Weddings from Around the World

Add some spice to your ‘I do’ with an exotic wedding theme.



Who can forget that scene from Mamma Mia where the bride and groom are being serenaded by all the locals as they make their way to the church? Now imagine that for your own outdoor wedding! That’s one of many ancient Greek wedding traditions to choose from. Another fun custom just for the groom is the groom’s best friend helping him shave on the morning of the wedding – one less thing for him to worry about.

Almonds and honey are used throughout Greek weddings, with the mother of the bride feeding honey dipped almonds to the groom to welcome him into the family. Almonds also make for stress free wedding favors in the Greek tradition, with coated almonds, called koufeta, placed in white satchels or bowls for guests to enjoy. Interestingly, the favors are always filled with an odd number of koufeta because an odd number cannot be divided by two and so the thinking is that the couple cannot be divided.

Weddings from Around the World

Greek Koufeta Wedding Favors

The bride’s dress is usually the traditional white gown but as a Greek bride (or wannabe!) you get to wear a beautiful floral or bejewelled circular headpiece, called the stefana. The veil hangs down from the stefana for a unique bohemian-meets-bridal look.

Whether it’s your own culture or just one you love, you can choose any element of these traditions to incorporate into your big day. Happy planning!

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    Reader Discussion: 7 Comments

    1. Avatar of Sarah Uibel

      This is inspiring me to not only find a husband but to get married in multiple countries! lol

      Guess I need to find a man first. One can dream : )

    2. Avatar of Brana Dane

      Wow… Such amazingly interesting rituals.
      The cutest I feel is welcoming the Groom with Almonds dipped in Honey, according to Greek wedding traditions!!

      I personally love colorful Indian Weddings.
      A friend of mine once attended a wedding in India. It was a wedding in the state of Bengal. I was mesmerized when I saw the wedding pictures.

      A wedding in itself is such a beautiful event and all these different rituals from different cultures, make wedding an even more heart warming.

    3. Avatar of Jude Vargas

      Weddings are love. I just love attending events like this. And watching one, too! Be it in the movies, reality tv shows or just attending a plain classic wedding of a friend. This article showed me different traditions in holding a wedding ceremony. It might actually not be a bad idea to suggest to friends to hold traditional weddings… Hmmm.. 😀

    4. Avatar of Zenab Bello-Osagie

      Zenab Bello-Osagie

      I absolutely love that Urbanette is all about being unconventional and breaking moulds. Integrating inspiration from around the world is such a great idea!

    5. Avatar of Langley Fox

      I love weddings that are unconventional and use influences from multiple cultures. When I get married, I’m going to use some of these ideas. Maybe I’ll do my own henna illustrations.

    6. Avatar of Lyndsi LaRose

      I adore the Iranian sugar tradition and the henna skin decorations. So charming. @Tinsley – great idea! Silver or gold would look stunning!

    7. Avatar of Tinsley Mortimer

      I love the Henna one — so pretty! You could do it in gold or silver metallic… would be so glam!

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