Detox Cleansing Made Easy

Everything you need to know to pull off a successful detox cleanse, and all the reasons you should start now.


Detox cleansing is a popular solution for people looking to improve their overall health, energy level and skin tone. You may be asking… what is a detox cleanse? Basically, how it works is this: For a short period of time, you slowly eliminate all the unhealthy meals in your diet (ie. animal products and processed foods) and replace them with healthy alternatives, such as fruits and vegetables through delicious vitamin-and-herb-infused smoothies. In the process, toxins from previous unhealthy eating are flushed out of your body and replaced with proper nutrients.

Detox Cleansing Made Easy

So now you know what a detox cleanse is… wondering how to make it easy on yourself? Thankfully, there are many pre-made detox options including Kaeng Raeng’s natural detox cleanse. Based out of California, Kaeng Raeng is an all natural, vegan, and gluten-free detox cleanse available for three or six day cleansing. A Kaeng Raeng detox cleanse consists of smoothie packets that blend with water, soy milk, juice, fruit, or veggies.

Detox Cleansing Made Easy

Lindsay Reinsmith, CEO & Founder of Kaeng Raeng

Don’t expect to suffer through your detox cleansing at all…each smoothie packet blended with the ingredients above creates a yummy and healthy meal replacement. Plus, all ingredients are 100% natural and produced locally in California.

Urbanette  recently met with Kaeng Raeng’s founder and CEO, Lindsay Reinsmith to talk about detox cleansing and her company’s passion for helping people live healthier lives.

Urbanette Magazine: What is your advice for people who may be new to detox cleansing?

Lindsay Reinsmith: Find a cleanse that works with your lifestyle. So often people give up on the master cleanse or a juice fast because it is too difficult to make work with their daily lives. You can get great results in just 3 days; you do not need to commit 15 or 30 days to completing a detox program. If you get hungry, eat food! If you need to be around friends and family who are eating food, then eat food!  Don’t starve yourself for no reason. Find a cleanse that fits with your life.

Detox Cleansing Made Easy

Urbanette: Are there any recommendations you have for maintaining wellness during the cleansing process?

Lindsay: During any cleanse program the number one tip for success is hydration. I don’t know about you, but I constantly forget to drink water throughout the day. While cleansing, it’s even more important. Dehydration can cause not only ongoing health problems, but also detox withdrawal symptoms when you abstain from your traditional diet. Always make sure you’re getting your daily 64oz of water in addition to any cleanse program you do. You may have to urinate a lot, but it’s worth it!

Detox Cleansing Made Easy

Urbanette: If you had one detox cleansing smoothie to drink forever, what would it be?

Lindsay: I mix Kaeng Raeng’s soy free “into the blue” in a blender with water,  1/4 cup of celery juice, 1/4 cup of orange juice, a heaping handful of spinach, a tsp of spirulina, and 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries. YUM. That smoothie gets you 16g of protein, 13g of fiber, 2 billion live cultures, daily vitamins, and it will keep you full for HOURS.

Urbanette: What was your inspiration for creating Kaeng Raeng?

Lindsay: For as long as I can remember, I had a tough time staying healthy. I think like so many other women out there, I struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a hectic work and family schedule. I wanted an easy and healthy way to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle that wasn’t impossible to do, or overly expensive.

When I discovered raw vegan diets, I knew there had to be a convenient way to bring the benefits of raw foods and filling smoothies to the market in a shelf stable form. I also had unique insight into what makes beverage companies succeed and fail while working as a financial adviser to consumer products companies. I knew what I had created was special and felt inspired to share my formula and my mission with others.

Detox Cleansing Made Easy

Kaeng Raeng’s “Into the Blue” Smoothie

Urbanette: Why is Thai culture so crucial to the Kaeng Raeng principles?

Lindsay: Here at Kaeng Raeng, we’re all about vegetarianism and encouraging others to embrace an animal free diet, even for just three days. Taking a short break from eating animals not only cleanses your body, but also your soul. I was inspired by both Thai culture and cuisine focused on the vegetarian lifestyle and how to bring that spirit to our customers.

I am personally very passionate about animal rescue and encourage our customers to explore the wonderful world of adopting your next best friend. In keeping with our values, we donate a portion of every sale to animal rescue organizations.

Urbanette: How can our readers learn more?

Lindsay: Definitely check out our free e-book “3 Days to a Healthier, Stronger You“. This is a great resource for anyone new to or interested in cleansing. You can also visit www.kaengraeng.com for more information about detox cleansing, products, and Kaeng Raeng’s story.

Check out Kaeng Raeng on Amazon (Prime!) to purchase and read reviews.

Detox Cleansing Made Easy

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Reader Discussion: 21 Comments

  1. Avatar of Lillian Arnold

    Lillian Arnold

    The good thing about Kaeng Raeng is that it’s very easy to use. You can have this for breakfast and it can be ready within 5 minutes. You have a meal and a detox smoothie! Viola! This is my favorite detox product ever compared to the different brands I’ve used.

  2. Avatar of Margaret Palmer

    Margaret Palmer

    The food we eat is mostly toxic. We really do need to detox once in a while to make sure our body functions well.

  3. Avatar of Raquel Wilkerson

    Raquel Wilkerson

    I usually just live by smoothies for lunch or for dinner. I just toss a bunch of fruits and I’m good to go. I think it’s just a matter of getting used to eating a balanced meal that doesn’t consist of burgers or anything like that.

  4. Avatar of Penny Hudson

    Penny Hudson

    I agree that people really should find a cleansing method that works well with their lifestyle. I’m very active, I tend to sweat a lot and I move around a lot. If I don’t eat carbohydrates, I would literally fall face first and faint. This is not something that I’m aiming for. I need a detox diet that makes me feel nourished throughout the day without making me feel burdened by the fact that I’m not eating a lot. I personally think that I also prefer something with soya and this detox smoothie by Kaeng Raeng is soy free.

  5. Avatar of Jane Jefferson

    Jane Jefferson

    How many times can I drink this in a day? I fear that it will make me feel hungry in between meals and I’d be tempted to eat more than the usual. I don’t want to defeat the purpose of the detox.

    • Avatar of Jean Eide

      Jean Eide

      It says you should eat if you’re hungry. There’s no need to starve yourself while doing the detox.

  6. Avatar of Darla Lynch

    Darla Lynch

    I heard spirulina is really good for aging people. It makes them feel energized and stronger.

  7. Avatar of Sherry Sandoval

    Sherry Sandoval

    Actually, water in itself is already an effective cleansing aid.? So, stay hydrated.

  8. Avatar of Bridget Baker

    Bridget Baker

    So, their into the blue is the best seller? I’m interested on this one.

  9. Avatar of Colleen May

    Colleen May

    I don’t quite get the point of cleansing. I don’t think we can trick our bodies into doing something like that. Our body has it’s own cleansing mechanism and no amount of powdered drink can override that. Maybe detox isn’t the exact term for this but more on ‘restarting’ your body’s mechanism. Although I don’t believe that in a span of 3 days a detox or a restart will happen. You guys know that what we eat lessens or increases our quality of life. So, I’m pretty sure that what we’ve ate for the past few years can be detoxed in 3 days.

  10. Avatar of Beverly Walton

    Beverly Walton

    I’m so fascinated with cleanses. I don’t want to starve myself though so this Kaeng Raeng is really interesting.

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