The Best Free (or Cheap) Online Courses

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WordPress is leading the blogging and website world with its topnotch widgets, beautiful themes, and business background. WP101 teaches you the ends and out of WordPress, which can be very beneficial financially. It teaches you how to create WordPress themes that you can sell, and how to create website using WordPress tools. You can start learning for only $15 a month.


WPBeginner says they’re sick of people charging for lessons in WordPress, so they started their own online video-based classes for free. They’re definitely geared at beginners, and they’ll teach you stuff like how to make posts, categories, etc. A good place to start if you’ve never used WordPress before.

One Month

One Month is on the pricier end, and offers courses in programming, plus a few online marketing-related courses. Their courses mostly consist of 6 hours of videos plus some resources. Prices range from free (for shorter courses, like their course on command line), to about $280. I’m considering taking their growth hacking course for $75.

The Best Free (or Cheap) Online Courses


This site has millions of tutorials on many different things. This site is great if you want to start a specific type of business because it has tutorials on how to start and run hundreds of types of businesses. Like how to start your own hair salon or how to start working at home.

E-How or Wiki-How

Everyone has seen these sites before. These sites are the first thing that pops up in Google when you search for something. These sites will teach you how to do almost anything. You can learn by reading or via videos. All you have to do is Google what you want to learn and wiki-how or e-how will show up on your feed. These sites are also great if you want to write your own tutorials and get some extra money. Every time some clicks on your tutorial, you get paid a certain amount. So, after your finished learning a new skill create your own tutorial to bring in some extra money.

Expert Village

This is a popular YouTube channel that will teach you literally anything you want to learn. They are popular for food DIY’s like cake decorating. They also teach exercises like Yoga or Belly dancing or even sports like golf. They also have videos on massage therapy.

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  1. Avatar of Lauren Plain

    Lauren Plain

    I absolutely love this post. It makes me happy that there are actually people in the world that still want to learn. sure, lots of people go to college, but there would not be as nearly many people in schools if they didn’t earn a degree for going. Hoping everyone will take the time out of their day to look at some of these websites.

  2. Avatar of Angelina Benham

    Angelina Benham

    Your article just earned a spot on my bookmarks. Great stuff!

  3. Avatar of Sara Bragg

    Sara Bragg

    Forget overpriced schools, long days in a crowded classroom, and pitifully poor results. These websites and apps cover myriads of science, art and technology topics. They will teach you practically anything, from making hummus to building apps. There is absolutely no excuse for you not to master a new skill, expand your knowledge, or eventually boost your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. it’s hard to imagine how much easier it can possibly be. I can’t wait to learn something new. Already made an account on Alison. I want to learn Spanish.

  4. Avatar of Zoe Sawyer

    Zoe Sawyer

    Learning new skills can keep our mind sharp as you age and open up to a whole new world of possibilities. Thanks urbanette for the list I am so thankful to you. You have helped me in keeping my new year resolution of learning something new.

  5. Avatar of Alexis Schuler

    Alexis Schuler

    With little more than an internet connection needed, these websites are empowering millions of people from around the world, to build their skills, launch a business, and create meaningful changes in their lives. Thank you urbanette for the information and educating people.

  6. Avatar of Lucinda Hanslow

    Lucinda Hanslow

    Education isn’t about getting that degree. It’s about honing skills that will make graduates desirable in the competitive workplace. These list of the website is so good I didn’t know there were so many of them. I have only heard of Alison and coursera.

  7. Avatar of Lily Amiet

    Lily Amiet

    This list is so amazing, whether you desire to become the next business leaders, learn a new language, or hack the world of traveling, they, ve collected the best website to learn new things online.

  8. Avatar of Lynda Diaz

    Lynda Diaz

    The future of learning is online, where you can learn new things anytime, anywhere.

  9. Avatar of William Dean

    William Dean

    I have read somewhere, she’s responsible for over 3000 marriages. How in the world can someone make some many matches? I can’t find even one wife for my self. I need some tips from her.

  10. Avatar of Luthi Sanders

    Luthi Sanders

    Online courses have been prevalent for many years now, It just needs a little more boost and a little more advertisement for it to really be considered a new mode of education.

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