10 Best American Cities for Single Women

One of these cities just might become your favorite place to explore glorious singlehood.


Are you single and tired of going out to bars and seeing couples everywhere? Do you just want to go out in the city and meet other singles? Well Urbanette Magazine has your guide to the 10 best cities for singles. So take notes, one of these cities just might become your favorite place to explore glorious singlehood.

But keep one thing to keep in mind: regardless of where you are going, dress to impress.

10 Best American Cities for Single Women

1. New York, New York

The land of nightlife, wealth and diversity, Manhattan offers great places for singles to mingle. You have a variety of locations to choose from when wanting to go out on the weekends including the meatpacking district or the East Village. Manhattan has everything to offer which makes it awfully easy to also meet fellow singles during the day. Try visiting local eateries and coffee shops as well as some of Manhattan’s great rooftop bars. Keep one thing in mind: regardless of where you are going, dress to impress, Manhattan has one of the most stylish local populations in the world. More: 5 Steps to Finding Lasting Love in NYC.

10 Best American Cities for Single Women

NYC is an adult playground

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Sarah enlightens us on a daily basis with the newest trends as (and often before) they transpire. She is the consummate globe trotter. Having traveled to over 70 countries, she earns her living writing, blogging ( and modeling while on the road. In her spare time she gets manicures, suntans on yachts in Greece, shops for even more shoes, and lives in the limelight. She loves photography, elephants, sailboats, bangles and ballet flats.

Reader Discussion: 9 Comments

  1. Avatar of Abigael Fisher

    Abigael Fisher

    Vegas is true for me. We went there a group of single ladies. We came home with flings. Who knows what would have happened if we lived there. Maybe something more permanent, Who knows.

  2. Avatar of Gabrielle Williams

    Gabrielle Williams

    It’s interesting to know that Chicago is one of the best places for single!

  3. Avatar of Sandra Brown

    Sandra Brown

    I have been to every one of these cities and I think Austin would have to be my favorite! They have some of the best music festivals in the world and the bar scene is incredible! You have to visit Austin to believe just how great it is. I am actually going to be there next weekend for a couple of days and have already planned out my evenings!

  4. Avatar of Jen Spillane

    Jen Spillane

    I suppose NYC is a great place if you are single and hope to stay single? I love that there is so much to do here. It really makes being single fun. Definitely agree with Denver–really any place in Colorado is great for meeting guys!

  5. Avatar of Genevieve Scarano

    NYC definitely is a great city for singles…there is so much culture and neighborhoods to visit with friends! Love how other cities in the United States are covered too. Boston is also another great city for singles, since ALOT of young professionals work, play, and live there.

  6. Avatar of Zenab Bello-Osagie

    I definitively agree with this list. And I'm proud to say I live in the best place for singles, NYC. There's so much to offer here. One of my new favorite spots is La Marina which is in uptown Manhattan. It's by the water and you have a great view of the Washington bridge, there's a restaurant, bar, djs and secluded area that's like a beach. Everyone should definitely check it out. It's a large party everyday.

  7. Avatar of Randie Cadiogan

    Randie Cadiogan

    I’d love to visit San Francisco and New York 😀

  8. Avatar of Ansley Barrington

    Ansley Barrington

    It’s gotta be Vegas. If you arrived in Vegas single, you’ll most likely leave it married. LOL 😉

  9. Avatar of Courtney Watson

    Courtney Watson

    I’ve lived in Denver for 2 years and I never had a boyfriend there. But since I’ve moved to New York, I had 5 boyfriends in 2 years. It’s kinda tiring to go through so many relationships at a short period. I blame the big city. haha

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