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The Most Interesting Coworking Spaces in NYC

The best places to start or grow your business, collaborate and network.



WeWork is the most well-known in this space, and has the most locations. They provide companies with small offices separated by glass, a working 20,000 member community, and a range of career services. Founders Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey established WeWork in order to provide professionals with a collaborative and fun working environment.

The Most Interesting Coworking Spaces in NYC

The 42nd Street WeWork kitchen and common space

The Most Interesting Coworking Spaces in NYCDesign: WeWork’s locations are creative, hip and inspiring. The individual offices are small and separated by floor-to-ceiling glass, with frosting up to a few feet above the desks. At New York City locations, there are comfy seating areas, theatre-style screening rooms, kitchens, and common seating areas with –get this– table tennis! The decor theme is uber modern yet comfy, with open spaces for maximum interaction.

Cost: Two membership types are offered for WeWork: the Commons Flexible Membership and the Full-Time Desk & Office Membership:

The Most Interesting Coworking Spaces in NYC

A Commons Flexible Membership Area

  • The Commons Flexible Membership grants full access to WeWork’s membership benefits and flexible availability at of WeWork’s communal spaces for $45 per month as a starting price. Perks include access to one of WeWork’s coworking spaces once a month for free and $50 per additional day, a $25 per hour fee for conference rooms, a $50 per month company postage service, high speed internet, 150 plus discounts and benefits, access to WeWork’s Online Professional Network, guest reception & community managers and kitchens with complimentary beverages.
The Most Interesting Coworking Spaces in NYC

A lounge at the Fulton WeWork location

  • The Full Time Desk & Office Membership is the premium option WeWork offers, starting at around $650 per month (pricing varies by location) for a 1-person office, and $3600 for an office space that can fit six people. With this membership, you’ll have access to your WeWork office space on unlimited workdays, three hours per month conference room time, free company postage service and all the other technological, economical, social and beverage perks of The Commons Flexible Membership.
The Most Interesting Coworking Spaces in NYC

A Full Time Desk & Office Membership Space

Benefits: Benefits include free micro-brewed coffee and beer (because that’s obviously the most important!), bocce and arcade rooms, weekly events (here’s a list of the upcoming ones), affordable healthcare plans, low merchant credit card processing fees, discounts from a range of companies, career-building social events, access to WeWork’s Online Professional Network, concierge service and summer camp (with talks from awesome guest speakers like the founder of Reddit, etc).

The Most Interesting Coworking Spaces in NYC

WeWork’s Soho West Location

Locations: WeWork has 14 coworking spaces in New York City, all below 42nd Street, including Bryant Park, Chelsea, Gramercy, SoHo, Murray Hill, Park and West Broadway to name a few. Each location is designed differently; decor varies but overall the same sophisticated and comfy concept remains evident at each WeWork New York City coworking space.

Learn more: – 877-247-9083  – [email protected]

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Reader Discussion: 18 Comments

  1. Avatar of Genesis White

    Genesis White

    I’ll be considering this spaces for my main office. Really intriguing places you have here.

  2. Avatar of Cherry Taylor

    Cherry Taylor

    I have been to Neue house. It’s cool at first. as you work your hours it becomes meh at most. I had a gallery for 600 a month it was worth for the most part. But still, Meh…

  3. Avatar of Marvin Culman

    Marvin Culman

    Oh god I was searching for that everywhere! Why I didn’t think about Urbanette! Thank you for the ideas I’ll try some soon, and I’ll share that around 🙂

  4. Avatar of Rachel

    Late summer, Massage Greenpoint will be opening up on Greenpoint Ave in Brooklyn. In addition to therapeutic massage, we will also have rooms available to share with our community as a coworking space for healers. We are a women owned and operated business. We will be working with local acupuncturists, therapists, estheticians, and other healers to create a communal space that is beautiful, clean, and ideal for bodywork. For more info and updates please check out our site:

  5. Avatar of Melani Kalev

    Melani Kalev

    So cool! It makes me think that I should research whether there are places like that somewhere close to where I live. And when in NY, I’d love to try at least one of them out!

  6. Avatar of Courtney Watson

    Courtney Watson

    Coworking is fun 🙂 I personally think it can make my identity stronger because I work amidst people working for different companies, doing varied kinds of work. I feel like I don’t have to put on a work persona because there is a very little internal politics or direct competition.

    This is a great list and I would love to try the coworking space that would give me that “farmhouse feel.”

  7. Avatar of Trish Potter

    Trish Potter

    That’s really useful information for an entrepreneur starting out without the staff or budget for a standard office. And they seem like it would be much better for networking and collaborating too!

  8. Avatar of Steph Cordes

    Steph Cordes

    I had never heard of an all women co-working space. That’s awesome!

  9. Avatar of Sarah Uibel

    Holy cow, I had no ideas there we some many coworking spaces in NYC. I had heard of Neuehouse before, but not the others. Gonna check them out!

  10. Avatar of Gabby Williams

    Gabby Williams

    A farmhouse feel?

    I’m very interested to work in a place like this. Staying home and trying to work at home has it’s perks, but I don’t mind sharing an office space.

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