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Everything in our magazine is written especially for Urbanette and not published anywhere else.


As THE essential guide to the very best in life, Urbanette Magazine specializes in helping our readers live a confident, happy and healthy life, with 100% unique and original content. Our editorial philosophy is one of positive self-image and empowerment. We respect our readers’ intelligence and strive to deliver articles that enrich their lives.

100% Unique Content

We work hard to bring you great, original content.

We feature topics ranging from dating and sex, to career advice and interviews with celebrities, CEOs and other inspiring women. We offer straightforward solutions to modern urban living and the scoop on what’s hip in fashion, beauty, travel and luxury products. We cover the high-end lifestyle with honest first-hand reviews of luxurious travel destinations and resorts, as well as organic beauty product and spa reviews.

The magazine showcases all this via exclusive features that are insightful, entertaining and presented with style.

  • 100% Fresh: Urbanette Magazine’s content is, and has been, 100% unique, since 1995. We have a staff of writers that Hilary Rowland manages and assigns article topics to.
  • Article Submissions: We welcome guest contributors! Please feel free to submit article ideas.
  • Reviews: If you have a brand, product or hotel you’d like written about, please check out this page.
  • Copyright Warning: Since we worked hard to provide creative and original content for our readers, we’re working equally as hard to prosecute those sites that copy and pass off our articles as their own. If you received a legal letter, you have one week to remove the article before we take further legal and DMCA action (such as having your site delisted from Google under the DMCA act). If you’ve copied our content, you’d be smart to remove it immediately and avoid legal proceedings.

Want to share our © content?

If you wish to share any of our content, read carefully:

1. Full and clear credit must be given to Urbanette Magazine
2. 300 word maximum with a link to continue reading on Urbanette.com
3. Clear and specific direction (including a *follow* link, in bold) to the original content must be provided

You may also quote our articles, up to a maximum of 300 words in total per article, provided that each quote is clearly marked as being quoted from Urbanette Magazine, and “Urbanette Magazine” links to urbanette.com

Any use of this blog’s content in violation of the above requirements, is strictly prohibited. This entire site and magazine is © copyright protected worldwide, all rights reserved, so don’t try to copy anything outside of our guidelines or there will be legal consequences. Thanks!

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    Reader Discussion: 30 Comments

    1. Avatar of Diana Hágerová

      I’m an avid reader and I really know that their magazine is quality content 1000%. Never encountered content from them that was plagiarized. But not that I’m a plagiarism tracker, but yep, you guys get the point. I always recommend this magazine to people that I meet (whom I think are feminists too). So far, I haven’t gotten a negative reaction from them and they sometimes message me about how they actually agree with a lot of things written here.

      • Avatar of Marsha Reed

        Marsha Reed

        I do this too and so far, they love Urbanette too!

    2. Avatar of Holly


      Hi Urbanette, your readers support you so much. Much love ??

    3. Avatar of Andrea Lalonde

      Andrea Lalonde

      Been reading Urbanette for months already and I don’t regret being one of your readers. I always share your content. Bless all of you.

      • Avatar of Ellen Padilla

        Ellen Padilla

        Thanks for sharing their content because it makes them grow more.

    4. Avatar of Margaret Yancy

      Margaret Yancy

      Thanks for sharing what we need to do in order to properly share your content. I don’t want to be sued, lol.

    5. Avatar of Cindy Buford

      Cindy Buford

      Really love this mag. It’s really empowering for women.❤️

    6. Avatar of Louise Jones

      Louise Jones

      It’s nice that everything is copyrighted. Urbanette isn’t just your average magazine.

    7. Avatar of Estelle Doriss

      Estelle Doriss

      Guys, please follow Urbanette’s rules on linking. We don’t want to violate their terms even if they’re our favorite.

    8. Avatar of Diana Pasynkova

      What I love here in Urbanette is that everything I read is informative. I learn new things everytime I read an article and I never get disappointed. There are websites out there that just put content and they don’t really care if the reader is actually learning something from them or if their information is even 100% accurate. I love opinionated blogs because the content enlightens and you can really take the time and understand what their readers really want.

      • Avatar of Michele Adkins

        Michele Adkins

        Same thing here. I like learning new stuff when I read something. Like what I’m reading should make me wonder about facts.

    9. Avatar of Estelle Anna

      Readers should also keep an eye out for those who are harming Urbanette’s reputation.

    10. Avatar of Estelle Emery

      I would definitely report to you if by any chance someone plagiarizes your content!

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