A Foodie Tour of Healdsburg, CA

This Sonoma, California destination is a health-conscious wine and organic food lover’s ideal vacation spot.


Boutique Luxury Eco-Hotels

Healdsburg has two sister boutique hotels — Hotel Healdsburg and H2 Hotel — that are right in the middle of town. They’re both eco-friendly, LEED certified hotels with their own organic farm-to-table restaurants (Dry Creek Kitchen, PizZando and Spoonbar). The hotels were both constructed using recycled material and salvaged lumber. The hotel’s green roof promotes biodiversity and filters airborne pollutants from rainwater, protecting water quality for threatened Steelhead Trout in Foss Creek.

A Foodie Tour of Healdsburg, CA

Eco-friendly, from top to bottom…

A Foodie Tour of Healdsburg, CA

In the lounge at Hotel Healdsburg

A Foodie Tour of Healdsburg, CA

Continental breakfast is included, and the seating area at Hotel Healdsburg is sunny and gorgeous

A Foodie Tour of Healdsburg, CA

Grab the Dutch cruising bicycles parked at either of the hotels and use them to cruise around town

There are 19 tasting rooms within a few minutes via bicycle

A Foodie Tour of Healdsburg, CA

Hanging in the living room area of our spacious suite painted in soft neutrals with reclaimed wood accents

A Foodie Tour of Healdsburg, CA

Suites at Hotel Healdsburg are spacious, and all have juliet balconies

A Foodie Tour of Healdsburg, CA

The hallways at Hotel Healdsburg are super-modern

Make sure to check out the spa at Hotel Healdsburg. They use mostly natural locally-made products, and their treatments are focused on ‘igniting the body’s own healing abilities’. I was also stoked to find out that they have a two great hot tubs — one indoor, one outdoor — plus a fabulous 60-foot swimming pool (both heated by the solar panels on the roof of the hotel, naturally!) They also have a spacious couples treatment room featuring a private soaking tub (but I prefer the outdoor hot tub), and massage tables with heated padding.

A Foodie Tour of Healdsburg, CA

The spa at Hotel Healdsburg is green in every way possible

A Foodie Tour of Healdsburg, CA

Chill by the pool with a glass of local wine, then pop into the spa for a manicure

A Foodie Tour of Healdsburg, CA

When you’re wiped from doing laps in the 60-feet-long pool, you can chill in the adjacent lounge area

A Foodie Tour of Healdsburg, CA

Waiting for my treatment at Hotel Healdsburg’s spa

Try the Lavender Peppermint Restorative Massage and the From the Farm Stress Relieving Facial.

Up next: a tour of my favorite winery!

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  1. Avatar of Jerry Gargulak

    Jerry Gargulak

    Wonderful! Great article. We are headed there late October your insight is very appreciated!

  2. Avatar of Katelyn Jordan

    Wow! never knew CA is like this. I always thought CA is just a state where Hipsters grow and breed. Never knew it’s this beautiful.

  3. Avatar of Pevensie girl

    Pevensie girl

    Hey! I just love your photos!! The view is great!! Can I have a copy to print? Thank you so much.

  4. Avatar of Tom Kearney

    Tom Kearney

    Wonderful article. Your descriptions were in-depth and down-to-earth, unlike most articles about our town. It’s true, there are too many restaurants, shops, and wineries for one article. Every word you wrote is true and you didn’t exaggerate at all. Thank you for sharing your feelings.

  5. Avatar of Monika Smith

    Monika Smith

    Wow! great article & pictures. this travel article is very impressive. i would love to visit this place.

  6. Avatar of Diana Hewitt

    Diana Hewitt

    Great article, Hilary! As always very well done. May I ask what kind of camera you use to take these photos? they look very professional. I’m starting a blog, and I want my photos to look as good as yours. 🙂

    • Avatar of Hilary Rowland

      We used a Sony RX100.. it’s an older model, but I like it because it will shoot RAW (so you can adjust the light levels in post) and has a hot shoe for a mic or extra light, etc.

  7. Avatar of Frances Seifert

    Frances Seifert

    Such an ecofriendly, vegan friendly, healthy beautiful little town! It’s making it’s way to my bucket list as I’m writing this comment. ;)If you know more places like this, please share! I’m very interested. 🙂

  8. Avatar of Anna Kaplan

    Anna Kaplan

    Such a gorgeous place, isn’t it? I’m so impressed with the hotel that was built out of recycled materials. I’m a sucker for eco-friendly 😀 -as all humans should be!!-

  9. Avatar of Delilah Peyton

    Delilah Peyton

    such a well detailed tour. loving the photos, and the video makes it all even better. the only thing is… i wish you would rate the places you visit like out of 5 or 10, so we could get a better idea.

    • Avatar of Nicky Bryan

      Nicky Bryan

      This is not Yelp.. She’s not writing a review.. She’s sharing her travel experiences with us.. And if you noticed, she’s only mentioning the pleasant ones. I haven’t seen a negative article on a place she visited. Which I’m sure she must have had some negative experiences at some places, but she never mentions them because it’s out of the context. She does travel guides, not do not travel guides, so rating would be pointless.

      • Avatar of Delilah Peyton

        Delilah Peyton

        well hello to you too… i was just making a suggestion, i wasn’t criticising or anything. no need to overreact like that.

  10. Avatar of Colleen Frasier

    Colleen Frasier

    What a beautiful town! Just like the kind of towns we see in movies and wish it was real. 🙂 And leave it to Hilary Rowland to discover it for us! ????? Always a unique, stunning place that leaves us in awe… And Healdsburg is a wonderful example of that! thanks a bunch. ❤️

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