Gentry

      We need more article like this. Seriously cannot believe you don’t have millions of followers but I can guarantee your blog will definitely blow up soon. Loved it xo

    8. Lori Looper

      Is buying thrifted non vegan clothes okay? I have such mixed feelings because on one hand I think “well I’m not giving my money to that company and i might as well put this to use!” but on the other i think “how can this be vegan? i’m wearing a dead animal who was tortured for this!” what are your opinions!!?

    9. Betty Fenley

      I’ve felt so much guilt of not being able to afford ethical clothing. I do want to note though that I took a tour of Goodwill, and they pride themselves on becoming as close as possible to zero waste. They partner with local charities, repair ripped clothing, upcycle glass, etc. This is at least the case at the main intake center here in Las Vegas

    10. Mary Seybert

      so do sheep feel pain when they remove the wool? Im just curios, I have never heard or seen someone kill or hurt a sheep when removing their wool.

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