5 ‘Healthy’ Foods That We Should Try to Avoid

Which marketing tactics have we fallen prey too?


5 ‘Healthy’ Foods That We Should Try to Avoid


Meat (along with cheese, milk, and highly-processed foods) causes increased levels of long-term inflammation in the body. The worse culprits are red and processed meat, which are also linked to type-2 diabetes because of the iron and nitrate preserves.

While meat is inherently high in protein, unless you are working out like crazy to ensure this turns into lean muscle, the excess protein is synthesized into fat, or waste products – causing weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease. And remember what I told you about how dairy depletes your bones? Meat does the same thing, in the same way.

It’s possible to opt for a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and still consume the recommended amount of protein. Quinoa, peas, nuts and seeds, chickpeas, leafy greens, and lentils are just some of the foods that are high in protein. Plants are also naturally anti-inflammatory, high in fiber and anti-oxidants – making your body much healthier. There are also plenty of vegan protein supplements available for those who are concerned about their training goals.

I mix pea and hemp protein powders in my morning smoothie, which makes a complete protein that’s clean and anti-inflammatory.

And there you have it, the foods that we have all been consuming whilst sitting in our ivory tower, thinking we were doing all we can to choose healthy options. A general rule of the thumb that we can all follow is to drastically reduce the amount of pre-packaged food that we consume; anything that comes pre-packaged will contain artificial additives, preservative, sugar, and salt – all the things that we should be actively avoiding. Opt for whole foods in their natural state and be safe in the knowledge that we are avoiding the chemical nasties that have been plaguing us all for so long.

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  1. Avatar of Kyrah Edwards

    If you’re really concerned about manufactured food, don’t eat them anymore. Whole foods are always better because it’s not like someone will inject synthetic sugar in carrots. If you want flavoring in your food, use fresh herbs or ones that you dried personally. Food companies want their products to taste good despite the healthy claim. Without MSG or added sugar, their products will taste like nothing and you won’t buy it. It’s not exactly their fault, they need the sales! ?

  2. Avatar of Lucia Labruna

    Our definition of healthy isn’t even accurate. How do we expect manufacturers to actually produce something healthy?

  3. Avatar of Lana Carlson

    If I was to own a business, the main source of profit is to really fool people. Get it? Don’t get angry if that’s what they do. It’s natural. You’re the one at fault if you get fooled though.

  4. Avatar of Cassie Johnston

    Cassie Johnston

    You can actually test if the honey is real or not. Buy from trusted brands and not just anywhere.

    • Avatar of Cecilia Little

      Cecilia Little

      How do you test it though? I read somewhere that if ants eat it, it has sugar. But if ants ignore it, it’s pure honey.

  5. Avatar of Kayla Carlson

    Kayla Carlson

    Manufacturers put sugar-free but they only hide sugar in the list of ingredients. They just put it under different names that other people can’t even read. I hate it when manufacturers do that just so they can sell. Once people get into the habit of research and really checking the label, they start removing it from the list of ingredients like it wasn’t even there. Way to go in covering their tracks!! It really upsets me that they can’t be honest with what they’re selling.

  6. Avatar of Lucia Lopez

    I think it’s the way we see food that’s wrong. I believe that what we have around us is food, yet we seek fast food. Plant f***** fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. That’s food.

  7. Avatar of Jeanette Bouvin

    After reading this, I still think I’m going to consume these things. I’m sorry but I’m going to go crazy if I take note of all these things…

  8. Avatar of Lucia Pombo

    I didn’t even question anything about milk because we’ve grown up knowing that it’s healthy.

  9. Avatar of Devon Carlson

    Even soymilk is bad? What’s going on with this world. All we’re getting is false information from the things we’re eating. I honestly don’t think it’s possible to even be healthy in this world that lies even about nutrition. I pity those people who get allergic reactions from things that they eat because it can’t be controlled. Food is such a tricky thing to discuss and health claims are also very hard to narrow down. One day, we think it’s healthy, the next, it’s not.

    • Avatar of Valerie Fritz

      Valerie Fritz

      I know. There are so many conflicting information about health and food.?

  10. Avatar of MARIA


    They can’t fool us with this. Maybe those who aren’t health conscious wouldn’t mind, but we definitely do!

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