5 Reasons Why I Love Living Alone

Five ways that helped me (and could help you!) make living alone super awesome.


Get a Couple of Cats

The best thing about living alone is that I get to have pets. Granted, if I had a roommate I’d have a built-in pet sitter, but I’d also have to worry about them leaving out things that could be dangerous to my little fur babies. I prefer to make a deal with a neighbor who also has pets and we help each other out when we are traveling.

Keep in mind that if you work from home then having a dog is fine, but if you work in an office you may want to get two cats instead. One pet left alone all day can get very lonely and mischievous if he or she has no one to play with. Contrary to the myths, cats are actually more affectionate to their human when they’re in multi-cat households, simply because they’re happier in general. So go to your local animal shelter and pick up two cats or siblings that have bonded.

5 Reasons Why I Love Living Alone

Me, with one of my two new kittens

Remember: Adopt, don’t shop. If everyone who bought a pet adopted instead, there’d be no more killings in shelters. For every pet purchased, a pet in a shelter dies because he or she doesn’t have a home. To boot, shelter pets are just as well behaved and actually have far fewer health issues than purebreds.

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Reader Discussion: 56 Comments

  1. Living alone can benefit men and women alike. They learn how to take care of themselves. manage a budget, Learn how to do taxes. Basically living alone makes you grow up and learn adult stuff.

  2. Anne Robinson

    Living alone should be mandatory for everyone. Everyone should learn to take care of themselves. Doing the laundry, Washing the dishes. Fixing anything that is broken, Paying your own utility bills and just being an adult in general.

  3. Jodi Thil

    Yes, for me, It’s freedom too. After all, we’re all adults. We are required to stand on our own and be independent.

  4. Every woman should try to live alone, because when they get married. Us, guys are the one in charge to provide them shelter.

  5. One of my dreams, when I live alone, is a refrigerator that is full of beers! All my friends are welcome to play Xbox with me. Isn’t that exciting?

  6. Carol Joyner

    A friend of mine always invites me to come over to her apartment. I asked her, why is she even doing that, hosting a party is quite expensive. She said that she’s tired of being alone.

  7. Olive Williams

    Isn’t it more fun if you have a housemate? You have someone to talk to, and you can still do those things even if you have a housemate, right?

  8. Carrie Bleau

    Omg! I love cats. They make my heart flutter. Those little tiny creatures, I going to get kittens!

  9. Sherry Manust

    I’m planning to adopt kittens, any idea where can I adopt? Which is better? Kitten or puppies?

  10. Wilma Moore

    Having a pet at home makes you feel that you’re not alone. Please, do not buy pets, as much as possible adopt them.

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