The 30 Before 30 Bucket List

Thirty fun and enlightening things every woman should try.


21.  Go To a Music Festival

Yes, you’ve probably been to a music festival before but this time, take things to the next level and go all out. Rent a motor-home and go with your friends. Paint your face and dress up. Disconnect. Get into the groove. Forget your worries.

The 30 Before 30 Bucket List

22.  Go the Extra Mile

In anything that you choose to do, go the extra mile. If you’re focusing on your career, establish a strong foundation that can catapult you to higher places. If you’re in a relationship, maybe it’s about time you make a big gesture. As you get closer to 30, moving in together or proposing marriage can be on the table. Think about it.

23.  Be in Countless Photos 

Capture the moments of being young. Be with the people you love doing crazy things with like bungee jumping or delivering a speech in a debate. After all, selfies can be a path to change!

24.  Learn How To Do Your Makeup

This should be something you have been able to master a long time ago. For some, they were able to do it while they were in high school but others still have some struggles when it comes to doing their eye shadow. Some haven’t yet mastered the art of blending. For others, it’s applying the wrong color on their skin. Whatever your issue is — it has to stop. Now. YouTube “natural look makeup” and watch some tutorials. Then grab a couple of friends, bring a mirror, and ask what they honestly think. Or better yet, learn to feel sexy without makeup!

25.  Decorate Your Room

You’ve grown up. You’ve moved out of your parents and you’re currently sharing a place with roommates or you’re paying for your own place. Whatever is the case, paint your walls something sophisticated and decorate your room. No more stuffed toys in the bedroom, ok? You’ve passed that stage. Go for an older, more sophisticated vibe.

The 30 Before 30 Bucket List

26.  Try a Vibrator

Vibrators weren’t always as common or as socially accepted as they are now. Over the decades, women have fought to have their own right to pleasure – and you can reap the benefits. Pour a glass of wine, turn on some sexy music, dim the lights, and pull out your shiny new vibrator. Learn to enjoy your body without a man.

27.  See a Broadway Show  

For the love of acting and music, see a Broadway show. Experience the art, feel the emotions and enjoy it with someone who loves Broadway or with someone who’s a first timer. Entertain yourselves with a live show of talented performers. Take a break from the cinemas and get to know the theaters. You may just find yourself singing along to songs you know or dancing to a familiar beat.

28.  Start a Garden

They say gardeners don’t have to look for beautiful places because they make beautiful places! This spring, start a garden. You don’t need that much space for it (you can even make one on your balcony!), nor do you need a green thumb. Try having your own small garden of just your favorite flowers. Now, that would be awesome.

29.  Get a Pet

A pet doesn’t have to be high maintenance. If you work, get two kittens or cats from the local animal shelter (never go to a breeder), so they can play with each other when you’re away. Contrary to some rumors, having two cats is no more effort than having one, and they’re just as friendly (if not more, as they may compete for your attention!)

The 30 Before 30 Bucket List

30. Watch 30 Classic Films

No, I’m not talking about National Lampoon. Spend a few months and watch the (yes, black and white) classics, so that when people make references, you’ll get them.

There you have it. Some things which you can possibly do before you enter what many profess is the best part of your life (yes, the best is yet to come!) Age may just be a number but some use it as a basis to take things to the next level or turn things around. So enjoy it and have a happy life!

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Reader Discussion: 120 Comments

  1. Felicity Williams

    I love that idea about taking parents to dinner. My parents divorced, though they remained friends and didn’t make me feel like it is my fault or loss that they separated. I think I’ll plan to reconcile them by going out sometimes (which we haven’t done in a long time after I finished going to uni) and be one family again just for a sweet memorable albeit brief moment. I love them both.

  2. Naomi Vickers

    I am never against occasional fling, but toying with someone’s emotion is never good, I believe. What if the person you encounter for the first time falls for you? Though I guess it is everybody’s burden whatever consequences our decision will make. Your life, your rules, they say, but in the end, it is you who will suffer the most. Huh!

  3. Ocean Bickley

    I wish I can move to another country where I can start a new life and be far from everything I want to leave behind: undesirable experiences, haunting memories, and abusive persons. But I guess until then, what I need to do is to accept things the way they are and endure this pitiful state I am in right now.

  4. Phoebe Mueller

    Enjoy a one night stand?! Good luck not getting STD, HIV or even AIDS!!! Why include this one? What if you already have a partner? Is being loyal to one’s partner subjective nowadays? This one is unacceptable for me.

  5. Blanche Rivera

    Get inked! Permanence might be scary thought, and you are skeptical how you’ll change over the years. But getting inked is has charm of its own. Just make sure it’s something that represents who you are at this point in your life. If you don’t try it how will you know the magic it creates. ?

  6. Flora Kennedy

    Stop having regrets for the things you missed. Realizing that you’ve made a huge mistake might seem like the end of the world but it’s not. As you’ll grow older and wiser, you’ll understand that these things are better to be flipped as old pages and move on.

  7. Learn to forget the past. You don’t need negativity in life, and it’s better to set those cold feelings aside. Try and sort your differences with the other person and let go of something that’s not required in life.

  8. Let go of the past. Learn to leave all the negative things where they belong.; behind you in the past. You’ll be happier and peaceful. ?

    • Sherry Johnston

      I agree. Let’s leave all the negative things behind.

  9. I appreciate this article I’ve been thinking about the things that I have not done yet and things that I still want to do before I reach the age of 30, thanks for these ideas!

  10. Stop holding grudges. You’ve grown up enough to stop holding on to past grievances and understand that they are simply overrated. There’s no point in sticking on to something that has happened years ago and feeling low about it.

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