Five Weight-Loss Diets That Work

The DL on five popular weight loss trends that give healthy and lasting results.


Gluten-Free Dieting

It seems “gluten free” is on the packaging of every food item on the shelves these days, but few people really know what it is. Gluten is a mixture of two proteins found in wheat that are responsible for the elastic texture of dough. Ingesting it causes a litany of health problems, especially in those who suffer from Celiac disease. So why are non-celiac sufferers ditching wheat? For starters, gluten-free converts say it clears up brain fog, helped their digestion, prevents insomnia and night sweats, and helps them to feel better overall.
Five Weight-Loss Diets That Work

How does it work?

Ever heard of the term “bread butt”? When you eat bread, pasta and gluteny sweets, your body converts it to sugar. So you may as well be eating dessert. Yup, not healthy at all.

Not to mention that the effort it takes to cut out foods containing gluten promotes healthier eating in general. Even if you’re not gluten-sensitive or a Celiac sufferer, you can reap the benefits of cutting out gluten from your meals. A gluten-free diet calls for more veggies (a great source of fiber apart from wheat). Focusing on these healthier options will result in weight-loss, not to mention decreased bloating as well.

What’s the downside?

Resisting things like bread, pasta and cupcakes is torture difficult. And gluten is in a ton of those unhealthy processed comfort-foods we all (used to) love — including beer (gasp!) Additionally, the gluten-free processed foods at the supermarket are loaded with sugar and starches. Eating these substitutes in an attempt to be healthier can actually result in weight-gain. Watching what you eat and focusing on fruits, vegetables, beans and seeds (like quinoa) is a much easier (and better tasting!) way to get a flat tummy.


Five Weight-Loss Diets That Work

All of the aforementioned diets have genuine benefits to them. Personally, I eat a low-sugar, vegan and mostly gluten-free diet and I’ve never felt healthier. I have a good friend who was never able to sleep more than four hours a night until he tried oil pulling. Now, he sleeps like a baby for a solid eight hours a night. Whether you invest in a pre-made teatox or not, simply drinking hot tea with your meals improves digestion and can save you from bloating and discomfort. And if you can resist bread at the dinner table, a gluten-free diet is a great way to look and feel amazing. Find what works for you and commit to it! There are no downsides to a healthy lifestyle.

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Reader Discussion: 58 Comments

  1. May Baker

    Controlling what you eat and drink is the only diet that works. Stuffing your face with anything you can eat will most likely make you round

  2. Miya Hartford

    how about weight gain? I’m seriously asking here. I don’t seem to gain weight. I already tried letting go of my self and eating only junk for 3 months. gained a habit of eating and craving greasy stuff and that’s about it. didn’t gain weight and didn’t make me happy. please help

  3. Jessika Hag

    I thought I will dislike the article because of my bad attitude towards the ways of dieting. I have read lots of articles which state the same, that one will lose weight the natural way by doing this or that. Then I read that you’ve tried all of them, and was curious to know what’s it about. I will recommend the teatox to my cousin. Oil pulling is the great aid for sleeping better because some ingredients found in toothpaste are energizing, but I would never try it because of the silly 20 minutes of swishing, as you have written, can result in jaw soreness.

  4. Ketty Ben

    I love tea and its help in weight-loss. Green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet. It is loaded with antioxidants and various substances that are beneficial for health.

  5. Jenny Permel

    Amazing tips! I agree juicing is a very effective, nutritional way to lose get rid of those nasty toxins while shedding away those extra pounds. Most people lose weight within first two weeks.

  6. Issabell Symon

    Plant based diets are really helpful for weight-loss. I am dieting and i try one new food each week, which makes me feel really good. I suggest everyone should do this.

  7. Lulia Jan

    An outstanding share! It’s amazing what some healthy juice will do for not only your body ,but your mind too! Make sure juicing as part of your diet when you go back to eating solids. Thanks for the post

  8. Andrea Mitchell

    Fantastic post and a great way to get the diet back to normal after a summer of splurging. One of my favorites to date. Its so easy to get in a rut with every day eating and so this post served for great inspiration. Would love more posts like this. Thanks 🙂

  9. Amelia Beckons

    Thanks for such a great post Hilary! I’m sure this took a ton of work! I have already sent this to one of my coworkers who was needing a reboot after vacation. I really appreciate it!

  10. Camila Hilhorst

    I love this post!!! I’m a (control freak) meal planner, so I love love love new ideas for balancing the days. And your tips sound perfect for someone needing a little change in their diet!

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